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Pizza in the Sun During my French Immersion Course in Montpellier

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Pizza in the Sun During my French Immersion Course in Montpellier

I am here learning French in Montpellier for a fairly long period; 5 months. There are a few other students at our French language school who are staying for similar or longer periods but the majority are staying in France for 1-2 months. So I do need to budget a little more strictly than some of my fellow students. I generally bring my own lunch to school but every now and then I hear about a good place to grab a bargain bite to eat and I treat myself. So when I heard from the other people studying French about a place where you could get a slice of pizza for a euro in the centre of Montpellier I thought it was time.

French Students on the Hunt For Cheap Pizza in Montpellier

After we had finished our morning lessons at the ILA French language centre a few of us gathered outside and headed off towards ‘La Crise Pizza’. We were being led by Rosa who is a Swedish girl doing the DELF French preparation course as well as the standard French immersion course. She’s very confident with her French language skills so she made a very strong leader, she said she’d eaten at this little pizzeria a couple of times before and was amazed at the value. The place was just a 5 minute walk from the school towards the ‘Musée Fabre’ and it was such a lovely little spot. The pizzeria itself is a corner building on the edge of a little square with a huge tree in the middle and lots of benches and space. The sky was completely blue and the sun was shining and it was another gorgeous day for the French students of Montpellier. On the opposite side of the square is ‘Notre Dame Des Tables’ which is a beautiful grand old building so the square is a lovely place to spend your lunch hour.

Practice Your French Skills by Ordering Some Pizza

We all queued up and started eyeing up all the choices. All the pizzas looked great, all huge with nice thin crispy bases and fresh toppings of all sorts. When I heard about a pizzeria where you could get a slice for one euro I was expecting a stingy portion but the French students in front of me were being served huge big slices of steaming hot pizza. I started to get quite excited for it and of course I like utilising what I’ve been learning on my French Immersion course when I buy food. The chap serving was very friendly and when I asked him what his recommendation would be he didn’t hesitate but just pointed to an olive and ham pizza he had just brought out of the oven. So he served it up to me, I paid my euro, wished him a good day and headed off to join the other members of my French language school.

Everyone was talking about how surprised they were to be able to get such good pizza for such a good price. It was a case where we were all wondering why we hadn’t been coming here from the start. A guy called Nico was in the group with us and he was telling us how he always treated himself to a slice here on the days where he had a full day at the language school. He was saying that although learning French in France is an absolute pleasure it is important to keep up your energy because you are working you mind a lot. So to stay on top form for his standard immersion lessons combined with his business French modules he enjoyed an extra slice of pepperoni.

Back in Time for Our French Immersion Lessons

So we all resolved to come here more often and headed back off to the French language school. We all felt ready for the afternoon lessons and we split off with Nico heading off to his Business French class, Rosa heading off to her DELF exam preparation and me to the library in the French Immersion Centre to write this. You can’t beat a good lunch to get you ready to take on the afternoon like a champion and stay strong while you’re learning French in France.