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White dress party

White Dress Party

Enjoy during your French language stay in France the best party in Montpellier organized by our French language school! Learn French in France and have fun!

Staying in Montpellier in the south of France to learn French at our French language immersion school is one of the best decisions you will ever make! Enrolling onto a residential French language course at our French school in Montpellier is the best way to have fun as you immerse yourself in the French language because you will take part in lots of different activities.

Our French language school organises all sorts of excursions and cultural activities for our students and you really shouldn’t miss the theme parties! Our famous « White party » is an example of one of them; it takes place every year in Montpellier during the month of June. The idea is to stay up and celebrate the arrival of summer with your friends made at our French language school in Montpellier.

The elegant and prestigious White dress party will leave you with wonderful memories of your French language stay in Montpellier. Do not miss this unique party when learning French at our French language school in France.

This White dress party is one of our French language school’s legendary evening parties and you just have to be there! Every year just before Summer, we organise a big party for all our students so they can get together and have a bit of fun before some students leave and others arrive! It is a great opportunity for students from all countries and of all ages to get together and have a laugh. There is one golden rule: wear white for a dazzling and radiant party. Make sure you are in an excellent mood so that you can really have lots of fun and light up the dance floor!



Everyone meets up outside the school dressed up in white and sets off together to the party. On our way there we stop outside the opera or on the banks of the Lez for a big group photo and videos, this is so that you have a souvenir of your language stay in France to take home with you!

The party takes place at the Australian bar, a trendy place in Montpellier where people go for a nice homemade paella and cocktails that are prepared in front of you before dancing on into the early hours of the morning! As soon as we arrive, the DJ will show you just how we have fun here in the South of France, dancing to wild music, reggae ton, pop-rock, electro; there will be music to suit everyone! This party really is a must during your French language immersion stay in France and you will be left with loads of magical memories to treasure forever!

Not only do you learn French during your language immersion in Montpellier, but you also have the chance to  get to experience French culture and particularly the southern French festive atmosphere.

Make sure you sign up for the different parties that are organised by our French language school so that you can really enjoy your French language stay with us!

Learn French in France, make a lot of new friends from around the world and enjoy yourself  – this is what a language stay at our French language school is about.

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