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Learn French: language immersion in Montpellier, by Daniel (Spain)

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Learn French: language immersion in Montpellier, by Daniel (Spain)

You have all heard at least once of the beautiful city of Montpellier. It’s the perfect place to study French. Indeed, language courses are very popular in this city that is in constant evolution. Art, music and architecture are present everywhere throughout the streets, especially in the historic centre. For this reason, Montpellier has become one of the most popular destinations to learn French while enjoying the summer season.

Place de la Comédie, Montpellier

It is important to note that are many French schools in Montpellier, and that they all offer opportunities for accommodation either in a student residences or with host families in Montpellier. However, the most famous school in the city is ILA (Institut Linguistique Adenet). It enhances the quality of education, working with very good teachers, and its location in the city centre is ideal. It is located close to place de la Comedie, considered in Montpellier as the most famous meeting point of all. The advantage is the proximity for students as they are close to all amenities (shopping centres, shops, public transport etc.), and that is truly convenient!

During the course, students can participate and work on written production, oral production and also focus on vocabulary and grammar. Thus, learning French is not only a necessity but also becomes a pleasure. This way, clear improvement is noticed of its student’s French level through the language course ILA offers.

Salle Ecusson, ILA

Furthermore, ILA does not only offer French classes, it also organises a number of touristic and cultural events reinforcing the language immersion, and giving the opportunity to know the most important stories of the city of Montpellier and its surroundings.

Each week, ILA offers a wide range of activities and excursions that stimulate students’ curiosity and motivate them to meet new people, students as well as Montpellier inhabitants. Among the activities, there are tastings of traditional and regional cuisine (wines, cheeses and even tapas!), Workshops, language exchanges (which help to meet local people) and restaurant evenings. Regarding excursions, you can expect places like Nimes, Avignon, Uzes, the Pont du Gard, Aigues Mortes … all excursions include travelling out of town, and offer a guided tour of the best sights of each city (history, culture and customs).

This way, students are able to live a great experience, feeling comfortable with the French language. All in typically Montpellier style environment and atmosphere. The language course at ILA is really worth a try, no doubt!

Entertainment does not stop here, as there are many other opportunities for immersion in Montpellier’s cultural life outside of school. Learning French is important for students obviously, but must be completed with hobbies and fun activities. It is very common for foreign students and Montpellier inhabitants to hang around cafes, go to exhibitions, festivals during the summer, go to the beach, go out at night and have a party! The city of Montpellier is always festive wither it is day or night; it really is the ideal city for students to make the most of their language course. It is recommended to visit the Musée Fabre, best known for housing the work of Bazille, Montpellier painter, as well as Monet and other famous painters. At night, it’s nice to stroll around the streets of artistic areas of the city (St. Roch, St. Anne, Antigone …) and to spend some time in bars that enliven Montpellier nightlife.

In conclusion, Montpellier offers a perfect language immersion to study French in one of the best schools: ILA. This school provides the best methods to learn French while having fun in the city and its surroundings.

Daniel, Spain (ILA student)