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Learning French

Too Shy To Speak French? This Is What You Are Missing Out By Not Speaking A Foreign Language

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Learn French, or any foreign language in general, is an act of communication that passes necessarily through the act of speaking. For many of you, speaking another language will seem like a superhuman effort, because it will require you leaving the comfort of your native language. Shyness, fear of ridicule, the worry of not finding the words that translate exactly your thoughts or the fear someone may make fun of your accent, are as many excuses for you to not enrol in a language course. It's a shame, because you are missing out on extraordinary experiences you can live by enrolling in a language school in France.

Read this article to find out why it's good to learn French. Speaking French will open doors to new horizons ...

Too Shy To Speak French? This Is What You Are Missing Out By Not Speaking A Foreign Language

Why Should I Speak French?

At a time of globalization and development of new technologies, the world has become one large village, full of opportunities, and speaking several languages is therefore essential to seize all the opportunities you can. Why not start by learning French?

1 – To Speak French will help you in your professional career

Indeed, French is an official language of the United Nations and of the European Community. It is the only language spoken on five continents. If you speak French, you will become an asset to your business: one will call you to negotiate international agreements and you’ll soon become essential to your employers.

Moreover, intercultural aspects are very important in international relationships, thanks to your French immersion you will have had in a French language school in France, you will be more sensitive to cultural differences and customers will appreciate this.

2 – Speaking a foreign language will help you understanding better the world around you

So, to learn French will help you understanding better the French culture and French people. You will understand better any events happening in French society, such as strikes, education, politics etc. You can go see films in their original version and read books by French authors and thus perceive the subtlety of language as idioms, humour, sarcasm or irony. Learning French will give you access to the world of gastronomy, arts, fashion. So, nothing better than taking French classes in a school in France because it is a good opportunity to mix the business with pleasure! And it’s also easier to speak French and to quickly apply what you have learned in class.

3 – Speak French will allow you to travel in France in better conditions

Many tourists do not know the language of the country they visit, and this does not bother them. Ordering in a restaurant, buying souvenirs without speaking the language is possible, but you’ll miss out on so many rewarding experiences! Because visiting a country is not only about the sights it is also about the culture, meeting natives. Speak French, so to meet the French!

When you travel to France, local people appreciate that you speak their language. They are much more open and they will tell you to see places you will not find in any guide, and indicate authentic restaurants much cheaper than those filled with tourists. They will talk to you more easily about their culture, their traditions.

4 – Talking French, to debate

If you speak French, it will allow you to talk in a language that is associated with the art of debate, thanks to the thoughts of great philosophers of the Enlightenment era. By learning French, you learn how to argue, how to present different points of view and will develop critical thinking. More than just learning French, it is the discovery of a way of thinking. The language courses will give you tips and tricks to speak French well and step into conversations in various situations.

5 – If you speak French, it will help you expand your circle of acquaintances

New technologies allow humans to get in touch in a much easier way, and with the French language you will be able to get in touch with French speakers, discuss your respective cultures, and create friendships for life. In addition, the use of a foreign language can transform your relationships with others. When you speak several languages, you become more open to differences and therefore more tolerant.

Speaking French will open your perspectives, and change as a person. Extraordinary meetings you will make, with very different people form you, will enrich you for life. This opening will perfect your communication and improve your personal and professional life.

Once you have taken the plunge, your life will never be the same. Nelson Mandela once said: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head. If you talk to man in his own language, it goes straight to his heart”. So stop looking for excuses, and don’t miss out on unforgettable experiences, cultural exchanges, enriching human exchanges, get started, learn French and speak it.