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A Guide to Lunch during your French Immersion Stay in Montpellier

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A Guide to Lunch during your French Immersion Stay in Montpellier

La Pause Gourmande

The easiest option for lunch after your French classes is La Pause Gourmande, given that it is right next door to the main ILA French language school building. The paninis and sandwiches here are massive, so it’s a good option if your stomach has been rumbling all through your French courses like mine normally does. At the break in between French classes, lots of students grab pain au chocolats from here, and there’s also a crepe stand out front which is pretty popular too.

Au Rythme du Pain

Montpellier has no shortage of boulangeries, but this one is a personal favourite. It’s further from the language school so it’s best to go at the weekend, or if you have an afternoon without French classes. I don’t know what they put in the olive bread here, but it is amazing. The bakery is also quite close to the Jardin de Plantes, so I would really recommend grabbing some bread or pastries and heading there for a picnic on a sunny day.

Paul’s (Polygone)

Paul’s isn’t an independent bakery, but they make really good sandwiches. It’s just in the shopping centre, Polygone, so if you’re in the centre and looking for lunch on the go, it’s a great option. There are a lot of different tomato and mozzarella sandwiches going around in Montpellier, but the one here on olive bread is the best one I’ve tasted (as you can guess, I have a bit of a thing for olive bread).


This is nicknamed ‘the cute bakery’ by students at ILA French language school. And, you can see why – there are rows and rows of intricate pastries, and of course, lots and lots of bread. They do a brie and walnut baguette which is amazing and indulgent. There’s also pizza à la française which is great for a cheap lunch, without having to walk very far from the language school.

Les Délices de Liban

Tucked away behind Place de la Comédie, there is this small kebab place. It’s quite hidden and it doesn’t look like much, but that just means that the prices are actually very reasonable (especially for Montpellier). The falafel wrap is delicious, and reminds me of the UK where a kebab van is a classic post-night out stop. I can’t pretend this is traditional French cuisine, but I would definitely recommend during your French immersion stay anyway.

Green Lab

There are two Green Lab restaurants in Montpellier, both offering falafels, salad bowls, pitta bread, and much more. It’s a good place to go if you want to have a proper, sit down lunch, but also not spend too much money. Everything is vegetarian or vegan, which can be rare for a restaurant in France! This also makes it very popular with French students – indeed, one of the restaurants is just on Rue de l’Université, a very studenty part of the city, so perfect for lunch after exploring the vintage shops and cool boutiques in this area.

Des Rêves du pain

And, saving the best (boulangerie) till last, Des Reves et du Pain actually won an award for being one of the best bakeries in France. What sets it apart is the range of different breads, often experimental, cooked in an oven which is over 200 years old. There is usually a long queue of French people outside, a sure sign that it’s a quality bakery. Some of its breads are also named after nearby landmarks, so be sure to try the ‘Peyrou’ or the ‘Saint-Anne’ for a true Montpellier experience during your French immersion stay.