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Interview with Mariana (Colombia)

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Interview with Mariana (Colombia)

Summary of my French language immersion at ILA in Montpellier

My French language stay in France was an incredible experience. The French language courses at ILA in Montpellier were well organized – we had a lot of fun every day learning French and I improved my French language skills a lot. The common life during my language trip to Montpellier with other students at the ILA Residence was extremely entertaining and amusing – I met like-minded people learning French from all over the world. We were like a family. I have totally fallen in love with the city of Montpellier, its region and its wonderful beaches. I would always recommend Montpellier for a language stay in France. You will find everything you want in Montpellier, it never gets boring.

Now I speak three world languages and am ready to start my Business & Management studies next month in Bogota.

What do you think about your French language immersion program ILA?

The ILA French language school instructors are always very well prepared and really professional. Our French language courses always had a great mix between fun and learning French. I was surprised how well the teachers teach pupils from so many different foreign countries and how much they looked after each individual student. The class sizes of maximum 10 participants at the ILA French language school are perfect – you can exchange with your classmates and solve tasks together. The grammar was very well explained and taught very practice-oriented, so that I could implement the French learned at ILA into my everyday life.

How was your accommodation during your French language stay at ILA in Montpellier?

During my French language stay in France, I decided to live in a student residence – this was the best option for me since I really wanted to be independent. In the residence I had plenty of space for me, my room was great and I could study well during my French language immersion in Montpellier. I lived with people from all over the world in the ILA student residence, we had a great time together during our language stay in France – we cooked, learned, celebrated and went out together. We were like a small family; the unforgettable Fajita evenings or trips to the football stadium will be remembered forever.

Do you recommend Montpellier for a language immersion stay?

For me Montpellier is the very best city for French language immersion in France – I would immediately choose it again. Montpellier is not too big and you find your way around easily – at the same time you meet really open-minded and extremely friendly people, who made my everyday life so enjoyable. The leisure offer in Montpellier is immense – here you will never get bored. We have often met in the beautiful parks or went to the beach – the weather here in Montpellier is just great. Montpellier is very dynamic and lively University city. Montpellier is a city that never sleeps. Here in the south of France you are very centrally located to enjoy weekend excursion to many places in Europe.

Why do you learn French and what are your future plans?

I always wanted to speak a third language, in addition to Spanish and English. In Colombia there are definitely more possibilities for studying and working if you speak several languages. Learning French in France has always fascinated me since it is an incredibly charming, beautiful and at the same time important language. During my French immersion stay in France, I was able to learn French and at the same time to discover a new culture – it personally helped me to develop and I would always choose the ILA French language school and Montpellier again. Now I am definitely ready and absolutely motivated to start my Business & Management studies in Bogota at the beginning of next month.