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8 keys to successful French learning with ILA

The learning of French is neither a mystery nor a miracle! With the right preparation together with an excellent teaching method, anyone can succeed in learning French. At ILA, our aim is to help you to achieve rapid progress in French learning by providing you with the necessary tools to succeed. We believe that French immersion is the best way to learn French quickly. Learning French with success depends on the combination of the following factors:


Variety of group levels

Our French language school attaches great importance in offering each and every one of our students the appropriate level of French language. The increased number of levels guarantees you a place in the right group to learn French, enhancing your rate of progression. We offer a minimum of six different levels (in accordance with the recommendations of CEFR) throughout the year. Most of the time, we run between eight to ten different levels at the same time for French immersion.

Should you find the level of your group to be either too advanced or too low or that your progression is faster or slower then your classmate’s, we can change you to a group better adapted to your needs.


Small class sizes

Our French classes are set as mini groups of no more than ten students maximum, the best size for French immersion. An essential condition to learn French well and to guarantee an active participation of all students. This also allows your teacher to provide friendly atmosphere, favouring both student interaction and assuring individual attention.


Lively, effective teaching through our communicative method

Practical and efficient, our teaching method aims to integrate both linguistic and cultural skills whilst at the same time developing students’ communicative capacities. We favour active oral expression and comprehension without neglecting written French. Our approach to learn French is based on a direct, interactive method centered on the student with the teacher taking on the role of coordinator.


Large range of activities and ressources

Our teachers perform role plays, simulation exercises and use a wide variety of authentic written, audio or video documents. They create a dynamic and stimulating learning rythm favourable to both concentration and motivation. You experience excellent French immersion.

All classrooms are equipped for multimedia activities. So you can practice listening skills especially from videos or up to date news documents.

We regularly organise activities which involve educational games designed specifically to develop language skills.

To learn French, our teachers use both our own teaching manuals, written and developed by the ILA teaching team, as well as the approved French as a foreign language textbooks.


Competent and enthusiastic teachers

Our teachers, caring to pursue your language objectives, are qualified and specialized in teaching French as a foreign language.

Their experience, energy and relationship skills along with our communicative method guarantee efficient teaching in a friendly and studious atmosphere.


Individual care – Tutoring

You can meet our educational advisor for a counselling appointment to accompany your learning outside of the classroom. For example she can help you formulate your needs and issues by establishing a work program for self-studies in order to achieve your goals, or select the appropriate tools and resources to your specific needs.

We recommend our long stay students to make regularly appointments with our educational advisor, especially at the time of changing level.



The success of your progress also goes through self-learning. We strongly encourage you to get involved outside the classroom in order to assimilate the knowledge learned in class and optimize your course.

Your teacher will give you daily homework (the equivalent of half an hour) to learn French outside classroom. These exercises, presentations, preparation or personal research will help you anchor the knowledge gained in class.

Furthermore we have internet rooms as well as a library where you can do activities independently from selected self-learning websites. Forty computers, notebooks and tablets are available.

You can also borrow novels, magazines and textbooks.

There is free wifi access everywhere in our premises so feel free to bring you laptop or touchpad tablet.


Regular evaluation set – Certification

Evaluation is an integral part of learning. Our teachers ensure you are regularly assessed and get you involved in this evaluation with tools such as the self-assessment grid of the CEFR.

Before your arrival you will take a knowledge test online in order to be placed in the appropriate group. Your test will be supplemented by an oral evaluation during the first course at school.

At the end of the week, the teacher will monitor student’s progress through class tests or quizz activities. So each student knows his strengths and weaknesses and can undertake learning French in semi- autonomy on his time off.

At the end of each cycle, each student is graded by the teacher or by the CEFR self-assessment grid to acknowledge his passage to the next level.

At the end of their stay, each student is given a certificate indicating the level achieved and attendance percentage.

Paulina D. (Mexico)

"I spent 6 months at ILA. The teachers are really excellent, always very well prepared and very motivated. They were the best teachers I ever had at a language school! Teaching was serious, but very relaxed. Lessons were a lot of fun as well and the atmosphere in class and at school is excellent. It is really great that class sizes at ILA are very small, so all students can profit very well and the ILA teachers really look well after each student in class. I progressed very quickly. ILA was the perfect place for me to study French."

Paulina D. (Mexico)