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Noteworthy Places during your French Language Stay

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Noteworthy Places during your French Language Stay

Where to go and what to see while you are staying in Montpellier

Montpellier. A beautiful, culture rich city and the perfect location to live, stay, explore and learn French at a French language school while you’re at it! If you are coming here to Montpellier to do a French Immersion Language stay you might be wondering what are some of the things you can do while you are here for your French language stay and what of the most important things you should see while you are staying and learning French here in France!

The hub, the historic centre of Montpellier is not as large as you might think, but there are still many beautiful places with can see very close to each other. To start, my favourite street to walk, or to stop and have a café on is also the oldest road in Montpellier. It is called Rue de l’ancien courrier. I love this narrow beautiful stone street. There are many boutiques and other types of cute shops on this street that can keep you busy all day, plus a little break for a coffee at one of the cute coffee shops along the way! Another beautiful sight to see, most likely the first major place you will see in Montpellier is La Place de La Comedie. This Is seen as the true centre of Montpellier. Everyone gathers here and as it is always filled with people playing music, sitting, eating at one of the many outdoor restaurant spaces or just passing by and taking pictures. There is a beautiful fountain directly in the middle of the square as well as a lovely park lined by huge towering trees right behind it that are also places worth checking out.

If you go a little outside of the centre toward the neighbourhood Anitgone behind the mall called Polygone, you will find the River. The river is a beautiful place to go for a walk or a run if you are a little more active! Best of all during the night there are a couple of very popular bars/clubs right on the river’s edge that you should make sure to check out! If you are lucky enough to be in Montpellier when it is warm enough, this next noteworthy place is my most favourite place of all in Montpellier, The beach! All you need to do is take the tram line three from wherever you can in the direction of Perols-Etang and get off at the very last stop, then you walk a little bit, maybe get lucky enough to see some flamingos on the way, and finally you are at the beach! The beach is beautiful and so warm in the summer, with an amazingly refreshing Mediterranean ocean to cool off in after you tan in the sun!

If you are more of an outdoorsy person, there are also many parks and outdoor places that are equally as beautiful to the old buildings in the centre of Montpellier. Pic Saint Loup is one of Montpellier’s mountains. Although not a huge mountain, it is still an amazing hike with a beautiful view at the top as a reward for climbing all that way! There are also many things to do, like go to the zoo in Montpellier, see all the free open parks and nature, and even a beautiful lake not too far from the centre by tram as well.

I could not even come close to writing about all the options of places you can see in Montpellier during your French language stay but I am sure after your French courses, especially if you don’t have afternoon intensive or delf preparation courses you will find many people always doing a variety of different activities in Montpellier!