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Nightlife in Montpellier for French Language Students

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Nightlife in Montpellier for French Language Students

No matter where you come from or what age you are, I can assure you that while you are here in Montpellier for your French Language stay you will not just be studying French all night! But you will be speaking it with the locals as well! Montpellier is considered to be a student city, with all these students comes naturally a lively night life so while you are here for your French immersion language stay you must check out these places. You can find many cool, hip, calm, or crazy places to go after your daily French classes, for the night depending on your taste!

What to do and where to go for fun nights in Montpellier

One of the most popular places to go is Australian bar, this is a bar/club that all the students go to, especially on Mondays when the drinks are cheaper! This is a great place to go if you want to meet new people and have fun. It is a bit farther from the city centre so make sure if you go that you have a tram pass and check the schedule for the last tram home, or see if you can walk from there. A very important thing about this bar in particular is that you have your ID with you, it does not matter how old you look they will not let you enter without ID. Also, important to know is that you will have to check your coat and your bag if you bring one before you go in, so make sure you have enough money to get you through the night.

In the way of more of a club scene. In the centre of the old city there are two really popular clubs very close to the location of the school. Panama is a club with a Latin influence. This one is particularly popular because downstairs they play the latest hits which everyone knows and dances to, and upstairs they play more Latin music which is also super fun to dance to. If you are a smoker this may be the club for you because upstairs there is a smoker’s lounge. The other popular club that is a maximum of five minutes’ walk away from Panama is a club called Cargo, this is more of a hip, modern music and rap club. This club is for you if you love French Pop and rap music, but they also play other varieties of popular pop music. Right around the corner from Cargo is L’Antirouille which will be right up your alley if you like techno! Now I have never been there because I am not the biggest techno fan but from the people I know who have been there and love techno they say it is great and the crowds always lined up outside speak for themselves!

Another genre of nightlife in Montpellier more for the people like me, who like to chill, relax and talk amongst each other with a class or two of a less expensive drink are the restaurants, or like La Petite Nice which is an outdoors bar and one of my favorites to go to. These are my favorite types of places because they are everywhere in Montpellier’s center so you will have no difficulty finding one, and they stay open all seasons. When it is cold they still have their outdoor seating tents but they have heating lamps inside so they are nice and cozy, and in the summer, it is lovely to just relax in the warmth with a refreshing drink in your hand.

As you can see no matter what kind of person you are, what vibe you are looking for, after your successful day of learning French in you French classes here in Montpellier, when you just want to relax outside of your residence or host family or party with all of your classmates you meet during your French courses there are so many options available for you. Trust me when I say you will find what you are looking for and you will definitely make some good memories while you are here for your France language stay and when you go out in Montpellier!