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Our team

The administrative team of our French language school in Montpellier

Our multilingual team welcomes you warmly for your French language stay at our French immersion school in France. Enjoy French courses in Montpellier!

ILA French language school in Montpellier is run by dedicated and qualified professionals who have many years’ experience in the various aspects of managing language training operations. We all speak several languages and are always ready to help you with your queries during your French language stay with us.

Claudia Adenet

Co-founder and Co-director

Claudia Adenet“Originally from Martinique, a French Overseas Department, I went to Paris after my Bachelor to pursue my studies. After graduating from a business school IFG (French Institute of Management), I decided to improve my training with the learning of foreign languages in Europe. My path led me to work and take courses in several language schools in London and Hamburg. After these experiences, I returned to France after 5 years, and I moved to Montpellier which I literally fell in love with. Stefan Kaven, my associate, and I created ILA French language school in 1998 and are since consistently committed to a quality approach, and ensuring the quality of our customer service. I deal with the educational and financial centres of our French language school in Montpellier, putting in place the various educational projects in coordination with our educational manager, as well as various issues of accreditation. Because of my personal experience of learning English and German, I know well the needs and expectations of learners in studying abroad and I put every effort in to make your stay a memorable experience at ILA …”

Stefan Kaven

Co-founder and Co-director

Stefan Kaven“I was born and grew up in Hamburg, Germany. I studied Business Administration and hold an MBA from Hamburg University. Afterwards I spent one year in Wellington/New Zealand and London studying English before returning to Hamburg to start a career at Europe’s biggest publishing house. A couple of years later I joined the London branch where I worked for another 3 years. Always having enjoyed languages and travel and after having read the full collection of Peter Mayle books 🙂 , I decided to settle down in the South of France to set up in 1998 with my associate Claudia the Institut Linguistique Adenet. My roles are service client satisfaction, marketing, developing our sales network via specialized agencies, developing ideas and strategies for sales via the internet. I look over the sales, booking and accommodation departments. I make sure ILA’s development goes along with highest quality of services. Therefore I regularly meet language schools from all over the world via our professionnal groups to share experience and make the best and latest development available for our French language school in France. I love travelling, having visited so far more than 70 countries worldwide – at my student time with a backpack to discover remote islands of Fidji or to climb the Hibok Hibok vulcano in the Phillipines, nowadays for ILA on business to Moscow, Tokyo or Sao Paulo. I am a wine lover, so being in one of the biggest wine regions with excellent wines at reasonable prices is just a delight. I assure you get all the information necessary about our school from your travel agency or online from our website. I guarantee you meet students from many, many different countries at our school (80 different nationalities last year!) and make sure you stay with us will be both profitable and pleasant.”


Executive and educational Director

Stéphanie“Passionate about travel, my studies were naturally oriented towards tourism. Though I am native from the Savoie mountains, I could not resist the urge to spend a few years under the tropical sun! After this experience, my wish was to come settle in Montpellier to enjoy the diversity of our beautiful region. It is at ILA French language immersion school that I discovered the careers of FLE over 10 years ago… From management to recruiting the teaching and administrative staff, through the administration of the Institute and course planning… everything is done upstream to make you have a pleasant stay! “


Client executive and booking officer

Sophie“Originally from London in the UK, I arrived in France at the age of 6. I moved to Montpellier at the age of 14 years, where I eventually got my degree in tourism and public relationships. After a time in Andalusia and three years in the Alps, I returned to Montpellier simply because I love it here! I will be the first to convince you that the Mediterranean spirit, young, warm and cultural Montpellier will seduce you ! Having a solid experience in customer care, I joined ILA French language school in Montpellier in 2010. I will be your first contact for any questions, and will advise you according to your wishes and needs regarding accommodation, courses, leisure and life in Montpellier. I’ll take care of your registration and will remain available for you on spot; my goal being that you book the stay that fits you best.”


Head of teachers

Mélanie“With a Master’s degree in Education sciences and a Master in Consulting and Training, I went to Alliance Française in Arequipa, Peru, after my studies to teach. Back in France, I taught FLE in several schools in Montpellier and I had the opportunity to progress at ILA French language immersion school where I have been since 2004. Passionate before all about teaching, I am interested in the different approaches, and find myself at my best in active and fun methods that give life to the learning process. But my desire to teach is soon caught up by the will to train and advise in order to share experiences… Curious and creative … I take as much pleasure teaching in classrooms than in sharing ideas with other teachers as this allows new ideas to point the tip of their nose ! Educational consultant, I recruits and support educators, insuring they respect and follow our educational, and I am available to answer their questions. Pedagogical creations respond to my constant need to learn new things and developing programs that are organized and neat.”


Studies Coordinator

Irina“Originally from Russia, I was born and grew up in Tver (city near Moscow) where I started to learn French. After 3 years of university in Russia and 5 years learning the French language, I arrived in Montpellier as an exchange student, and never left. Of course for me, accustomed to cold weather and temperatures below zero, it was a big change! I got used to the culture, customs and of course the French language! (it seems that I even have a slight southern French accent)! 5 years later, I got my master’s degree in international business at the IAE of Montpellier and decided to turn towards the linguistic field that I had always been attracted to. I am a passionate about travelling, I like to discover the world and meet different cultures. Today, my role at ILA French language school is to place you in an appropriate level class in which you will progress quickly, and in a class where you feel good. For those who want to pass a DELF / DALF exam, I’ll be your contact for all administrative matters. I will be available for you, to advise you.“


Executive Welfare Officer

Pauline“Having a true passion for languages, I decided to move to Australia when I was 19 for one year of immersion in a language school, with a host family, it was an amazing experience for me so it was more than natural for me after this to turn towards tourism studies in Nîmes then Tarbes, where I graduated in 2011. Alpine winter, the southern summer, I lived with the seasons for two years before joining ILA French language immersion school in Montpellier in 2013. I am always here, available to listen to you, guide you, answer any of your questions and make your stay here unforgettable.”


Booking / Welfare Officer

Jessica“Being bi-cultural, having Spanish and French blood, I have a particular interest in foreign languages and cultures. I love to travel and to meet people. I love cooking, music, sea and sun. This is why the city of Montpellier is ideal to me! Thanks to my unusual path, I had the opportunity to do an internship in Canada, to participate in the Erasmus program in Spain (Seville), and finally studying and working on an American campus in Louisiana (LSU). I finally ended my studies here in Montpellier with a Master’s degree in Translation (English-Spanish). Today member of the ILA French immersion school team, I organize your arrival upstream. I work in collaboration with Sophie, reservations manager. I prepare all documents for visa applications. During your stay, I will also be at the reception to welcome you and I will be here for you, if you have any special requests.”


Accommodation officer for host family stays

Olivia“Full of energy, I practiced swimming for 15 years and head towards studies in sports. After various trips abroad, I increasingly became attracted to languages (English and Spanish). Originally from Paris, I came to live in the south in seek of sun, and joined ILA French language school in 2012 as the accommodation manager. I make sure you find the ideal family home, one in which you will have a memorable stay in peace of mind.”


Accounts manager

Ada“After studying at the faculty of Montpellier and my accounting training, I settled in Montpellier where I have now been for over 30 years, because I love the weather here and being close to the sea. I worked for accountings in different companies until I joined ILA French language school in 2015 as an accounting assistant. Although my job leads me to immerse in numbers all day long, I have always been attracted to languages and language training. Which is why I started to learn English, Spanish, Russian and modern Hebreu in secondary school.”


IT manager, web developer and database

Stéphane“I’m one of the few team members to be born in Montpellier, where I trained as a web developer and database engineer. After a few years of experience in a web development company, I was hired at ILA French immersion school in Montpellier in 2005 where I occupy the position of IT manager. My role includes managing IT assets, taking care of the maintenance on our intranet, our management tools that I designed, and managing the various websites of the company, and the computerized equipment at school.”

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