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French Language Week

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Too Shy To Speak French? This Is What You Are Missing Out By Not Speaking A Foreign Language

On the occasion the French language week, we would like to introduce you to Karen from Venezuela. Karen studied 6 months at ILA French language immersion school and explains in this video why she chose to learn French in France.

“I have studied French at ILA French language immersion school in Montpellier for five months now. It is a real pleasure to learn French ! French is such a beautiful language !

 I chose to learn French in France because it is the most widely learned foreign language after English and the ninth most spoken language in the world.(1) I looked for a French language school where I can study not only the grammar basics, but also a French immersion school that offers social activities to understand the French culture, mentalities and the authentic French way of living.

I am a lawyer. Speaking French will allow me to pursue my graduate studies at French university in order to obtain an internationally recognized diploma.

 I have met so nice people at ILA French language immersion school,  I made friends from around the world, thanks to that, I really feel at home. The educational organization at ILA is well optimized. ILA is accredited by EAQUALS (2) so everything is done to facilitate learning. Classes are in small groups of maximum 10 students, which allows individual monitoring by our teachers. They are always willing to help students. Teachers can monitor student progress to helm their integration and understanding of French culture.

 I chose Montpellier in the South of France for the weather that is always mild and beautiful, the huge cultural offer – theater, museums, music, the atmosphere of a Mediterranean city where there is a melting pot of students. (3)

 People from Montpellier are used to foreigners, so they are friendly, warm and open-minded.

Here, I made friends who will remain in my heart for the rest my life. Five months after my arrival, I can proudly say that I speak fluent French !
Finally, I can say my French language immersion course at ILA was the best experience of my life!”

Karen from Venezuela

(1) French is the only language spoken on the 5 continents after English. 300 million people in the world speak French and they will be 600 millions in 2050.

More info on our page “Why learn French?“.

(2) EAQUALS is an association for language services providers with over 100 members in more than 20 different countries. EAQUALS participates in the Council of Europe activities and works in European projects related to language teaching. EAQUALS grants its quality label to institutions that meet its very high inspection standards.

More info on our page “Accreditations and quality labels“.

(3) 1 inhabitant in 4 is a student in Montpellier. French students are attracted to its well known Universities. Approximately 10 000 foreign students per year study in Montpellier.

More info on our page “Montpellier and the region“.