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The fantastic ILA parties – Spring break party

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The fantastic ILA parties - Spring break party

The motto of our French language school in Montpellier is learning French quickly and efficiently whilst having a lot of fun! We offer for your French immersion stay in France, in addition to a range of French courses in small groups, plenty of recreational activities, including excursions to the 6 UNESCO regional attractions, wine and cheese tasting, language exchange evenings with local students, city tours in Montpellier, social evenings with your teacher in a restaurant or in a wine bar and much more. A comprehensive program awaits you – when you learn French at ILA in Montpellier you never get bored!

However, the absolute highlights are our school parties, which we organize several times a year: Spring Break parties, White Dress parties, Catamaran Cruise parties, Halloween parties, etc.

Each time more than 100 ILA French students from 30 – 40 different countries take part. A fantastic opportunity for you to meet other ILA students and to have so much fun! You will not only learn French in Montpellier, but you will also enjoy yourself, and you will make many new friends from around the world.

Spring Break Party during your French immersion in Montpellier

Many participants prepare at our French language school in Montpellier for the DELF and DALF exams. Our DELF and DALF exam courses are very popular since they offer a perfect preparation for the tests.

Late last week, our exam candidates sat their exam. In order to celebrate this with all the other ILA French students, we organized, as every year, our Spring Break Party.

We all met at 7pm at our French language school to join a photo shooting, specifically geared to our newly certified DELF and DALF candidates. For sure you want to have souvenir photos of the other students with whom you have been preparing together for the exam, with whom you spent a great time in Montpellier and with whom you will now be celebrating. Let’s party now – all of you deserve it!

After the shooting we went for the “Australian Bar”, the most popular student bar and meeting place for all ILA French students in Montpellier. The weather was bright, lots of sunshine and blue sky – as almost always in Montpellier! Once there, there was a free drink for everyone and thanks to the ILA VIP bracelet all night long super cheap happy hour prices. We wish for all our French students to join us and celebrate with us, so the prices are very low. The delicious, giant paellas are, of course, already included in the price. A glass of rose wine or an ice cold beer, great music and an energetic atmosphere – well, the evening started in a perfect way. Our French students chatted a lot, made new friends, and took a toast with the DELF and DALF exam candidates on the successful completion of testing. Many participants travelled back home after the exam, so they exchanged their experiences in Montpellier with the new students, they celebrated their farewell, as others discussed already their plans for the next year to meet again on a French language course in Montpellier at ILA.

At around 10pm our dedicated French teachers opened the dance floor with a spontaneous table dance, which motivated all students to join in. They were dancing the whole evening, and everybody had a great time in this international atmosphere.

Where else can you celebrate a great party with your peers from over 30 countries? There were German and Swiss students, English, Irish and Scottish, Colombians, Koreans, Brazilians, Americans, Mexicans, participants from across Europe, Australian and so on, just a great mix of nationalities, as you find them in the French courses at ILA.

One finds during his French language course in Montpellier so many friends from around the world, it is just great! All of you have the same interests, you want to learn French and have fun together. We at ILA language school in Montpellier have this advertised as our goal; your stay will be a unique, an unforgettable experience. The entire ILA team works hard every day to make this come true.

By the way, we are already preparing the next big party for our students – our famous White Party. Last year 180 ILA students all dressed in white! But this is not the ultimate party – more to follow throughout the summer, such as our exciting catamaran cruise party in July! We hire a large catamaran for our French students, offering great food and drinks – and we party on the boat! Dancing at sunset overlooking the gorgeous beaches near Montpellier – what a cool event!

Watch all of our party videos, then you know how and with whom it is best celebrated in Montpellier. Come to learn French with us in Montpellier. Book a language immersion program at ILA in Montpellier and experience our parties locally! There are still some free places, book very soon for your language immersion program at ILA in Montpellier. Continue watching our blog – we will soon post the next video of our gigantic parties!

Your ILA team