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DELF / DALF Exam Courses and University Preparation in Montpellier
DELF / DALF / University

DELF B1/B2 or DALF C1 Exam Preparation Course in France

Prepare during French language immersion stays the DELF or DALF exam in Montpellier. Join our French language school for a unique experience!

Our French school in France offers a DELF exam preparation course (French language diploma) and a DALF exam preparation course (advanced French language diploma) for teens. The diplomas that make up the DELF and the DALF are completely independent from one another. Thus, the candidate, depending on his level, can register directly for the exam of his choice. Our French courses for the DELF and DALF exams consist of the standard French course combined with specializes exam preparation courses. These French courses guarantee you will both improve your language and cultural skills thanks to our French language immersion programs. You will receive support the whole way through your French course for juniors and benefit from French training to practice for all parts of the exam you wish to sit during your French language stay at our French immersion school in France. ILA trains around 150 students per year for the B1, B2, C1 exams. The success rate was 95% last year.

  • Course start Please contact us
  • Number of students 5 - 8 (max. 10)
  • Number of lessons 20 + 10
  • Minutes per lesson 45
  • Duration 4 - 6 weeks
  • Levels All levels
  • Level test Yes, online
  • Timetable 09:00 - 12:15*
    and 3 afternoons 13:15 - 16:00
  • Ages 16 +
FLE Certification Quality Label FLE

We guarantee high quality teaching and services that are officially recognized by the quality label "Français Langue étrangère".

Course description

The DELF / DALF exam preparation course for teenagers gives you the chance to practice intensively for all parts of the DELF and DALF exams. It complements everything you learn during the standard French course by giving you tips and techniques for methods needed to sit the exam. The standard French course provides the foundations for improving your general French, for example, grammar, lexical skills and phonetics. You also get to familiarize yourself with French culture and civilization. French language immersion helps you to progress and gives you the confidence you need to speak.

The standard French course is organized around the 4 skills recommended by the CEFRL (Common European Framework of reference for languages): writing and speaking as well as reading and listening comprehension. During the DELF / DALF exam preparation courses for teens, you will be able to evaluate your own level and prepare effectively for the exam. You will be guided by a qualified teacher who will be able to advise you and help you practice as much as possible. There is a right balance between method and practice.

To practice for the DELF and DALF exam, even after school at home, our French school in Montpellier uses specialized manuals with exercises and corrections to help you prepare for the DELF / DALF exams. You will sit 2 mock exams so as to put yourself in real exam conditions; one will be at the beginning and the other at the end of the French course so that you will be able to see the progress you have made. If you still have doubts, our French school in Montpellier offers you free personal tutoring supervised by a specialized teacher who will be able to answer all of your questions.

*In high season the timetable can change

Course duration

The complete course lasts 6 weeks.
If you can do only 4 or 5 weeks, please bear in mind that self learning will be necessary.

Course and exam dates

from 05 february to 15 march*   27 february 27 february from 14 to 19 march
from 15 april to 24 may*   02 may 02 may from 23 to 28 may
from 29 april to 07 june*   21 may 30 april from 06 to 12 june
from 27 may to 05 july 01 june 01 june 01 june from 04 to 10 july
from 15 july to 23 august*   05 july 05 july from 22 to 27 august
from 26 august to 04 october*   28 august 28 august from 03 to 09 october
from 28 october to 06 december 31 october 15 november 15 november from 05 to 11 december

* B2 C1 only

Who this French course is for

This DELF/DALF exam preparation course for teenagers is dedicated to students who wish to validate what they have learnt in French either for personal or professional reasons and who need to follow a course so as to prepare themselves for sitting the exam.

These diplomas from A1 to C2 are valid for life and are recognized on an international level. Our French immersion school in France offers group classes for exam preparation for the DELF B1 and B2 as well as for the DALF C1. French Private training is available for preparing students who have other levels in French. These training courses are independent of one another which means you can choose to sit the exam that you feel suits you best:

o DELF B1/B2 (independent): you are able to cope with most everyday situations in real life in which you have to communicate. You are able to treat various subjects using written as well as oral skills.
o DALF C1 (advanced): you have a very good level in French with the ability to talk about specific and specialized subjects easily and naturally.

To increase your chances of succeeding, we strongly advise you to follow the intensive French course before doing any exam preparation. In this way, you will get the chance to revise all the grammatical, lexical and phonetic skills you need as well as adding to your knowledge of French culture. Moreover, when you learn French in France in complete immersion, you are put at an advantage for French classes because you are exposed to the media and information on television, in the newspapers and on the radio on a daily basis. You will get to learn and practice your French every day without even realizing it.

The benefits of this French course

During the DELF/DALF preparation course for teenagers at our French immersion school in Montpellier, you will practice effectively and intensively for all parts of the exam. This residential French course will help you to:

  • revise your overall knowledge of the French language
  • get to know the methods used during the different parts of the exams
  • learn during French language immersion in France to speak and write properly
  • learn to recognize specific melodies in French and know how to use them
  • work on your own or with other students of our French language school

ILA advantages !

• Only Montpellier school accredited by IALC and EAQUALS
• First class French classes, small groups, top motivated teachers
• Excellent nationality mix: Students from 80 countries
• Wonderful premises in Montpellier's historic center
• Enjoy exciting activities, make friends from all over the world

Accommodation in Montpellier with ILA

ILA offers you high quality accommodations for French language immersion programs in Montpellier, South of France! Please choose your accommodation!


Our French language school in Montpellier provides you with excellent, carefully selected host families for your French language course in France!
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Price from 150 € / week

Student residence

Meet many people from around the world during French language immersion stays in France. Learn French and enjoy our comfortable student residences!
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Our French language school in Montpellier offers this quality accommodation for your residential French language course in Montpellier. Enjoy learning French!
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Room at the University Campus

Our French language school in Montpellier offers this independent, budget accommodation for residential French language immersion stays in France.
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Our Testimonials

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All people at ILA are very kind and very helpful from the day you arrive.…

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Very good teachers, I just love Montpellier and ILA. The DELF preparation course was excellent.…

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Social activities and excursions

We want to make your French language stay in Montpellier an unforgettable experience. We therefore offer every week a numerous wonderful cultural and fun activities as well as fantastic excursions.