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Internationally recognised exams DELF / DALF

The DELF (“Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française”) and DALF (“Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française”) consists of 6 diplomas independent from each other. They correspond to the 6 levels of the Common European Framework of References for languages. These diplomas, valid throughout the world, are issued by the French Ministry of Education.

The DELF A1 and A2 for the elementary user validates a basic knowledge of French and a “survival” level for daily life.

The DELF B1 and B2 for the independent user confirms a good knowledge of French and the ability to communicate verbally and in writing covering a wide range of topics within the modern French language.

The DALF C1 and C2 for the proficient user validates fluent and spontaneous communication skills at highest level and include specialized topics, chosen by the candidate himself. Candidates who have been awarded the DALF C1 or DALF C2 are exempted from language entrance examinations in French Universities.

The characteristics of DELF / DALF

  • All diplomas are independent from each other. You can sit the DELF / DALF exam at any level without access tests.
  • All units are valid indefinitely and all over the world.
  • All four competences (speaking, writing, listening and reading skills) are tested at all levels.
  • Each DELF / DALF exam corresponds to the following hours of teaching :

DELF A1 :   60 hours from Beginner level
DELF A2 : 160 hours from Beginner level (100 hours from DELF A1)
DELF B1 : 310 hours from Beginner level (150 hours from DELF A2)
DELF B2 : 490 hours from Beginner level (180 hours from DELF B1)
DALF C1 : 690 hours from Beginner level (200 hours from DELF B2)
DALF C2 : 890 hours from Beginner level (200 hours from DALF C1)

Preparing for the DELF / DALF exams at ILA

The DELF B1, DELF B2 and DALF C1 exams are prepared during a specific course in which students receive intensive training for each level of the examination. Preparation courses for exams last six weeks and end the week before the exam takes place.

However, we recommend a stay of 8 to 12 weeks for optimal preparation. You will start with an Intensive course, which offers the most comprehensive training in French, and provides you with the necessary basic knowledge to be able to undertake specific exams.

The DELF A1, A2 and DALF C2 can be prepared in Combination Course.

ILA extra service:

  • Tutoring: A teacher specialised in DELF and DALF is available for students every week for any questions concerning these exams.
  • We handle entirely your enrolment to the exam in Montpellier! Our study coordinator organises registration sessions and hands you the exam day schedule. A visit at the exam centre is usually held before the exam so that it is familiar to the students. This avoids any delay due to bad orientation the day of the exam.

Which DELF / DALF exam can I sit ?

The preparation time of the exam depends on the current level of French and on your exam preparation time outside classes hours.

The placement test will enable us to plan with you the exam you will be able to sit. Your advantage is the short deadlines in place to enrol for the exam in Montpellier (in most cases only two weeks before the actual exam takes place). We are therefore able to monitor your progress and to give you advice on which exam to sit at the right time.

Calculate your approximate time for the exam preparation

In order to give you an idea of which exam you might be able to take, please follow the procedure underneath:
Please find your current level according to hours of French taken so far.

  • A1 (Beginner) 0 – 80 lessons
  • A2 (Elementary) 80 – 160 lessons
  • B1 (Intermediate 1) 160 – 320 lessons
  • B2 (Intermediate 2) 320 – 480 lessons
  • C1 (Advanced) from 480 lessons

This table enables you to find approx. preparation times for each DELF / DALF exam in relation to your current level of French. Please bear in mind that this is only a rough guide and the evaluation test at the beginning of your course and our advice throughout your course will help you to decide about which DELF / DALF exam to take.

Current levelA1
(Intermediate 1)
(Intermediate 2)
DELF A14 weeks2 weeksnonenonenonenone
DELF A210 weeks6 weeks2 weeksnonenonenone
DELF B116 weeks12 weeks6-8 weeks2 weeksnonenone
DELF B222 weeks18 weeks12-14 weeks6-8 weeks2 weeksnone
DALF C126 weeks22 weeks18-20 weeks12-14 weeks6-8 weeksnone
DALF C232 weeks28 weeks24-26 weeks18-20 weeks12-14 weeks6-8 weeks

DELF DALF exam dates 2015

The DELF / DALF exam takes place in the DELF / DALF exam centre of Montpellier at the dates listed below. ILA will look after you enrolment.
In case you are not able to sit the DELF / DALF exam at these dates in Montpellier, you can still prepare your DELF / DALF exam at ILA and sit the exam in your home country.

18 March18 March19 March19 March20 March20 March
27 May27 May28 May28 May29 May29 May
24 June24 June25 June25 June26 June26 June
22 July22 July23 July23 July24 July24 July
7 October7 October8 October8 October9 October9 October
9 December9 December10 December10 December11 December11 December

DELF DALF exam dates 2016

16 March16 March17 March17 March18 March18 March
25 May25 May26 May26 May27 May27 May
15 June15 June16 June16 June17 June17 June
20 July20 July21 July21 July22 July22 July
12 October12 October13 October13 October14 October14 October
14 December14 December15 December15 December16 December16 December

Exam costs are as follows : DELF A1: 100€, DELF A2: 120€, DELF B1: 160€, DELF B2: 180€, DALF C1: 200€, DALF C2: 200€. These fees are not included in the course fee and are payable directly to the DELF DALF exam centre.

Inscription handling fee:  20 €                  DELF DALF special book: 15-19€.