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French pastry class

French Pastry Class

Taste wonderful French pastry during your French language stay in Montpellier. Our French school in France makes you taste wonderful cakes!

Macarons, Saint-Honoré, Paris-Brest, religieuses… Here are few names that are not translatable! They are names of cakes that delight people across the world, heirs of a multi-centenary expertise, restyled by talented French Pastry Chefs. Enjoy during French language immersion stays at our French School in Montpellier our French pastry class. They last an hour and a half and you will have a wonderful time. You will have the pleasure to discover the origins and the history of these classic French pastries, macaroon, lemon tarts or the Opéra. Or try the Royal, which will delight chocolate lovers, and you will not lose a crumb of it!

Contests, books, TV shows, pastry is everywhere in France, you will obviously come across it during your linguistic stay in the South of France. It is a real fashion phenomenon, and thanks to its French pastry workshop, our French language school in Montpellier offers you the opportunity to discover the most typical pastries in France.

The patisserie is an important part of the French culture, come to Montpellier to immerse you during your language stay in the French cake world.

Thanks to a slideshow, you will immerse in the gourmet world of the most famous pâtisseries in France, we will start with the classic pastries such as the Royal and the lemon tart; we will then present those with “weird” names such as the delicious Baba au rhum and the Pet-de-Nonne. We will continue our discovery with pastries that have amusing origins such as the Charlotte or the Puit d’amour (Well of love) and finally we will see those that have an unusual shape or presentation, such as the millefeuille and the lunettes de Romans.

Afterwards the teacher will introduce you to the greatest famous French patisserie chefs known throughout France, and over the world as well. Some like Gaston Lenôtre, Dalloyau, Fauchon or Pierre Hermé to name but a few, have companies throughout the world; their creations represent French elegance and luxury. Others like Christophe Michalak and Philippe Conticini are very present through media; they intervene in various television programs about pastry, to transmit their knowledge.

After a journey through French culture and French pastries, you will get into action by tasting several pastries made small as delicacies: you will start with the Macaroon, then the Opera, the Eclair, the famous Tarte Tatin and to finish the delicious Mendiant, what a delight! You will spend together with other cake lovers of our French language school a wonderful afternoon; this is a special moment during your French language immersion stay in Montpellier. Enjoy French culture during language stays in Montpellier at its best!

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