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French Immersion Coursework at French Coffee Café in the Centre of Montpellier

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French Immersion Coursework at French Coffee Café in the Centre of Montpellier

Today I am continuing my exploration of the cafés of Montpellier. I have a bit of back up of work from this weeks French immersion lessons so I’ve decided to park up somewhere and get cracking. I love walking into my French language school on Monday morning feeling prepared and ahead of the game, I feel like it has a big impact on my whole week. I’ve chosen the French Coffee as my office for the day and I thought I’d give you a little review of the place. It’s so close to the French school residence that you can just pop in on your way to you language classes in Montpellier and enjoy the nice atmosphere. As I have said in previous articles this always gives my productivity a boost and has been a big help while I have been learning French in France.

Like I said this café is in such an ideal location. If you are with a French host family somewhere to the east of the Montpellier it might not be as easy as it is a couple minutes past the school. I’m definitely not one for extending my morning commute, I have my walk to the French school timed exactly so I can scrape every last bit of sleep before starting my French classes. That what makes this café so perfect if you’re staying at the official language school residence. It’s a lovely walk in the morning. Past the ‘Promenade du Peyrou’ and the ‘Arc de Triomphe’ and down the hill and then left by …

Then about 50 metres up the road it’s on the left. Easy! They have lots of outside seating so if it’s a gorgeous day which is fairly common in the south of France. Inside the decor is very inviting, lots of country chairs and hard wood floors and pictures of cakes and muffins on the wall. It has a comfy cabin feel to it which I really like and right now there are loads of festive decorations.

I was greeted by Nickola the manager who was very interested in where I was from but couldn’t guess based on my accent which is always encouraging. He fixed me up a double espresso; I was still a little sleepy and not feeling much vigour. The clients were a broad mix, there were some couples and a group of friends and a few people working alone which is always good for my motivation. The Sunday grinders.

They had the classic drinks available but alongside that was an impressive selection of speciality coffees. There were all sorts available with all the spices and ingredients listed and they sounded pretty delicious. Perfect for getting you in the mood for a good day my French Immersion School in Montpellier. They also had a small but nice selection of cakes, cookies and muffins but if you want something more substantial they do a breakfast and drink combination for 9 euros which is bad. Most of the speciality coffees were 4 euros anyway so it is not that much more for the breakfast and it did look good.

I sunk my double espresso pretty fast and was still in the mood for something hot to drink. I went for a tea so I didn’t start getting the caffeine shakes and Nikola very kindly recommended a Chinese blend with peach and apricot flavours. It was delicious and I got situated right by the window so I could people watch, I like to try and guess what the people are doing here. Are they natives? Are they learning French in Montpellier like me? I really recommend this café, its location is so great for when I’m on my way to my French language school and the staff is really friendly and happy to help me practice my French. I guess that’s why they call it an immersion experience.