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Learning French

Taking Delf Exam Language Courses in Montpellier

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Taking Delf Exam Language Courses in Montpellier

How to prepare, my experience and how to do well in the delf course

Whether you are here in Montpellier for a French immersion course and you decide to take the delf exam courses just for you or it is mandatory for some aspect in your life, it is a really amazing leaning experience to do and to achieve this while you are here to learn French but to also great certificate to show how much you have accomplished while staying and learning here in Montpellier for your language stay here with ILA French language school in Montpellier.

Going into the Delf exam preparation courses I did not really know what to expect, and maybe I over shot a little with the B2 exam since I am technically only level B1 but I think since I did try for a higher level it forced me to work even harder. It is a challenging class with some of the activities but honestly it becomes a lot easier once you get the hang of it. I do not think I would have the vocabulary and the speaking skills I have today if I did not do the delf preparation class. The classes really help with training your ear to listen to French, with writing formerly and informally properly and how to speak formally and to properly express yourself. Even though this class was to prepare specifically for an exam I learned a lot of French culture and other cultures of the people in my class as well. For many activities you discuss worldly topics, or topics specific to France and this gives you a chance to express your opinion on the matter and also hear from others, their perspectives and what they think.

To prepare for this class, and also to keep up with what you learn I highly suggest taking notes of every vocab word you do not know and teach it to yourself or, do online quizzes to keep adding new words to your list. Having a strong vocab is one of the most critical aspects of doing well in class and on the exam, itself. Alongside vocabulary comes understanding and listening for the vocabulary when spoken orally, to help with this you should also watch movies, series or listen to videos in French that you already know a little bit about in the beginning to get yourself familiarized with understanding everything they are saying. Slowly work towards listening to French radio broadcasts or original French videos or movies that are a little bit more challenging. Another very important thing you can do yourself to improve and build vocabulary that teachers always recommend to do is to read more, and make sure you understand everything, keep adding to your vocabulary list. Read local French newspapers, French magazines or books. All these things will get you in the habit of using French daily.

Lastly, the preparation class is another crucial part of passing the delf. Some people who do not take the delf as seriously as they should do not take the class as seriously as they should; this is one hundred percent the wrong approach to passing this exam. The class is very important, and to participate as often as you can be even more important. In morning class, you may talk and do activities but in delf class there will be talking monologues to prepare you for your real solo monologue during the exam in front of a jury. I assure you doing a monologue in front of your teacher and your classmates is way easier than in front of a jury. Volunteer to do these monologues as often as possible, this is the best way to get comfortable speaking for five or more minutes on your own.

These are just a few and some of the most common, important things you should for your delf exam while you are here during your French language stay but depending on how you learn you can also come up with many more and ones that suite your learning style best. All in all, I hope if you are starting your delf exam courses during you French stay here I Montpellier, you will now have a little insight on how you can do your best and be best prepared to do well in your delf courses and ace your delf exam!