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ILA’s French language Course planner

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Today we would like to introduce you to our new French language Course Planner. Irina joined our French language school ILA at the end of last year after several years experience in the academic field. As Irina is a very dynamic and enthusiastic person, she has already found her place amongst our team and our French language students.

“Originally from Russia, I was born and grew up in Tver (city near Moscow) where I started to learn French.

After 3 years of university in Russia and 5 years learning the French language, mainly in French immersion programs, I arrived in Montpellier as an exchange student, and never left.

You will find all ideal conditions for your training in Montpellier, because it is young and dynamic.

Montpellier is a friendly town between sea and sun, where you can stroll around the downtown little streets.

Of course for me, accustomed to cold weather and temperatures below zero, it was a big change! I got used to the culture, customs and of course the French language! (it seems that I even have a slight southern French accent)!

When I arrived in France, I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly people who live here, by their openness and kindness.

5 years later, I got my master’s degree in international business at the IAE of Montpellier and decided to turn towards the linguistic field that I had always been attracted to.

I am a passionate about traveling, I like to discover the world and meet different cultures.

When I joined the French immersion school Institut Linguistique Adenet, I had a few years’ experience as an administrative and pedagogical assistant in a language training company.

My unusual path allowed me to live with both cultures, Russian and French, and speak both languages.

That’s why I really wanted to continue doing what I like by staying in a multilingual and multicultural environment

Today, my role at ILA French immersion school is to place you in an appropriate level class in which you will progress quickly, and in a class where you feel good. For those who want to pass a DELF / DALF exam, I’ll be your contact for all administrative matters. I will be available for you, to advise you.

ILA offered me the opportunity to integrate such a dynamic team, do the job that I love, and also be in contact with students from around the world! I am fulfilled!”