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Referenzen ehemaliger Französisch Studenten bei ILA

Alle nachfolgend ehemaligen Kursteilnehmer stehen Ihnen gerne als Referenzen zur Verfügung um mit Ihnen die bei uns gesammelten Erfahrungen zu teilen.

Dr. H. Jay Siskin (USA)

Professor of French, Cabrillo College (USA)

«During the past 5 years, I have accompanied several groups of students of all ages to Montpellier for a three-week course at the ILA. I continue to return for a number of reasons. The ILA staff has been always very responsive, efficient and organized during the planning process and throughout our stay. They are happy to give advice to students on local attractions, remain in constant contact with host families and other residence facilities, and organize terrific extra-curricular activities, such as guided tours and social events.
Students have given me very positive feedback about their instructors and their learning experiences. Several have extended their stays or returned for another stage.
The city of Montpellier is very appealing in a variety of respects, from the climate to the friendliness of the people. There are many cultural and social opportunities in town, and its proximity to the Mediterranean and the Cévennes provide access to numerous outdoor activities. Visits to nearby towns and villages have been very enriching experiences.
Since I’ve returned to California, many students from last year’s group have asked me when they can sign up for next year. This enthusiasm has had a very positive effect on our French program. I look forward to my next trip to Montpellier!

Ingeborg Graninger (Österreich)

Teacher at Sportgymnasium Dornbirn

«I would like to thank ILA for the great stay for my group. My students really enjoyed it so much. The organization and running of the stay was very professional. ILA’s school infrastructure is very appealing and the teachers are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Our students are not always easy to teach and the greatest praise was when a student said: I learnt really well at ILA!!!
The host families for my students were all very nice and welcoming. My host family was also excellent, I really enjoyed my stay with them. We will book again a group at ILA in Montpellier next year. I can highly recommend ILA.

Jana Novotna (30 Jahre alt, Tschechische Republik)

«ILA est très bien organisée et equipé. J’apprécie surtout la méthodologie de l’enseignement, le diversité des sujets grammaticaux, lexicaux et phonétiques avec la prioritaire de discuter et apprendre de nouveaux mots français. Mon séjour à ILA à Montpellier a été merveilleux, j’ai amélioré mon niveau du français et j’ai trouvé une nouvelle motivation pour continuer apprendre le français dans mon pays. MERCI à ILA !!»

Mutsuko Funada (19 Jahre alt, Japan)

«J’ai passé bonheur dans cette école. Mes enseignants étaient très bons et les cours excellents. J’ai beaucoup appris. Ma famille d’accueil a été très gentille. J’aime location d’ILA en plein centre-ville. Je dis MERCI BEAUCOUP à ma famille d’accueil, aux enseignants, des amis et ILA.»

Anne Caroline Klaassen (26 Jahre alt, Niederlande)

«J’ai étudié 6 mois chez ILA. L’accueil des personnes qui travaillent à la réception d’ILA sont toujours sympa et patience. L’aide était toujours super ! Tous mes profs étaient intelligents, inspirants et avec beaucoup de connaissance. Mes compliments et appréciation pour tous. La location de la résidence étudiante est super, ambiance magnifique ! Montpellier est une belle ville avec toujours des activités sympa, ILA est une organisation très bien organisé avec des personnel et des profs fantastiques. Je recommande ILA à tous !»

Elenita Tanamachi (57 Jahre alt, Brasilien)

«Excellent school, excellent teachers, excellent organization, everything was just great!»

Adebamike Adeniji (22 Jahre alt, USA)

«ILA is an excellent school. I enjoyed my teachers and the school activities. My homestay was excellent, I enjoyed my stay so much and I am very grateful for this. My overall stay was excellent. I strongly recommend ILA.»

Catherine Moreno Rojas (22 Jahre alt, Kolumbien)

«All people at ILA are very kind and very helpful from the day you arrive. My teachers were excellent. I learnt a lot of French. I really enjoyed Montpellier, a very beautiful city!»

Eva Zanters (21 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«Dieses war schon mein zweiter Aufenthalt bei ILA. Alles gefaellt mir sehr gut und ich werde diesen Sommer nochmals zurueckkehren. ILA ist sehr gut ausgestattet, die Organisation ist perfekt. Alle meine Lehrer waren sehr gut, die Gastfamilie perfekt. Montpellier ist eine tolle Stadt mit vielen kulturellen Aktivitäten. Ich habe auf der ILA Schule auch sehr viele tolle Leute aus unzähligen Ländern kennengelernt. Ich kann ILA nur wärmstens empfehlen !»

Meagan Perry (20 Jahre alt, Wales)

«I met at ILA students from all over the world! The teachers are just great. I have been immersed into French with a smile! A great way to learn! The courses are very well structured and the teachers are serious, but funny. There is free internet in the whole ILA school and the services locally are excellent. I recommend ILA!»

Mariia Eretnova (21 Jahre alt, Russland)

«All was perfect at ILA. The courses are excellent, the help of the reception desk is perfect and everything is so well organized. My host family was great, they did so much for me. I had a great time! Merci!»

Kyu Tae Kim (19 Jahre alt, Südkorea)

«I stayed 4 months at ILA. Everything went very well. The courses and teachers were excellent. My family was very welcoming, the meals were excellent. ILA is a great school.»

AndreaRadosinska (33 Jahre alt, Slowakei)

«J’ai apprécié que les enseignants fussent toujours très bien préparés pour les cours. Les leçons étaient très intéressantes. La famille d’accueil était très gentille. Ils sont parlé beaucoup avec moi donc ça m’ai aidé d’améliorer mon français. Mon séjour chez ILA était magnifique !»

Mahelet Gennene (23 Jahre alt, USA)

«Amazing and really helpful teachers! The BEST French class I’ve ever had in my life!»

Mikel Tanushaj (26 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Die Lehrer sind super! Meine Gastfamilie war top, besser hätte es nicht sein können, wie ein 8 Sterne Hotel! Der Aufenthalt hat meine Zukunftsmöglichkeiten sehr erweitert, tolle Schule!»

Karin Holmstrand (17 Jahre alt, Schweden)

«I really liked the teaching and the teachers. The course is very well balanced , I could practice my oral communication a lot. I had a really great stay at ILA.»

Rebecca Fallon (63 Jahre alt, England)

«I have only good things to say about ILA and the teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed the Intensive Course and learnt a great deal. My overall experience at ILA was excellent. I really appreciated the excellent organization und the punctuality was impeccable. I can only praise the teachers who did a great job. I particularly enjoyed learning a lot about French culture and traditions. I will definitely return next year and recommend ILA to my friends.»

Gema Pintado Tapia (19 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«I am very pleased with my stay, everything was just perfect. I really recommend ILA.»

Alexander Bouten (20 Jahre alt, Niederlande)

«C’était SUPERBE ! J’ai vraiment amélioré mon français et j’ai fait beaucoup des nouveaux amis internationaux !»

Theopoula Efstratiadou (24 Jahre alt, Griechenland)

«J’ai bien aimé les capacités de notre prof à donner des explications claires et à nous motiver de parler et améliorer notre français. ILA est très bien organisé ! J’ai beaucoup appris grâce à ILA.»

Gulin Atiturk (17 Jahre alt, Türkei)

«L’emplacement de l’école est superbe, a côte de la Place de la Comédie. Ma famille d’accueil était très, très bien, vraiment sympa. Ma classe était amusante et au même temps j’ai appris beaucoup !»

Carol Christie (25 Jahre alt, Schottland)

«The classes were great, a mixture of activities and a comfortable atmosphere for learning. The grammar was well explained and I learned a lot in a short time. The teachers were just great! My stay at ILA in Montpellier was extremely memorable. I really recommend ILA!!!»

Patrick Kleis (32 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Die ILA Schule ist sehr kooperativ, hilfsbereit und unkompliziert.Alle Lehrer waren sehr gut. Ich habe sehr viel gelernt in den 6 Wochen vor Ort, es hat viel Spass gemacht.»

Pavlina Ruzickova (29 Jahre alt, Tschechische Republik)

«ILA is very well organized and the ILA staff is very friendly and helpful. The teachers make you very welcome and they explain very well. I stayed with an excellent family. I improved a lot and I met nice people from all over the world.»

Julia Landers (21 Jahre alt, Brasilien)

«I really liked my stay at ILA. I learnt a lot, the atmosphere is very nice and I made friends from all over the world.»

Ana Maria Infante Fernandez (21 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«J’aime beaucoup la ville Montpellier, ILA et l’organisation de l’école. En plus, je suis très satisfait des enseignants d’ILA., toujours bien préparé. J’ai passé une très bon séjours chez ILA et je suis très satisfait de mon séjour !»

Tara Edwards (29 Jahre alt, England)

«GREAT – I wish I could stay longer ! Teachers are fabulous!»

Tiffany Andrews (34 Jahre alt, England)

«ILA has been a fabulous experience and I hope to be back soon tom improve my French even further. ILA is WORTH EVERY PENNY!»

Xue Xie (38 Jahre alt, China)

«The French courses at ILA are better than I could have imagined! With my host family I really had great exchanges, I learnt about the French “savoir-vivre” and French cooking. I recommend ILA!»

Sandra Martina Gautschi (21 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Die Studentenresidenz war nur wenige Minuten zu Fuss von der Schule, sehr praktisch. Mein Aufenthalt war sehr lehrreich und ich habe sehr gute Lernfortschritte gemacht, vor allen Dingen auch im Bereich der mündlichen Sprachbeherrschung. Ich empfehle ILA jedem weiter!»

Ipek Kara (19 Jahre alt, Türkei)

«Everything was just perfect !!! Thank you ILA.»

Mario Mutter (30 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«Ich habe 4 Wochen Kombinationskurs bei ILA belegt. ILA hat eine super Lage in der historischen Altstadt Montpelliers. Das ILA Team ist spitze – alle Mitarbeiter sind sehr freundlich, kompetent und sehr um das Wohlergehen der Teilnehmer bemüht. Die Lehrer sind hervorragend und vermitteln viel Wissen in kurzer Zeit. Das ILA Freizeitprogramm ist sehr umfangreich und interessant. Montpellier ist für Studenten jeden Alters geeignet – eine traumhafte Stadt mit sehr vielen Freizeitmöglichkeiten. Ich habe in Montpellier und bei ILA sehr viele neue Freunde kennengelernt. Toll war auch die Nationalitätenvielfalt bei ILA. Es gab Kursteilnehmer aus sehr vielen verschiedenen Ländern. Ich werde mit Sicherheit bald wieder einen Kurs bei ILA belegen – ich kann ILA 100% weiterempfehlen!»

Kelly M. McDonough (20 Jahre alt, USA)

«I think that ILA is a wonderful institution of learning, where it is possible to strengthen your skills in the French language and gain new ones as well. The intimate atmosphere and small class sizes made learning easier; students were given individualised attention and were able to progress at their own pace. I would highly recommend ILA to anyone who is looking to learn, improve or refresh their French language skills.»

Roland Graf (25 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«C’était un séjour fantastique avec des gens supergentil!!! L’accueil dans ma famille était incroyable – super! Professeur extraordinaire!»

Mariana Botero Restrepo (17 Jahre alt, Kolumbien)

«J’ai passé 6 mois chez ILA. La réceptionniste est très gentille et très bien preparée. Tous les enseignants sont très bien. Ma famille était très, très gentille, magnifique! Mon séjour chez ILA était SUPER! Les meilleurs 6 mois de ma vie!»

Molly Garfoot (19 Jahre alt, England)

«I was impressed by the standard of teaching at ILA and I really liked the atmophere in class. Both my teachers were motivating and helped me a lot to improve my French in all aspects. I liked the variety of activities in class. I learnt a lot in 4 weeks and found the method of teaching very effective and motivating. I will definately return to ILA.»

Sara Pardo (23 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«Teachers, school, organisation, service, accommodation – ALL EXCELLENT! I had a great stay in a very, very beautiful city with magnifique people! I really recommend ILA and Montpellier!»

Miho Funakura (38 Jahre alt, Japan)

«I really enjoyed my stay at ILA – everything was well organised.My teacher was really good and my host family very, very friendly. The excursion to Chateau Flaugergues was excellent. I am very happy with my stay at ILA and in Montpellier.»

Andrina Meret Pletscher (22 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«TOLLE SCHULE! Super, dass es gratis Internet gibt. ILA hat ein sehr schönes Schulgebäude. Alle Lehrer waren sehr motiviert und freundlich. Der Unterricht war sehr abwechslungsreich. Es gab Kursteilnehmer aus der ganzen Welt, ein toller Nationalitätenmix. Montpellier ist eine sehr schöne Stadt und hat viel zu bieten.»

Liliya Tsocheva (37 Jahre alt, Bulgarien)

«My course was very well structured, explanations very well done, all was very clear and comprehensive. I did not expect to learn so much in a short time. My stay was extremely enjoyable, I highly recommend ILA.»

Beverley Brown (66 Jahre alt, England)

«ILA is a very helpful school. I was looked very well after. My teacher was exceptional and made me feel very comfortable. My hostfamily was excellent and all meals perfect. I have enjoyed every minute with them. My stay at ILA has been wonderful, informative and very comfortable. I really recommend to go to ILA.»

Vanessa Villanueva (23 Jahre alt, Kolumbien)

«SUPER ILA!!! J’ai passé 5 mois chez ILA à Montpellier. Les profs sont très, très bien préparés. J’ai bien aimé les cours, mes profs et ma famille d’accueil. C’était la meilleur famille possible – tellement gentils. L’attention de la réception d’ILA était magnifique, toujours disponible pour moi.»

Sergio Lopes (30 Jahre alt, Portugal)

«ILA is a FANTASTIC school. Do not change anything, it is just great. I strongly recommend ILA.»

Floor Bouma (18 Jahre alt, Niederlande)

«Seulement une mot: PARFAIT! J’aime bien l’ambiance à l’école et dans la résidence, les profs sont excellents. I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE!»

Magdalena Nojszewska (28 Jahre alt, Polen)

«My teacher was very nice and friendly, always well prepared. The classes were varied and amusing, they exceeded my expectations. My accommodation was also very good. ILA is very well organised and everybody made me welcome. I enjoyed myself during the classes, during the excursions and during my free time. I really recommend ILA.»

Katie Lynch (17 Jahre alt, Irland)

«Teachers excellent, so helpful and friendly. They explained everything really well and made classes interesting for us. Great interest was taken in all students too. A great variety of material. Class sizes at ILA are just perfect. I learnd so much and had an excellent time and made some fantastic friends. I not only learned the language, but experienced the culture too. I really recommend ILA.»

Ana Leticia Ramirez Hernandez (26 Jahre alt, Mexiko)

«It was a pleasure to take a language course at ILA. Everything was really great. My teacher was perfect. My stay was really excellent! Thank you for all.»

Sherri Pocock (55 Jahre alt, Australien)

«ILA is extremely well organised and all staff and teachers are very friendly and welcoming. Both my teachers were fantastic, they spoke very clearly, explained things very well, were encouraging and made lessons very interesting and fun. I learnt so much! The quality of teaching and lessons was extremely high. It was also a great opportunity to meet people from so many different countries. ILA is very international. The aparthotel was well located. I enjoyed being there and being able to cook for myself. I would like to return soon for another stay to ILA, my stay was fantastic. I really recommend ILA!»

Tambudzai Chihota (23 Jahre alt, Zambien)

«My stay was excellent. The ILA school is very well organized and very well equipped. All staff is very friendly. Teaching was excellent. I really enjoyed my stay at ILA in Montpellier. I recommend ILA to everybody.»

Rahel Baumann (25 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«ILA ist besser als viele andere Sprachschulen, die ich bisher besucht habe! SEHR EMPFEHLENSWERT!»

Paula Andrea Teatin (17 Jahre alt, Kolumbien)

«My stay was PERFECT! I really enjoyed my time at ILA, I like the schools atmosphere (very international and very friendly). I learnt a lot, my teachers were great. My host family was excellent, it was like I stayed with my own family. I recommend ILA to everybody.»

Victoria Farrington (27 Jahre alt, England)

«ILA was fantastic and I have learned so much in a short space of time. I wish I could stay longer. I have made so many friends and have been made so welcome by all ILA staff. The lessons were well structured and all teachers so patient. I was amazed that I could understand everything from day 1. The accommodation was very food, with very nice food. My host mother was helpful and sweet, she made me very welcome. I strongly recommend ILA.»

Nicola Scopece (41 Jahre alt, Italien)

«La patience des professeurs, leur energie, leur volonté de nous transmettre la langue, leur professionnalisme. Une totale appréciation pour ce que j’ai vecu à Montpellier et à ILA.»

Ayumi Tamura (20 Jahre alt, Japan)

«Mon professeur était très gentil, ma famille d’accueil aussi. Je suis très content avec mon séjour chez ILA. Un séjour très satisfisant.»

Konrad Dahinden (26 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Die ILA Schule ist sehr gut organisiert, der Service ist sehr gut und alle Mitarbeiter sind sehr freundlich. Ich habe 3 Monate bei ILA verbracht und alle Lehrer waren sehr gut. Meine Gastfamilie war top. Mein Aufenthalt war eine super Erlebnis. Ich werde die ILA Schule auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen. Ich bin sehr glücklich, ich habe tolle Fortschritte im Französischen gemacht. Vielen Dank ILA!!»

Ugne Rudzianskaite (18 Jahre alt, Litauen)

«All aspects of the ILA school are excellent, the equipment, the organisation and the welcome. My teacher was great, my host family as well. I liked every part of my stay, I like to come back to ILA and my hostfamily. Everybody was so friendly and helpful.»

Bryan Raphael (65 Jahre alt, Australien)

«The learning experience at ILA has been wonderful and the teachers that I had were very, very good. Again to all the staff, both teaching and administrative, I can only say thank you for a fantastic stay at ILA – I hope to get back again one day soon.»

Nichola Lumsden (17 Jahre alt, Irland)

«I loved EVERYTHING at ILA. This school is amazing. The classes were well taught, but also soooo much fun. I really loved my Intensive Course. I loved every minute at ILA. The best three weeks of my life. I will DEFINATELY come back!»

Vanessa Chaves (22 Jahre alt, Costa Rica)

«Estoy muy satisfecha con mi estadía en la escuela ILA. Verdaderamente es una excelente opción para aprender francés. Gracias a su ubicación en el sur de Francia, Montpellier es la ciudad más cálida de este país y lo mejor de todo es que en menos de 30 minutos en tram esta la playa. Recomiendo hospedarse en la Residencia ILA, especialmente si planea viajar solo, porque es la única residencia donde se comparte con personas de diferentes nacionalidades que llegaron a Francia con el mismo propósito: aprender francés.»

Hande Seker Ciftci (30 Jahre alt, Türkei)

«Organisation and equipment at ILA is very good, all staff very friendly. My teacher was excellent and my host family very friendly. I really appreciated the welcome given at ILA and and my host family. I had a great stay at ILA in Montpellier, my stay was even better than I could imagine. I really recommend ILA.»

Joelle Joof (27 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Freundlicher Emfang bei ILA, gutes Unterrichtsmaterial und gute Hilfestellungen bei alle Fragen vor Ort. Beide Lehrerinnen waren sehr gut, der Unterrricht hat sehr viel Spass gemacht. Mir hat alles gut gefallen. Die Stadt ist sehr schön, die ILA Schule und die Kurse sind super. Ich würde auf jeden Fall wieder kommen und weiterempfehlen.»

Grete Michelsen (75 Jahre alt, Norwegen)

«My stay could not have been better. The school equipmet, organisation and friedliness of the ILA staff are very good. My teacher was very clever, charming and easy to understand. She was very professinal and also very good fun. The accommodation in the aparthotel was very good. ILA and Montpellier was even better than I expected, excellent school, nice people, and a beautiful town. I recommend ILA to everybody.»

Amy Mcnamara (21 Jahre alt, Irland)

«I love ILA! My teacher was just great, I really enjoyed my classes, my stay in the student residence, ALL WAS GREAT! I stayed 6 weeks, Montpellier is a brillant place for a langauge study. People at ILA are so friendly, I will never forget my stay at ILA and in Montpellier. Thanks to everybody at ILA.»

Maria Dolores Jimenez Martinez (23 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«Je suis heureuse d’avoir été chez ILA pour faire mon cours de français. Tous les profs sont super, les meilleurs, les plus sympathiques et les plus motivés que j’ai eus. J’ai adoré les classes!! Les activités extra-scolaires sont très bien. C’était un séjour incroyable, je vais jamais oublier… Merci à ILA.»

Ndidiamaka Odinkemelu (17 Jahre alt, Nigeria)

«I stayed 3 months at ILA. During that time I learnt a lot, the teachers are very competent and patient. My stay was really worthwhile. Everybody at ILA is very friendly and helpful. I recommend ILA.»

Erika Gardiner (22 Jahre alt, England)

«All 3 teachers I had were just excellent. I am so happy with the quality of teaching at ILA. On top, all teachers are so friendly. My host family was exceptionel. Generous, very friendly and helpful – they did more for me than I could expect. I felt like part of the family. My stay was really excellent and I really recommend ILA to everybody.»

Wanda Elliot (36 Jahre alt, Australien)

«Loved the ILA school, very well organised. All the teachers were fantastic. My stay was superb, very sad to leave!»

Rebecca Aaviaaja Stevn (21 Jahre alt, Grönland)

«I have been very impressed by how organised evrything at ILA is and how welcomed I have felt by the staff. The teacher is absolutely amazing – excellent teaching and a great motivation to study. I highly recommend ILA.»

Nuttee Komvorn (46 Jahre alt, Thailand)

«School equipment, organisation, friendliness and school services are perfect. The teachers and courses are excellent. The family was exactly like I wanted – non-smokers, eat light food, big garden and very welcoming! I am very happy to have choosen ILA Montpellier and I strongly recommend this school.»

Niklas Johansson (28 Jahre alt, Schweden)

«Les profs sont super dynamiques, super extraordinaires! Je suis allé à d’autres écoles en France et ILA est la meilleure! Ma famille d’accueil était superbe! Merci à ILA.»

Annemarie Pegg (35 Jahre alt, Kanada)

«Services et cours chez ILA sont excellents. L’enthousiasme des professeurs aussi. La localisation d’ILA en centre ville est parfaite. Ma famille d’accueil était gracieuse et serviable. Mon séjours était magnifique, très utile. Merci à toute l’equipe d’ILA.»

Sophie Grindrod (17 Jahre alt, England)

«My teacher was very patient with me which I appreciated greatly. The organisation of the school is very good, everybody is friendly. My host family was very welcoming. It has been a lovely experience and I will come again to ILA – it has been very useful.»

Charlotte Pasteuning (24 Jahre alt, Irland)

«Je suis très contente de l’école. La professeur était très enthousiaste et gentille. J’ai passé 2 semaines fantastiques!»

Daan van Thiel (19 Jahre alt, Niederlande)

«Very good teachers, I just love Montpellier and ILA. The DELF preparation course was excellent. ILA offers a lot of interesting activities. How do I describe my stay: MAGNIFIQUE!»

Svenja Kreyenhop (25 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«ILA is excellent. My teacher was very, very good – I could not have wished for a better one! Excellent! My host family was great, I loved staying with them. They really care about the students. They have a great house and serve great food – PERFECT! I was really happy with everything and I felt very comfortable in all aspects of my stay. I strongly recommend ILA!»

Kevin Murray (52 Jahre alt, England)

«ILA is a great place for learning, very friendly and professional people. Both teachers were really excellent, I could not have hoped for better ones. I had a lovely family. The total enthusiasm, the friendliness and profesionalism of the teachers and ILA team made my stay a very enjoyable experience. I will coming back next year.»

Cynthia Rojas Cortez (18 Jahre alt, Kolumbien)

«J’ai vraiment aimé le fontionnement à ILA et tous leurs services extraordinaires. Pendant les 6 mois où j’ai été ici, j’ai eu que des profs formidables et des cours trés interessants. Chez ma famille d’accueil, il y avait vraiment une ambiance très familiale et j’ai beaucoup profité pour apprendre la culture française. Mon séjour chez ILA a été très positif, je peux recommander ILA fortement!»

Kei Nakagome (26 Jahre alt, Japan)

«C’était merveilleux! Au début je ne pouvais dire que ‚Bonjour‘ mais maintenant je peux parler beaucoup. C’est grâce à ILA et ses profs. Ma famille d’accueil était très sympa – le repas était délicieux. Je recommande ILA à tous. Il n’y a pas beaucoup de japonais – c’était très bon pour moi.»

Maria Mathews (18 Jahre alt, Irland)

«ILA is an excellent school, ervy well run.The materials and classes are brillant to improve your French. My teacher was excellent – full of personality, spirit and good value. I am so happy that I could learn so much from her. I really recommend ILA.»

Michelle Gessler (24 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Beide meine Lehrerinnen waren sehr nett und hatten viel Geduld. Die Gastfamilie war ebenfalls sehr gut, die Lage super. Die Nationalitätenvielfalt bei ILA ist sehr beeindruckend, Teilnehmer aus sehr, sehr vielen Laendern waren in meinder Klasse und an der Schule. Montpellier ist eine sehr schöne Stadt, hat sehr viel zu bieten. Ich würde JEDERZEIT wieder zu ILA kommen, ich empfehle ILA an jeden weiter.»

Elizabeth Lloyd (20 Jahre alt, England)

«L’école est très, très bien! Les profs sont excellents, surtout mon cours particuliers était vraiment superbe. Ma famille d’accueil était vraiment sympa. Près du centre ville et de l’école, bon repas, très patient! L’enseignement à l’école – j’ai beaucoup appris, mais pas seulement la grammaire et le vocabulaire, mais aussi la culture française. Monpellier est une ville magnifique, ILA une école superbe!!!»

Liliya Akkuchukova (23 Jahre alt, Russland)

«Tout était très bien: Les cours, l’école, nos professeurs, la résidence étudiante. J’adore Montpellier, une ville magnifique pour apprendre le français.»

Marianela Santamaria Hernandez (28 Jahre alt, Venezuela)

«J’ai passé 26 semaines chez ILA. Tous les enseignants sont MAGNIFIQUES! J’ai aussi bien apprecié la résidence étudiante, très bien placée et bien equipée avec une salle de bain privée. Je suis TRES, TRES HEUREUSE avec ILA. J’ai passé un séjour incroyable – tout était exceptionnel. ILA me manquera! Montpellier aussi, une ville magnifique!»

Aneta Lubianska (19 Jahre alt, Polen)

«The ILA school is excellent, very well equipped, well organised and staff is friendly. Both teachers I had were really great, the grammar explications very clear and the conversations were very interesting. I learnd a lot of French. My host family was also very good. I really recommend ILA.»

Eileen Chapell (56 Jahre alt, England)

«Excellent teaching and an excellent balance of activities in class. I had a very welcoming homestay with excellent food. I really enjoyed the school environment and the friendliness of the staff. Small class sizes and very good teachers. I will definately come back to ILA.»

Helena Novotna (19 Jahre alt, Tschechische Republik)

«L’école ILA est très bien. Les profs sont excellents. J’ai vraiment apprecié les activités de classe. Chaque jour j’ai appris beaucoup de choses. C’était super!! Je suis très contente d’avoir choisi ILA et Montpellier. La ville et l’école sont parfaites.»

Elke Autenrieth (36 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«Je suis super contente de l’organisation d’ILA! La professeur la plus génial que j’ai eue dans ma vie! On s’occupe chez ILA très bien des étudiants, le système est très efficace.»

Bo Nyung Jin (21 Jahre alt, Südkorea)

«Studdying at ILA was the best experience I ever had in my life. I stayed for 2 months. My professors were excellent and now it is possible to communicate with the French. ILA’s school location is excellent, very central just next to the Place de la Comédie. The excursion program was also perfect, it helped me a lot to know more about this beautiful part of France. I recommend ILA to everybody.»

Duff Mitchell (53 Jahre alt, Kanada)

«J’ai passé 12 semaines chez ILA. L’école est vraiment bien organisée et le service est excellent. Grâce aux excellents profs, j’ai appris beaucoup et je suis maintenant confiant pour parler. La famille d’accueil était parfaite. Bien située, de bons repas, un accueil formidable et une chambre très agreable. ILA – une experience très agréable et très efficace.»

Helen Chilari (23 Jahre alt, Griechenland)

«Les profs sont très amicales et communicatives. J’ai appris beaucoup de choses. L’aparthotel est très bien. L’école ILA et la ville de Montpellier sont magnifiques. Tout était parfait! Merci à ILA.»

Irina Nesterov (47 Jahre alt, Russland)

«Excellent organisation, top quality teaching and excellent accommodation. I liked the professionality and efficiency of ILA. I am extremely satisfied.»

Adrienne Eldredge (22 Jahre alt, USA)

«My stay in Montpellier was phantastic. Montpellier is a very beautiful city and there are so many things to do. I loved the shops and restaurants. ILA is very well organised and my teacher was very good. She could explain very well and I learned a lot from her. My family was very welcoming and I enjoyed talking to them. We had many interesting conversations over dinner – I was very happy staying at their place. I will be back at ILA next year.»

Ediana Moncada (23 Jahre alt, Venezuela)

«I spent 12 weeks at ILA. The teaching methode was excellent and all teachers are very nice, always willing to help students. The variety of class activities was excellent and the ability of the teachers to explain was perfect. They really motivated me to study. ILA is a very well organised school and staff is very helpful. Montpellier and ILA was the perfect place for me to study. I enjoyed everything here so much. I will recommend my friends to come here as well. Thank you ILA for such a wonderful time!»

Maria Treer (20 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«Mein Lehrer war super, sehr zuvorkommend und sehr höflich. Ich habe in den zwei Wochen sehr viel gelernt. Es gibt nichts, was mir nicht gefallen hat. Alles war super. Unterkunft in der Gastfamilie, Lehrer, Schule, die Stadt – alles wundervoll. Ich bin so beeindruckt, dass ich einen weiteren, viel längeren Aufenthalt bei ILA in Montpellier plane. Ich kann ILA jedem unbedingt empfehlen.»

Yvonne Lutiger (19 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«J’ai pris 10 semaines de cours intensif à ILA. J’ai tout apprécié, surtout la famille et les professeurs, mais aussi l’organisation et le service de l’école. On apprend beaucoup à ILA. Les cours étaient très bons et en même temps amusants. Ma famille a beaucoup parlé avec moi, ils sont vraiment gentils – très bien choisie par ILA. Montpellier est une très jolie ville – je vais retourner à ILA! Je recommande ILA à tout le monde.»

Dr. Yutaka Arai (35 Jahre alt, Japan) Lecturer in International Law and Human Rights Law, University of Kent at Canterbury (UK) and Brussels School of International Studies (Belgium)

«J’ai passé les 2 semaines vraiment superbes à ILA, particulièrement grâce aux professeurs et aux effectifs administratifs, qui sont très gentils et informatifs avec le bon sens de l’humour. Les cours sont très structurés et efficaces. Ce qui m’a impressionné le plus est le fait que les professeurs soient heureux de nous aider même hors des cours. Je garderai mes essais et les autres travaux d’écritures qu’ils ont corrigés et qui sont pleins de remarques précices.»

Ranko Aleksiev (19 Jahre alt, Bulgarien)

«I really liked the teaching methode and my teachers, both were excellent. My stay at ILA was EXCEPTIONEL! I like to thank everybody at ILA very much.»

Alba Suanez Larena (21 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«Je suis très contente de l’école. J’ai beaucoup apprecié la pédagogie et l’ambiance. Mon séjour était très, très positif – une experience incroyable pour moi.»

Anne Dibadj (51 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«ILA, c’est 20/20 ! Excellent à tous niveaux – prof, organisation, famille d’accueil! Je reviendrai, sur, sur, sur!»

Flavia Consentini (17 Jahre alt, Italien)

«I really liked that ILA has so many internet computers for the students and that I could use them free of charge. Teaching was excellent, my teacher was very good. I spent a wonderful time at my host family – they were so friendly and helpful. I really liked my stay – ILA is an excellent school and Montpellier a very nice city.»

Beatriz de Souza Cabezas (33 Jahre alt, Brasilien)

«The teaching was great. All my teachers perfect and could motivate me a lot. The variety of classes was excellent and all explanation given were clear. ILA is very well organised and the ILA team is very friendly and helpful. I can recommend a stay at ILA.»

Nina Mason (19 Jahre alt, USA)

«J’ai passé 16 semaines chez ILA. L’école était toujours très professionelle et serviable. Tous les profs sont vraiment excellents, la qualité des cours très, très bien et la méthode d’enseigner est très efficace. La situation de la maison de ma famille d’accueil était parfaite, et la famille était très gentille et accueillante. J’ai fait beaucoup de progrés en français et j’ai rencontré des gens très interessants – et en plus, je me suis très bien amusée à Montpellier!»

Deborah Labi (42 Jahre alt, Australien)

«I recommend ILA to everybody since it is very well organised, the staff is friendly and the school is very well equipped. My teacher was very good and very informative. The class was varied and the teacher kept me all the time interested. Now I want to study more at ILA. My stay was great!»

Chris Dominey (17 Jahre alt, England)

«The whole experience was very well organised, the family was fantastic and there was nothing I disliked. An experience I will never forget. I could not have asked for a better school, better family or better city. Thank you to everyone at ILA.»

Betsy Hall (27 Jahre alt, USA)

«ILA is incredible. It was much more than I expected. I would recommend ILA to anyone – it is wonderful. My teacher was amazing, she was not only the best teacher for French I ever had, but the BEST I had for any subject. I am so grateful that I had the privilige to study at ILA.»

Hannah Rivinius (19 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«ILA – vous êtes super! C’était mon 2ème séjour ici et je veux revenir une autre fois!! Ma famille d’accueil m’a accueilli à bras ouverts – ils sont très gentils. Les profs sont super et l’organisation de l’école aussi. Merci et à bientôt – je reviendrai!»

Rika Itami (21 Jahre alt, Japan)

«Mon professeur était très gentil et enseignait très bien. J’ai adoré ma famille d’accueil, très sympa. J’étais heureuse d’habiter avec eux. Les repas étaient magnifiques. J’aime beaucoup la ville de Montpellier, les gens sont très sympa. J’ai vu beaucoup de films au cinema, pas du tout cher!»

Adele Riepe (70 Jahre alt, USA)

«I enjoyed very much the lessons and the city of Montpellier. Both teachers I had were impressive – the lessons were excellent. The ILA reception has been of great help to me arranging personal trips to towns nearby. I was very happy with my host family – they were extremely helpful and took a lot of time for me. Food they cooked was delicious. I can really recommend ILA.»

Daniella Rubio Santos (18 Jahre alt, Kolumbien)

«L’Institut Linguistique Adenet est excellent. Toutes les professeurs sont géniaux et très sympatiques. J’ai eu un séjour exceptionel dans ma famille d’accueil. Je recommende ILA fortement. Merci à tous.»

Fatma Almehairi (19 Jahre alt, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate)

«Tout était super bien. J’ai bien apprécié la motivation des professeurs et l’organisation de l’école. J’ai déja essayé d’autres écoles à Montpellier et francement l’Institut Linguistique Adenet (ILA) a bien réussi dans son organisation et la façon d’apprentisage de la langue française – c’est pour moi la meilleure école à Montpellier.»

Dale Hebdon (31 Jahre alt, England)

«All the staff were very polite and helpful. The lessons were excellent. The teacher was very clear and the pace was good. The location of my host family was excellent, in the historic centre and just 2 minutes walk to school. My family was very welcoming and polite. At ILA you find students from many nationalities, the mix is excellent. I enjoyed my stay very much and would have liked to have stayed much longer. I recommend ILA to everybody.»

Rinny Kartini (38 Jahre alt, Indonesien)

«The course was excellent as well as the school atmosphere and the organisation. My teacher was great, he could motivate all students very well and explained all parts of the language in a very interesting way. The activities in class were well balanced. I really enjoyed my time at ILA and in Montpellier and can only recommend the school.»

Leonidas Oyaga (18 Jahre alt, Kolumbien)
Tel : 5 – 358 15 85

«Desde mi punto de vista. ILA es una excelente opción para aquellas personas que desean aprender el francés sin dejar de divertirse.En las clases que he estado, he encontrado profesoras y estudiantes muy amables y alegres.En general, considero que ILA es un instituto muy bien organizado, con excelentes instalaciones.»

Emily Cross (22 Jahre alt, USA)

«The teachers are outstanding. It was easy to progress quickly. The receptionist was always so helpful for everything – she is wonderful. My host family was perfect – I could not have had a better family. Everything about the school was great. I will definately return. I had such a great time and I learned so much French. Thank you ILA – it was a really wonderful stay.»

Karolina Babickova (19 Jahre alt, Tschechische Republik)

«I had an excellent stay at ILA. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the teacher was excellent. My host family was very nice as well. I can recommend ILA very much.»

Trine Mie Svane (23 Jahre alt, Dänemark)

«I just loved my stay at ILA. The teachers are very nice, I wish the teachers in my home country would be as good as at ILA. I am very satisfied with my stay.»

Juerg Koeb (32 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Der freundliche Empfang bei ILA macht einem den Start einfach und man fühlt sich in der sehr gut organisierten Schule einfach sehr wohl. Beide Lehrerinnen konnten mich sehr gut motivieren und verstehen es, in einer angenehmen Atmosphäre seriös zu unterrichten. Der abwechslungsreiche Unterricht war top und hat immer wieder Neues gebracht. Weiter so! Die Studentenresidenz hat eine super Lage. Mein Aufenthalt war sehr erfolgreich und ich würde gerne länger bleiben!»

Catherine Marx (31 Jahre alt, England)

«School organisation, equipment and services are excellent. My teacher was brillant, well organised, serious learning, but lots of fun as well. I have enjoyed my lessons very much. The host family provided by ILA was excellent, very friendly and helpful people and delicious meals. The excursion program was also very nice. What I liked most? EVERYTHING WAS GREAT!»

Paulina Delgado (19 Jahre alt, Mexiko)

«J’ai passé 6 mois chez ILA. C’était génial d’être ici. Les enseignants sont super et l’école est INCROYABLEMENT BIEN! Merci pour tout.»

Alexandra Senn (25 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Le cours était vraiment intéressant et j’ai fait beaucoup de progrés. Le service client est super génial. La piscine de l’aparthotel est vraiment de luxe. Pour résumer : UNE EXPERIENCE MERVEILLEUSE!»

Devon Fan (18 Jahre alt, USA)

«My teacher was fantastic. I learned a lot and she was so encouraging. I already miss her! I had the best host family you can imagine, I will be back to ILA next year and stay with them again. They were marveillous. I had at ILA in Montpellier the best time of my life. I learned so much French and I also saw so much of the city and region. I will never forget my stay at ILA. MERCI!»

Heike Grohnwald (36 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«L’école est très attentive et je trouve très bien qu’il y ait beaucoup d’activités extra-scolaires.»

Lucy Pyle (19 Jahre alt, England)

«J’ai passé 2 mois chez ILA que je n’oublierai jamais et je suis très triste de rentrer chez moi! J’étais vraiment impressionnée par ILA. Je n’avais pas anticipé que l’école pourrait être si bonne!!! Les profs sont très efficaces chaque jour! Je voudrais vraiment remercier mes profs. La famille était fantastique, j’adore ma famille et j’espère revenir l’année prochaine! MERCI à ILA!»

David Puterman (24 Jahre alt, Kanada)

«Very organised school, excellent facilities and very friendly staff. The course was very good – a great balance of grammar, speaking, vocabulary, conversation etc. My teacher was full of energy and we had lots of fun combined with serious learning. The student residence was great – much better than I could have expected.»

Jessica de Wit (17 Jahre alt, Niederlande)

«L’école est vraiment, vraiment bien. J’étais surprise par le nivau de qualité. Mes deux profs étaient très gentilles et biens! Les sujets dans la classe étaient très interessants. Je n’ai pas seulement appris des choses de la langue, mais aussi le system politique français etc. J’ai fait beaucoup de progrés, merci à ILA. J’ai fait beaucoup d’amis sur place. J’aime aussi bien Montpellier, il y a beaucoup de choses à faire (festivaux, cinéma, musique, sortir etc.). Je suis vraiment contente!»

Marco Burri (35 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Les professeurs sont GENIAUX!! Ils ont une grande motivation! La famille était trés gentille – parfait. Merci!»

Susan Caroll (21 Jahre alt, England)

«J’ai passé mon deuxième séjour chez ILA et c’était formidable encore. Tout le monde est toujours amical et bien organisé. Le niveau dans le cours était parfait, merci beaucoup pour tout. J’espère retourner à ILA une autre fois!»

Professor Robert Burton (62 Jahre alt, Australien)

«Ma femme et moi apprécions qu‘ ILA soit une école très excellente. J’ai déjà pris plusieurs cours de Français en France, en Australie et aux Etats-Unis, mais ILA est la meilleure. Nous voudrions vous informer que nous avons apprécié beaucoup tous le professeurs et l’atmosphère à l’école. Merci beaucoup pour une très bonne expérience à ILA.»

Charlotte Wik (19 Jahre alt, Schweden)

«J’ai vraiment passé un très bon séjour à ILA. Excellents professeurs, j’ai fait énormement de progrés. Pour résumer mon séjour: ADORABLE!»

Consuelo Leal Marzo (26 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«L’école est trés, trés bien. Les professeurs sont excellents! Mon séjour était GENIAL!»

Catherine Thompson-Walsh (20 Jahre alt, Kanada)

«Je suis restée 3 semaines en niveau avancé. Les professeurs sont trés bien. Le cours a toujours des activités intéressantes et diverses. J’en ai beaucoup profité. ILA est une école SUPER! Merci à tous.»

Fumiyuki Chin (22 Jahre alt, USA)

«J‚ai beaucoup aimé l’école. J’ai eu un professeur excellent. L’école est trés bien organisée et équipée. J’ai aimé les excursions. Ma famille était excellente et je suis trés satisfait. Je recommande ILA à tous.»

Claudia Muehlherr (35 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«L’école est trés, trés bien! Le professeurs super et trés sympa et une famille d’accueil extra. J’ai passé un super moment chez ILA à Montpellier.»

Florencia Scarafina (17 Jahre alt, Argentinien)

«I liked very much the organisation of the school, the excursions, the course, my teacher and I had and excellent host family – everything was perfect!»

Aoki Tatsuro (69 Jahre alt, Japan)

«The school is very well organised. People are very friendly and helpful. My teacher was excellent and my host family very nice, just one minute walk from school. I can really recommend ILA.»

Guido Mottola (18 Jahre alt, Italien)

«I really enjoyed my stay at ILA. The teaching and organisation of the school is just perfect and my host family was excellent.»

Hilde Ravlo Nielsen (20 Jahre alt, Norwegen)

«I liked everything at ILA. The teachers were great, the accommodation as well. I met lots of other students from many different countries. The activities organised by ILA were excellent as well – I can really recommend ILA to everybody.»

John Dalmaris (30 Jahre alt, Griechenland)

«Mon séjour dans Montpellier était grand. L’enseignement était excellent, les personnes très amicales et la ville très belle pour que quelqu’un s’amuse. Je serais certainement resté plus longtemps si j’avais le temps.»

Gudrun Osk Saemundsdottir (17 Jahre alt, Island)

«My teacher was excellent and very patient. My host family was great and the food was soooooo good. It was a really great stay at ILA – I liked everything about the school.»

Joseba Imaz (24 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«J’ai passé 4 semaines à ILA. Toutes les classes ont été trés interessantes et dynamiques. J’ai apprécié tout et je suis très content d’avoir choisi ILA – une école très, très bien! Merci beaucoup!»

Juan David Manotas (18 Jahre alt, Kolumbien)

«J’ai bien aimé tous les professeurs, ils sont tous très bien et vraiment sympa. Ma famille d’accueil était magnifique!»

Sherese Schlosser (22 Jahre alt, USA)

«Staying in Montpellier and attending classes at ILA was an amazing experience. The teachers and staff were truly great people and did everything they could do to make the classes and stay here in Montpellier as beneficial as possible. I couldn’t have asked for a more meaningful or unforgettable study abroad experience!»

Christian Winiger (20 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Very nice atmosphere at school. ILA offers a very good number of different language levels even in the low season and therefore the groups were very homogeny. Excellent mixture of grammar, vocabulary, discussions etc. The course was always interesting and teaching quality very high. My host family was top! I felt like a king. They lived I a luxurious apartment, everything was perfect. My stay at ILA was superb in all aspects! Will be back soon!»

Oliver Harwood (31 Jahre alt, England)

«J’ai visité ILA pour 5 mois pour développer mon Français dans le but éventuellement de travailler en France pour mon entreprise. J’ai progressé rapidement grâce à l’environment d’ILA. Les cours sont un plaisir et les professeurs excellents. Il y a une diversité d’étudiants (age, nationalités, raison pour apprendre le français etc.). Montpellier est une superbe ville – pas trop petite, pas trop grande et toujours bien ensoleillée!»

Elena Arara Cerdan (18 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«J’ai passé un très bon séjour. Le prof était très bien et sympa. L’ambiance à l’école est très bien. Je peux recommander ILA.»

Alan Rubenstein (26 Jahre alt, USA)

«Spending a summer at ILA in Montpellier was a wonderful experience. The teachers were fun, engaging and intelligent. My host family were the best kind of hosts. My classmates were great people to pass a summer with – in class, on the beach, having lunch at outdoor cafés. Montpellier in the summer is a paradise. It was a wonderful and useful stay and I highly recommend it.»

Rachel Blundy (17 Jahre alt, England)

«Amazing teachers! Really kind and helpful. Nice teaching style. My stay was fantastic, the teaching was brillant and I learned a lot. I liked the focus on oral work and the relaxed atmosphere. I improved my French significantly and will definately be back soon.»

Axel Hosek (39 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«The service and organisation was very professional. All three teachers I had during my stay were excellent and also very friendly and helpful. The teaching was on an extremely efficient. The aparthotel offered excellent value for money – ILA has negotiated for their students very good rates. Thanks to everybody at ILA – I enjoyed my stay very much.»

Odin Vigestad (40 Jahre alt, Norwegen)

«The teaching was great, all teachers I had were excellent. The family chosen for me by ILA was very good. I learnt a lot of French also with them. I can really recommend ILA.»

Hanna Gauffin (20 Jahre alt, Schweden)

«J’ai passé 3 mois a ILA. Je suis très contente avec l’enseignement à ILA. Des petit groupes bien homogènes et des professeurs formidables. C’est très bien avec 12 ordinateurs avec internet. Le service est très bien et tous le personnel d’ILA est très gentil. Merci beaucoup, je vais vous recommander.»

Angelika Ratajczak (50 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«Les cours effectifs, vivants et créatifs à ILA sont présentés par des professeurs très compétents. Le travail en petits groupes procure beaucoup de plaisirs. Je remercie toutes les gentilles collaboratrices d’ILA pour trois merveilleuses semaines.»

Lavinia Castellan (18 Jahre alt, Guatemala)

«The school rooms and buildings are nice, internet access excellent. All teachers were very friendly and very good. My host family was very nice to me. I liked the excursions and the city of Montpellier. I came with basic French and learnt a lot in 5 weeks. Now I can communicate well. It was a great experience.»

Howard Thomson (22 Jahre alt, England)

«ILA is excellent in all aspects and very well looked after. Excellent client service, very friendly staff, free internet access (12 computers with flat screens), great teachers. The host family was very nice and the food was delicious. I had an excellent stay and a great experience.»

Frank Wenger (21 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Le cours était très varié et intéressant. Ma famille d’accueil absolument fantastique!»

Stefanie Tuider (18 Jahre alt, Österreich)

«Die Schule war sehr gut (Austattung, Organisation, Kundenservice excellent)! Meine Lehrerin und auch die Gastfamilie waren ebenfalls sehr gut. Ich kann ILA sehr empfehlen.»

Kevin Kuhlman (24 Jahre alt, USA)

«The three weeks stay has been wonderful and enlightening time for me here at your fine school. Your teachers were perfect for my current level of French skills. They made learning fun and easy, which is something that can be hard to achieve back home in the U.S.A.. I hope to return soon and stay for perhaps an even longer visit and continue to improve my French. I feel a sense of comfort at ILA along with satisfying sense of accomplishment. Thank you for having such a high quality establishment and for making my first trip to France one that I will remember forever.»

Charlotte Balnave (17 Jahre alt, England)

«The teacher was great – the best I had so far in my life. Very infomative, good class discussions, prompts well. Excellent teaching style / methods. Class size was perfect. Everything was excellent. I really enjoyed my stay, everyone is really friendly. There is also lots to do in Montpellier.»

Soner Kistak (28 Jahre alt, Türkei)

«It was a great cultural experience in Montpellier. I appreciated my host family very much and teaching was excellent. Montpellier is a great city, lots of sunshine and excellent food. The school is very well organised!»

Chiara Morgantini (19 Jahre alt, Italien)

«Je suis très contente d’avoir choisi ILA. J’ai fait connaissance avec beaucoup de personnes de langue differente. Les profs sont très bien, la famille d’accueil était fabuleuse.»

Allen Kalik (54 Jahre alt, USA)
Tel : 603-669-8434

«ILA’s fabulous instructors and supportive staff really know how to put together a comprehensive language and cultural learning experience which is fun. I’ve been back three times and I hope to return.»

Saskia Sigenthaler (17 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Ich habe sehr viel gelernt. Die Lehrerin hat alles sehr gut erklärt und war sehr dynamisch. Die Rezeption von ILA war immer sehr hilfsbereit. Auch die Gastfamilie war toll und sehr aufgestellt. Am besten hat mir aber gefallen, dass es so viele verschiedene Nationalitäten gab. Der Aufenthalt war eine lehrreiche, eine tolle Erfahrung. Es war einfach toll !!!»

Olalla Fontela Lopez (26 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«I was very happy at ILA. Course, teacher and accommodation – everything was great!»

Biljana Zdravkovic (37 Jahre alt, Serbien)

«J’ai passé deux semaines à Montpellier. Même si mon séjour était court, j’ai beaucoup profité de l’école. Les profs sont excellents, super! Et Montpellier, c’est une ville vraiment magnifique! J’espère que je reviendrai!»

Dirk Hany (21 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Je suis très content avec ILA. Quand je suis arrivé ici j’ai parlé seulement quelques mots de français et maintenant je parle bien. Tout les professeurs sont très gentils et compétents. Ma famille d’accueil était excellente avec une hospitalité magnifique. L’emplacement d’ILA est superbe – c’est pas possible d’être plus central à Montpellier. Magnifique bâtiment. Montpellier est une super ville pour apprendre le français. Il y a beaucoup de jeunes et pour sortir c’est très bien.»

Emelie Malmros (19 Jahre alt, Schweden)

«I took a four months course at ILA. All teachers were really nice, I made excellent progress. Organisation of ILA and all staff were excellent. The excursion program was also super and I saw a lot of the beautiful region. Montpellier is a phantastic city and you can make new friends easily. I really did not want to leave…»

Kazuo Maeda (57 Jahre alt, Japan)

«Very nice and lively teachers. The host family was very friendly and took great care of me. I enjoyed my stay very well.»

Olga Mayorova (16 Jahre alt, Russland)

«Everything was wonderful: organisation, equipment, student care etc. I really liked the education in ILA. I like all professors, they are very enthusiastic and encouraged me a lot to study French. My host family was excellent, very kind and friendly. They always helped me. My stay was wonderful. I liked it so much that I will come back to Montpellier and ILA next time again.»

Keith Willsher (35 Jahre alt, England)

«I can really recommend ILA. The staff is very helpful, the host family was lovely and the teacher excellent. I liked the style and variety of teaching methods. My confidence in French improved a lot.»

Elisa Brake (19 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«Mon séjour chez ILA à Montpellier était formidable. L’école et son équipe sont géniales et j’ai beaucoup amélioré mon français. L’atmosphère à l’école est très, très bien, les relations entre les profs et les étudiants géniales!!! Tous les profs étaient très gentils et je suis un peu triste de ne pas rester plus longuement. Merci à tous – c’était une expérience MAGNIFIQUE!»

Tamara Vogel (23 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«ILA ist super. Die Lehrkraefte sind sehr gut, immer freundlich und froehlich. Es einfach Spass gemacht.Die Gastfamilie war echt spitze – ich hatte ine sehr schoene Zeit an der Schule und in der Familie.»

Wies Weenink (28 Jahre alt, Niederlande)

«C’était super! Je suis très contente d’être allée à ILA Montpellier!»

Sandrine Jensen (19 Jahre alt, Norwegen)

«I really enjoyed my stay. Everything was great – the school, my course, the teacher and my host family was exceptional. I spent two excellent weeks in Montpellier at ILA. I can only recommend the school! It was perfect!»

Frank Engelke (36 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«Everything was perfectly organised, all staff at ILA is very friendly and helpful. All teachers are very competent and patient. My host family was excellent – very open to me, very friendly and helpful. I like the relaxed, but serious study atmosphere at ILA. I can strongly recommend ILA to everybody.»

Pilar del Alcazar Delgado (19 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«L’école, les profs, le cours, la famille – tout était très, très bien! J’ai passé 3 semaines chez ILA et j’ai fait beaucoup de progrés.»

Sarah Delaney (28 Jahre alt, USA)

«My stay was great. I really liked my teacher, the ILA atmosphere, my lovely host family etc. A perfect stay.»

Oliver Dolder (20 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«I stayed 3 months at ILA. School equipment, organisation and client service were excellent. Teaching and teachers are of extremely high standard. I improved my French a lot. For my host family I have just one word to say: SENSATIONEL. I can really recommend ILA.»

Paul Whaley (58 Jahre alt, England)

«I like the ILA very much. The whole school organisation and client service was excellent. My teacher was perfect and I made very good progress in a short time.The program was supberb. I really love the city of Montpellier and I wish I could stay longer…»

Finola Quinn (56 Jahre alt, Irland)

«Everything was very enjoyable – I will return next year. It was a great way to stimulate interest in the language.»

Allart Scholts (23 Jahre alt, Niederlande)

«Depuis 2 mois, je suis en train d’étudier la langue française à ILA et ça me plaît vraiment beaucoup. Mes professeurs sont très sympa et avec eux apprendre le français est un plaisir. Mon niveau s’est déjà bien amélioré et je suis très content de mon progrès. J’habite avec une famille d’accueil dans le centre ville de Montpellier tout près de la Place de la Comédie. Je passe du bon temps à Montpellier avec tous mes amis et j’espère revenir bientôt!»

Alexander Kurmann (20 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Je suis resté 3 mois chez ILA. J’étais très content avec l’école, les profs (toujours très sympa!) et ma famille d’accueil. Le famille c’était super, j’ai beaucoup appris avec eux. J’ai rencontré beaucoup de gens formidables à l’école et j’ai fait de très bons progrés. Merci à ILA!»

Maite Azurmendi Jimeno (31 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«Les profs sont très bien. J’ai été très très bien attendu dans la famille. Toute la famille a eu très gentil avec moi! J’ai apprecié aussi beaucoup le cours, les activités oral, la méthodologie etc.»

Marijn Weneger (23 Jahre alt, Niederlande)

«The school staff is very helpful and caring. Organisation was just excellent. I really made very good progress and teaching was at a very high standard. All teachers were very friendly and extremely good. I stayed four weeks with a host family and afterwards 8 weeks at the student residence. The family was excellent as well, very caring and also great food. I really recommend them. The residence is very close to school and comfortable. I really recommend ILA – my stay was very pleasant and the school atmosphere is excellent.»

Zuzana Papulova (24 Jahre alt, Slowakei)

«Very nice stay, I liked the friendly atmosphere very much. The way of teaching and teachers are excellent. The school organisation is perfect. I recommend ILA.»

Barry J. Freeman (54 Jahre alt, England)

«I can just say one word about my stay at ILA Montpellier : SUPERB!»

Stephanie Lindner (23 Jahre alt, Österreich)

«I could not have been better! I never learned so much in such a short time. ILA had the best French teachers I ever had! My host family was perfect, they cook like big chefs and they even had a swimming pool. ILA also organises great excursions, which I really enjoyed. I can strongly recommend ILA, my stay was excellent!»

Tina Johanson (60 Jahre alt, Finnland)

«J’ai apprécie le cours, les professeurs, l’équipe d’ILA. Tout était bien – je vais revenir!»

Carmen Rodriguez Martin (17 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«The course was really excellent. There were so many nice people at ILA. I already want to go back! I really enjoyed the city of Montpellier, it is soooo beautiful and the local people are very friendly.»

Zac Brooks (20 Jahre alt, England)

«I spent 4 weeks at ILA. The teaching methods are effective and efficient. Very competent teachers, well organised and clear. Easy to understand the new grammer points. I liked Montpellier and found the stay very useful and enjoyable. I would like to return soon and will definately recommend ILA to my friends.»

Lisa Hinderdeal (16 Jahre alt, Belgien)

«I enjoyed the school and my teachers very much. I chose family accommodation and it was excellent. I loved that everyone is so welcoming and the teachers were very supportive. When I came it was difficult to speak, but now I can speak with problems. It was much more than I expected. I recommend ILA to everyone!»

Karin Wilhelm (49 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«I habe schon mehrere Sprachkurse bei ILA absolviert. Wieder war alles sehr gut, die Lehrer erklären sehr gut und die Kurse sind sehr effektiv, aber trotzdem entspannt. Die Atmosphäre ist sehr gut. Die gastfamilie war sehr freundlich und ich konnte die Sprache in der Familie sehr gut anwenden. Ich kann ILA sehr empfehlen.»

Marianne Sloutsky (16 Jahre alt, Russland)

«I liked everything, it was very nice. Teachers, accommodation and school atmosphere are excellent. I can recommend ILA.»

Anne Wilson (53 Jahre alt, Australien)

«The whole experience at ILA was very much stimulating, well organised, friendly, helpful and I enjoyed the classes. It was fantastic staying with such a nice host family and hearing and speaking French continously, embracing the French lifestyle with the family.»

Natasha Bluett (21 Jahre alt, England)

«I really appreciated how friendly and welcoming, everybody was. The small class sizes really gave me confidence to speak up in lessons. The teachers were just wonderful – welcoming organised and always patient. The lessons were always excellent and also fun.»

Anna Westerlund (33 Jahre alt, Schweden)

«Les classes ont été très bien préparées et d’un niveau excellent. Les professeurs sont trés bien. J’ai beaucoup apprécié et je suis très contente. Toutes les promesses faites par ILA sont accomplies!»

Jason Cheung (21 Jahre alt, Kanada)

«I stayed 8 weeks at ILA. Everything was really great! I recommend ILA strongly.»

Per Oivind Hansen (22 Jahre alt, Norwegen)

«Teaching, Organisation, services and accommodation were good. I enjoyed my stay.»

Rudolf Gisler (46 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Gut dass am ersten Tag schon Unterricht nach dem Einstufungstest stattfindet, so verliert man nicht wie an anderen Schulen einen Unterrichtstag durch den Test. Lehrer, Service und Unterricht waren sehr gut! Je suis content – l’école est très bien!»

Juan Antonio Corbalan Liarte (20 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«ILA is very welcoming and the organisation is perfect. Both teachers I had were excellent. I liked the course very much – I learned a lot. I also made a lot of friends at school.»

Stuart Fairchild (33 Jahre alt, England)

«J’ai passé un très bon séjour à Montpellier chez ILA. J’ai appris beaucoup. Tout était très bien – merci à ILA.»

Tarek Al-Hariri (17 Jahre alt, USA)

«I had my second stay at ILA this year and again I really enjoyed it. Both teachers I had were excellent, they explained very well and they were very nice. The organisation of ILA and the reception desk is very good as well, always helpful. The family was this year again excellent. I will be back next year and I will stay with them again. There is only one word to summarise my stay : PERFECT!»

Monika Portenlaenger (24 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«L’école est trés, trés bien. J’ai passé un trés bon séjour. Les cours et la famille d’accueil étaient super!»

Nicola Murphy (19 Jahre alt, England)

«Les classes sont petites et ainsi on comprend mieux. J’avais plus confiance à parler avec les autres. Les profs sont très très bien. J’ai appris beaucoup mais je voudrais rester chez ILA plus longtemps la prochaine fois.»

Yasmin Pang (26 Jahre alt, Schweden)

«Everything has been very good. I liked that there were students from so many different countries. I learned more than I expected and I had a really nice time in Montpellier and at ILA. The school was excellent.»

Angela Rottmeier (21 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«J’ai énormement apprécié de vivre dans une famille d’accueil, très bien selectionnée par ILA. J’ai profité beaucoup du cours. Mon séjour s’est très, très bien passé.»

Tanja Kremer (21 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«J’ai tout aimé à l’école qui est super, le cours était trés, trés bien. J’ai participé aux excursions d’ILA (Avignon, Camargues etc) – super! J’ai fait connaissance de beaucoup de gens de nationalités differentes à l’école – Etats-Unis, Espagne, Canada, Italie, Angleterre, Suède – génial!»

José Carlos Morillo Moreno (38 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«Le Cours, le professeur et les activités – tout était magnifique. L’école est trés bien située dans le centre historique. Les activités de classe sont trés interessantes. Je recommande ILA à tous!»

Johannes Medecke (18 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«Mir hat der Aufenthalt sehr gut gefallen. Sehr gute Schule, tolle gastfamilie und exzelletes Essen in de Familie. Ich bin total zufrieden und wäre gerne länger geblieben!Ich kann ILA sehr weiterempfehlen.»

Marie Vratislavola (49 Jahre alt, Tschechische Republik)

«The teachers are excellent and very friendly. The host family had an excellent standard and were very nice. The school administration staff is very helpful and friendly with the students. I liked my study stay very much, it was a great experience. I can now speak well and communicate in French! I recommend a language stay at ILA!»

Ruth Rodriguez Gonzales (17 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«La famille et les classes étaient très, très bien. Incroyable, on peut apprendre beaucoup en quelques semaines. Montpellier est une ville fantastique!»

Stefanie Tamke (18 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«L’école est trés bien organisée et l’accueil est très sympa. Le cours était excellent et ma famille d’accueil magnifique. J’ai beaucoup apprecié mon séjour.»

Lidia Viyella (18 Jahre alt, Dominikanische Republik)


Anna Thordardottir (18 Jahre alt, Island)

«J’ai vraiment apprecié l’accueil à ILA. Les profs sont super ici et très efficaces. J’ai rencontré beaucoup de gens sympa et je me suis beaucoup amusée à Montpellier – une ville super!»

Leticia de Antonio (30 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«Le cours avancé a été magnifique parce que j’ai amélioré beaucoup mon français. L’aparthotel est très bien situé et très confortable. J’ai passé 2 semaines vraiment magnifiques chez ILA!»

Elisabeth Wilson (58 Jahre alt, USA)

«I have been for the second time at ILA. This was a wonderful experience again. I had the same great teacher as last year, she is excellent. For my host family I have just one word – super! I definately want to come back and stay with them again. ILA is a wonderful institution to improve your French language skills. Merci beaucoup ILA. I strongly recommend ILA to everybody.»

Hannah o Donell (18 Jahre alt, Irland)

«My stay was very enjoyable. I loved the course, my teacher was wonderful. My host family was so welcoming. ILA is a phantastic school.»

Andrew Mark Bouwen (21 Jahre alt, USA)

«I spent three weeks at ILA. The class was wonderful, my teacher was very helpful. My host family helped me even further to improve my French. They were very accomodating. My stay was very educational, but also lots of fun. I can really recommend ILA.»

Stine Mari Godeseth (18 Jahre alt, Norwegen)

«Both teachers I had were excellent. I learned also a lot about French culture and civilisation. My host family really made me welcome, they were very friendly to me. I had a really great stay at ILA, I improved my French a lot and I learned so much more about the French culture. I really recommend ILA.»

Meletta Mellon (46 Jahre alt, USA)

«The teachers used excellent teaching materials and were very helpful. I feel I made excellent progress in my understanding and speaking the French language. My host family was wonderful to me, very nice, patient and kind. The food was just great. ILA offered a very well prepared excursion program. I appreciated that all the people at ILA were so helpful and kind. I strongly recommend ILA.»

Rocio Moreno Trujillano (23 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«ILA: Magnifique! J’ai passé un très agréable séjour!»

Audur Yr Sigurthorsdottir (17 Jahre alt, Island)

«It was really good, everybody was friendly and helpful. Great teachers and excellent homestay. I recommend ILA.»

Eva Mikulasova (58 Jahre alt, Slowakei)

«Excellent teaching – I am very happy about my stay at ILA.»

Philipp Altenburg (19 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«Ein Sprachkurs bei ILA ist das absolut Beste was man tun kann, wenn man wirklich sein Französisch verbessern möchte. SEHR EMPFEHLENSWERT!»

Miriam Hindle (19 Jahre alt, England)

«Toutes mes profs étaient fantastiques! J’ai passé un séjour inoubliable et j’ai appris beaucoup de choses. J’ai beaucoup aimé les excursions et surtout les soirées au restaurant. Merci à ILA.»

Semril Zorlu (27 Jahre alt, Türkei)

«Je suis très content d’avoir appris le français chez ILA. Je suis resté 20 semaines ici. Tous les profs sont superbes! Ma famille était gentille et sympa. Je recommande ILA à tous.»

Oife O’Flynn (17 Jahre alt, Irland)

«ILA Montpellier – JUST GREAT! Very nice and friendly teachers. I liked the classes, they were interesting and fun at the same time. I really had a great time in Montpellier and my French improved a lot.»

Niklas Johansson (28 Jahre alt, Schweden)

«Les profs sont très dynamiques, mais aussi super gentils, la Résidence est magnifique!»

Andreas Slovacek (21 Jahre alt, USA)

«Everything was great at ILA and in Montpellier – I just wish I had more time! I will definately be back.»

Joanna Cronk (30 Jahre alt, Australien)

«The school location is fantastic, so central. The school equipment is very good as is the whole organisation. My teacher was excellent. His humour and patience made each class the best and I looked forward to every lesson. The classes were fantastic. Small groups ensure everyone has excellent assistance from the teacher. The choice of spare time activities organised by ILA was excellent – again all well organised. I recommend ILA to anyone who is serious about improving their French. I am so much more confident with the language.»

Gisela Quintana (23 Jahre alt, Mexiko)

«The ILA school is excellent, the organisation very good and everybody is so friendly. Both teachers I had were great. I had a great time in Montpellier and at ILA – I really learned a lot in 4 weeks.»

Charlotte-Amalie Kuno Christensen (17 Jahre alt, Dänemark)

«I was very impressed by the courses, excellent teaching. All is well organised. I met a lot of people from many different countries at ILA, there is an excellent nationality mix. There are so many things to do in Montpellier, a really great city.»

Molefi Asante (66 Jahre alt, USA)

«Both teachers I had were extraordinary! Perfect school organisation, nice accommodation and very friendly staff. My stay at ILA – just excellent!»

Jan Bloch (30 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«ILA hat die besten Französischlehrer, die ich jemals hatte !!!»

Luke Gordon (18 Jahre alt, England)

«I had un unforgettable stay at ILA in Montpellier. My teacher was just excellent and my host family perfect. The family really helped me to improve my French. I really recommend ILA.»

Karen Benedikt (28 Jahre alt, Kanada)

«All aspect of ILA are very good, equipment, the organisation, the staff is friendly and helpful, my teacher was wonderful. I JUST LOVED IT!»

Chie Konta (26 Jahre alt, Japan)

«J’ai bien aimé mon séjour chez ILA, les professeurs sont vraiment sympa, le nombre de stagiaires par classe est limité. J’ai pu parler beaucoup en français. Mon famille d’accueil était très bien, très gentille. OUI, ILA est une très bonne école!»

Elsa Hernbrandt (20 Jahre alt, Schweden)

«J’ai vraiment apprecié pendant mes 3 mois l’atmosphère à l’école et l’engagement des professeurs. C’est magnifique que chez ILA il y ait tellement des nationalités différentes. L’équipe d’ILA est très gentille. Merci à tous!»

Vivienne Ledingham (73 Jahre alt, England)

«Excellent teaching and lessons. My teacher was great. ILA is very well organised. I have been encouraged to speak in French and was helped with French grammar. I had an EXCELLENT stay at ILA.»

Lydia Stinchfield (19 Jahre alt, USA)

«I loved my teachers, they were high energy, fun and teaching was great. ILA’s teaching methode is very good and I learnt a lot. My host family was very nice and I spent a lot of time with them. I really enjoyed my stay. Everybody was so nice and Montpellier is a very beautiful city. I strongly recommend ILA.»

Rico Hungerbühler (22 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«ILA ist eine wirklich tolle Schule. Alles ist gut organisiert und sehr freundlich. Ich habe für 3 Monate einen Standardkurs besucht, alle meine Lehrer(Innen) waren sehr motiviert und sehr symphatisch. Das Apparthotel hat eine sehr gute Lage und ist sehr gut ausgestattet. Man wird freundlich empfangen. Meine Zeit in Montpellier bei ILA was THE TIME OF MY LIFE! Merci!!!!»

Matea Krsnik (17 Jahre alt, Kroatien)

«ILA est une école TRES TRES bien et je suis content pour tout!»

Virginia Marion (56 Jahre alt, Kanada)

«ILA has very friendly and helpful staff. Both teachers I had were excellent. Classes were well organised and started always on time. The teachers were well prepared. The cheese tasting workshop was very good and funny. I really recommend ILA.»

Elise Volcke (18 Jahre alt, Belgien)

«Mon séjour à ILA : F O R M I D A B L E !!!!»

Callie Tysdal (18 Jahre alt, USA)

«My host family was the best I could hope for. They were just excellent. My teacher was very motivating – the best I had so far to learn French. Montpellier is a great city for a language stay.»

Jill Taunton (64 Jahre alt, England)

«Tous les gens chez ILA étaient très gentils et m’ont aidée. Mon professeur était très bon, j’ai appris beaucoup et je me suis bien amusée aussi. J’ai bien aimé la vitesse des leçons et l’ambiance à l’école. Je voudrais revenir! C’était UNE EXPERIENCE FORMIDABLE!»

Judith Bucher (26 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«J’étais très contente chez ILA. Excellents professeur, une famille d’accueil très gentille. J’ai eu une séjour MAGNIFIQUE.»

Joanne van Drie (19 Jahre alt, Niederlande)

«I very much liked the ILA school and the teachers. It was a pleasant stay at the school, living in the residence was very good. I met a lot of nice people, did cultural visits. Montpellier has also great clubs!»

Hans de Groot (31 Jahre alt, USA)

«I learnt a lot of French in a very short time. My stay at ILA had been an excellent experience. ILA is very weel equipped, well organised and all staff is very friendly. My host family was excellent! I strongly recommend ILA.»

Elizabeth Lloyd (20 Jahre alt, England)

«J’ai passé 12 semaines chez ILA, une école MAGNIFIQUE. Les profs sont parfaits, les cours particuliers étaient vraiment superbes. L’enseignement dans l’école – j’ai beaucoup appris, aussi les choses culturelles. Ma famille d’accueil m’a accueillie chez elle avec plaisir, très sympa! Montpellier est une ville magnifique.»

Eveline Egli (17 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Mein Aufenthalt war fantastisch. Ich habe sehr viel gelernt, der Klassenzusammenhalt war toll. Meine Lehrerin war super, ILA als Schule ist sehr gut organisiert und alle Mitarbeiter sind sehr freundlich. Mein Gastfamilie war sehr gut. Montpellier ist eine wunderschöne Stadt.»

Michael Howard (32 Jahre alt, Australien)

«Great school – interesting to meet students from so many countries. Good mix of vocabulary, speaking and grammar. My teacher was very patiet and understanding. Geat experience.»

Johanna Thonning (19 Jahre alt, Schweden)

«The ILA school is a very relaxed place to learn French. The lessons are very good and you learn quickly and easily. ILA is a very international school, students from many countries study there. My whole stay has been great – great school, excellent host family, many new friends. Montpellier is a great city, even in winter. There is so much to do and to visit. I strongly recommend ILA.»

Petr Madera (45 Jahre alt, Tschechische Republik)

«All was very good, school, teaching, accommodation – I am very happy!»

Elise Kasajima (21 Jahre alt, Japan)

«The school service was always very friendly and fast. The receptionist very, very nice. All teachers were also friendly and the course was excellent. The host family was very welcoming, the room big and very clean. The meals were excellent. The atmosphere in school is very good, the class sizes are small. I am very happy with my stay and I recommend to everybody.»

Leslie Fedge (63 Jahre alt, USA)

«J’ai aimé beaucoup la classe, surtout les activités pour nous faire parler. La famille est excellente et très gentille – très accueillante. Montpellier est une ville qui est belle et confortable. C’était mon 2eme séjours chez ILA – encore très, très bien.»

Tess Kluckow (17 Jahre alt, Australien)

«Tout le monde était super. Ma prof a utilisé beaucoup d’activités différentes. Il y a beaucoup de nationalités differentes chez ILA. J’ai appris beaucoup, c’était une très bonne expérience. Je recommande ILA.»

Saskia Bunge Montes (22 Jahre alt, Guatemala),

«I very, very happy with the school and the school staff. My teacher was just excellent, my course as well. All was a great experrience and really worthwhile. Merci!»

Trond Holager (58 Jahre alt, Norwegen)

«Very good French courses with excellent, very professionell teachers. The atmosphere at ILA is very nice. I learned a lot, had a very nice time and surely I will come back for another stay at ILA. I highly recommend ILA to everybody.»

Mai Yoshimoto (20 Jahre alt, Japan)

«Je suis resté 21 semaines chez ILA. C’était très bien. Je suis content. On peut changer assez facilement de classe si on souhaite. J’adore tous les professeurs, très sympa. Je suis tellement content d’avoir choisi ILA à Montpellier. Merci encore!»

Xaver Franz-Josef Wenzinger (22 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Die Lehrkräfte waren sehr motiviert, förderten positiv und waren sehr zuverlässig. Ich hatte eine fantastische Zeit in Montpellier!»

Michaela Heine (34 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«Der Unterricht bei ILA war super, die Lehrer toll. Mein Aufenthalt war sehr angenehm, ich habe sehr gute Fortschritte im mündlichen und auch in der Grammatik gemacht. Die Atmosphäre bei ILA ist sehr gut, alle sind sehr freundlich. Ich habe viele interesante Kursteilnehmer kennengelernt. Montpellier ist eine tolle Stadt. Ich empfehle einen Aufenthalt bei ILA in Montpellier sehr.»

Magdalena Miksovska (17 Jahre alt, Tschechische Republik)

«The organisation of ILA is very good and everybody is very friendly and welcoming. My teacher was excellent, my host family as well. I recommend ILA, my stay was great.»

Jung soo Yun (19 Jahre alt, Südkorea)

«J’ai vraiment aimé les cours, les gens chez ILA et les profs tellement gentils et bien. Le temps est passé trop vite, j’ai adoré mon séjour chez ILA à Montpellier. Je recommande ILA!»

Vanessa Stuber (21 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«J’ai passé 12 semaines chez ILA. J’étais très contente et je recommenderai cette école. Les profs sont vraiment très sympa, très competents. J’ai bien aimé aller aux cours et j’ai appris beaucoup, grâce aux profs excellents. J’étais aussi très content avec ma famille d’accueil, l’organisation et l’équipement d’ILA . Mon séjour était FORMIDABLE!!!»

Zofia Szczech (17 Jahre alt, Polen)

«ILA est bien organisé et les gens sont très sympa. Excellents profs. Pour moi ILA est la première école que j’ai visitée où les cours sont vraiment intéressants et utiles. Bravo. J’ai rencontré beaucoup de gens de pays differents, ILA est très international.»

Trisha Penn (21 Jahre alt, USA)

«Excellent service, great teacher and very nice host family. I really spent a great time. I will definately be back. ILA – highly recommended!!»

Stefanie Wynne (17 Jahre alt, Irland)

«My teacher was extremely good at explaining the French language. Classes were good and helpful. My accommodation was perfect, top drawer! Montpellier is a beautiful place, extremely enjoyable. I would definately go back again to ILA in Montpellier.»

Canan Gunasti (20 Jahre alt, Türkei)

«ILA school is excellent, very friendly. I liked my teachers, the course and my host family. All perfect. I recommend the school.»

Isabelle Baenninger (20 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«L’emplacement de l’école en plein centre ville est excellent. Les profs sont super ainsi que l’accueil chez ILA. Ma famille d’accueil était excellente, je suis très contente. J’ai beaucoup profité et j’aime bien Montpellier. Je recommande ILA.»

Claudia Wolffram (50 Jahre alt, Deutschland)

«Je suis COMPLETEMENT contente de cette école!!!»

Gergana Yancheva (27 Jahre alt, Bulgarien)

«Great city, great school, great atmosphere, excellent organisation. Classes were so well prepared and very useful. Both my teachers were perfect. My host family was very nice. Thank you for the excellent time.»

Arthur Marquis (62 Jahre alt, USA)

«ILA is the best school !!! My teacher was outstanding and the host family exceptionally good. I had an excellent time. I strongly recommend ILA to everybody.»

Annemette Isager Ahl (20 Jahre alt, Dänemark)

«GREAT STAY AT ILA!!! Nice student residence, inspiring teachers, great city and nice, young people. I really recommend ILA.»

Bellatrix Scott (16 Jahre alt, Australien)

«Fantastic teachers, excellent course, fantastic host family, great program. I enjoyed everything so much. I will be back!!!!»

Jana Soriano (61 Jahre alt, Tschechische Republik)

«All teacher I had were perfect and extremely motivated. All staff are extremely friendly and helpful. I will recommend the ILA school to all my friends and relatives. A big thank you to all at ILA.»

Raphaela Zimmermann (20 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Mon séjour chez ILA – c’était un moment inoubliable. Tout était parfait! Merci.»

Ruby Humphries (69 Jahre alt, Australien)

«I am very interested in history and for me Montpellier was a fascinating town. I enjoyed my French lessons at ILA very much and I had lots of practise with my host family, which was excellent. The course was very effective, but also a lot of fun. I definately made the right decision when I chose ILA Montpellier.»

Dafina Lekaj (18 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Tout était bien. Ma famille d’accueil était très, très sympa. Tous les profs sont excellents. Je recommande ILA.»

Katherine Scheidegger-Hall (26 Jahre alt, USA)

«Everything was just perfect! I strongly recommend ILA.»

Lucas Zambrano Blanco (26 Jahre alt, Kolumbien)

«Both teachers were exceptionel! Very interesting classes and excellent curriculum. My host family was perfect. I really felt at home at their place and also at the ILA school. I will never forget my stay. Thank you ILA.»

Nadine Gruetter (17 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Beide Lehrerinnen waren super, ich habe sehr viel gelernt. Der Unterricht ist sehr gut aufgebaut. Bei meiner Gastfamilie habe ich eine super Zeit verbracht. In der Schule wurde ich sehr herzlich empfangen und verbrachte eine schoene, abwechslungsreiche Zeit. Ich kann ILA auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen.»

Kathleen Veenhoven (49 Jahre alt, USA)

«The teachers were perfect. I loved my classes and the beautiful reception of me. My stay was thoroughly wonderful and positive. The host family was great, a perfect balance of interest/help and independence given. The school is open to the individality of each student, full of possibility for all to persue the language on their own pace. I highly recommend ILA.»

Anna Garliss (21 Jahre alt, USA)

«Reception at ILA was always very welcoming und the teachers were warm and relaxed, but very knowledgable. I studdied at ILA for 13 weeks, it was awesome!»

Jose Miguel Perez Alcazar (19 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«The ILA team is incredible, so friendly, so competent. I have learnt so much thanks to my 2 teachers. My host family was perfect. I have been in to many host families so far, but the ILA family was by far the best I had. An incredible welcome and a beautiful location. I made a lot of friends at school during my stay. I really recommend ILA! Merci to everybody.»

Daniela Brawand (22 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«Die Schule, die Lehrer das Freizeitangebot sind super! Montpellier ist eine sehr schöne Stadt. Ich empfehle einen Aufenthalt bei ILA sehr.»

Riet Delsard (50 Jahre alt, Belgien)

«L’organisation et l’accueil chez ILA est parfait, l’enseignement très, très bien. Ma famille d’accueil était sublime. C’était ma première fois, mais je reviendrai certainement!!»

Mercedes Banuelos (18 Jahre alt, Mexiko)

«I spent 8 months at ILA. All teachers were excellent and the whole ILA team is phantastic. I had the best host family I can imagine. So friendly and so lovely! My stay at ILA was an incredible experience, I strongly recommend ILA to everybody.»

Thomas Hernderson Weir (74 Jahre alt, Australien)

«La réceptionniste d’ILA est très gentille. Tous les enseignants avaient une grande capacité d’enseignement. J’ai bien aimé ma famille d’accueil, ils ont beaucoup d’expérience avec les étudiants étrangers. Tous les soirs au diner on parle en français avec beaucoup de sujets differents. Je reviens, c’est sur.»

Paul Johnstone (36 Jahre alt, England)

«My stay was just EXCELLENT! I really recommend ILA.»

Ipek Pirselimoglu (19 Jahre alt, Türkei)

«Mon séjour chez ILA était très très bien. J’ai passé 6 semaines ici et je voudrais bien rester plus longtemps! J’adore Montpellier et ILA. Je suis sur que je reviens.»

Anabel Canavate Gajete (29 Jahre alt, Spanien)

«Everything was great, my stay was FANTASTIQUE!»

Anette Nordmark (17 Jahre alt, Dänemark)

«I really liked the teachers and their kindness. I totally loved the whole stay and I will definately recommend ILA to others.»

Thomas William Fields (30 Jahre alt, USA)

«Everything was perfect. My teacher was wonderful, she made learning a difficult language, fun and interesting. My host family was excellent, the food was very good and always well prepared. My stay at ILA in Montpellier was a great experience. I leanrt more in two weeks time than a year of classes in the US. I also met many new friends from many different countries. I really recommend ILA.»

Alexandra Schaeren (20 Jahre alt, Schweiz)

«J’aimais bien les cours et j’ai beaucoup profité, mais aussi le temps libre était vraiment génial, la ville est magnifique et je pouvais rencontrer des gens très cool. J’ai appris beaucoup, c’est genial!»

Sue Tanon (55 Jahre alt, USA)

«ILA is really excellent! The equipment, the organisation and the sevice is perfect. The teachers were very motivated. Teaching was excellent! My host family was very welcoming and friendly. My whole language experience at ILA was perfect. I highly recommend ILA!»

Abi Hebbard (25 Jahre alt, England)

«ILA is in a smashing central location of Montpellier. The atmosphere is convivial and informal. The teachers are excellent, innovative and interesting. The free city tour was excellent as well. I had a wonderful host family, fine location, quite room, fabulous cooking. Caring, lovely people – and I used my French a lot. All parts of my stay were very positive. I would love to stay some more weeks!»

Kris Samsom (18 Jahre alt, Niederlande)

«I loved my French course, the excellent teacher at ILA, the student residence. All was great!»

Isabela Jaramillo (18 Jahre alt, Kolumbien)

«I stayed 5 months at ILA. The school is very well organised, the teachers are great and the courses are very interesting and efficient. My experience at ILA was genial, I love this school, their teacher and also the city of Montpellier. All was great – thanks ILA.»

Olga Egorova (26 Jahre alt, Russland)

«My stay was excellent. The ILA school is very well equipped, organisation is perfect and everybody is so friendly and helpful. My teacher was great. The student residence is very well situated and the reception is very friendly. I really recommend ILA.»

Anne Kristine Giltvedt (25 Jahre alt, Norwegen)

«Teaching at ILA is very professional. Classes were great. Both teachers I had were excellent. My host family was wonderful, very helpful. I had a great time at ILA and strongly recommend ILA.»

Sarah Bharath (37 Jahre alt, Trinidad und Tobago)

«I stayed 6 months at ILA. All aspects of the school are excellent – Equipment, Organisation, Services etc. All teachers were great, very dynamic and motivating. My stay was great, I learned so much French and also about daily life in France. Merci to ILA and all staff – I had a wonderful time!»

Laura Rios Giraldo (17 Jahre alt, Kolumbien)

«I stayed 6 months at ILA. I enjoyed all my teachers very much, they are very cultivated, they teach very well, the courses are very interesting and I learned a lot. My homestay was just excellent, a really nice family, I enjoyed so much staying with them. I was very happy at ILA from the first day, I improved my French every day, I learnt every day about French culture and civilization. ILA is an excellent school, I recommend to everybody!»

Caroline Seward (21 Jahre alt, Südafrika)

«My teacher was very patient and well prepared. I really enjoyed the lessons and I feel more comfortable in speaking now. I absolutely loved my host family, I felt very welcome at all times. I also loved the location of the school, just perfect. I am so glad I experienced ILA and Montpellier.»

Andrea Bojanic (16 Jahre alt, Serbien)

«C’était un séjour très agréable, j’ai envie de retourner à Montpellier pour un autre séjour chez ILA !!»