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Moving to Montpellier to Learn French, by Eva (Canada)

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Moving to Montpellier to Learn French

How to move to a different country on your own and successfully learn a language

Leaving home to embark on a solo trip for a French immersion language stay in a new country is an exciting idea, but may also seem a little intimidating at first. From my experience staying and learning French in France at ILA the French language school, I can tell you it is one of the best most beneficial trips you can do for yourself, no matter what stage of life you’re in. In late June of 2018 I decided to take a summer vacation trip away from Canada after my first year of university to learn French in France. I wanted my trip to not just be a vacation but also beneficial, I wanted to learn something new. I made this decision by myself and I knew it would be an amazing experience to learn French and be completely submerged into the French culture to maximize my French learning. Deciding to travel to a new country by myself seemed a bit daunting, but once I searched and found the city of Montpellier and the options for summer French courses at ILA the French language school in Montpellier, I knew it was too good of an opportunity to let a little fear stop me.

I initially decided to visit France to improve my existing French (of which there was very little) and also to learn more. I choose the beautiful of Montpellier in the South of France. I knew I wanted to go to a French school in the heart of Montpellier that had a great reputation and after a quick search on google I came across ILA language institute. My stay was planned for three weeks in Montpellier; living in a student residence and taking the standard courses at ILA. I chose a student residence that is affiliated with ILA called L’observatiore student residence. My stay there was incredible, I met so many people in the residence who also went to ILA, as well as other students from France who are studying in Montpellier. It was amazing to have my own little studio in Montpellier in the city centre and be so close to the school. Living in a new city in your own place gives you a great sense of freedom especially since you are at arm’s length of all the amazing things to discovering in Montpellier during your language stay in France.

After three weeks of my language stay in France, I completely fell in love with the city of Montpellier. Even though I knew my three weeks was over, as soon as I got back home Toronto I was planning my next trip back to France. I had already learned so much in my first three weeks in Montpellier continue my French Immersion Education and also see if I could get a job in Montpellier so I could better support myself while I was in school. This time I didn’t have an end date. I planned to stay in Montpellier for as long as I could. My student residence and ILA the language school were both very accommodating to my schedule and my last-minute plans.

If you are worried about not meeting people in your school or not knowing what to do when you get to Montpellier, or maybe you are even nervous to take French classes. I assure you the nerves will go away as soon as you get there. The school and the language courses are amazing. The school helps you so much in discovering the city and getting settled in. Meeting people is also no problem at school, almost everyone else is in the same position at a new school, new city, new language and new people. Every person I have meet here is super friendly, the ages are diverse and so are the cultures. Since everyone is coming to learn French you will always have something in common.

Thanks to my amazing nine-month French immersion stay I’ve met and developed so many relationships during my time here with people I will never forget. Having friends from all over the world that I met here in Montpellier during my French immersion stay exposed me to so many new things and new places. Taking French language courses in France at ILA has been one of the best experiences I have had in nineteen years of life so far, these nine months learning French in France I have gone and have blown by so fast I wish I could stay another nine!

Eva, Canada (ILA student)