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Student Residences

The student residences are designed for students who want to live during their French immersion in Montpellier their daily lives independently. At the same time you can get to know many new friends from all over the world, many take also French language courses in Montpellier. To spend time with your new friends, there are common areas. Some residences also have study rooms in which you can completely concentrate and revise your language course. The student residences are less than 10 minutes’ walk from our school, the Place de la Comédie and all the sights in Montpellier – so very central. We also offer shared double room – we provide a roommate the same gender. A very cheap alternative to single rooms and you will have a nice, international contact upon arrival in Montpellier. You enjoy the French immersion together with your roommate.

Details for our student residences in France

Rooms : You can choose either a single or double occupancy room. Private bathroom (shower, sink and toilet) as well as small kitchen or common kitchen incl. fridge and cooking facilities. Internet access free of charge possible (bring you own computer).

Meal plan : Self catering – many shops are within walking distance from the student residences.

Location : 3 to 10 minutes on foot from our school  (very rarely we use a student residence which might involve a short tram ride).

Transfers : You will make you own way to the student residences. You will receive detailed information on how to get there by bus or tramway.

On arrival : Please do respect the arrival times or call the student residence directly in advance in case you arrive outside of the reception opening hours.

Prior to arrival

2 to 3 weeks prior to arrival, ILA will provide you with detailed information about your student residence accommodation for your stay in Montpellier. All address and contact details will be given.

During your stay in student residence

Our accommodation officer will be there for you during your French immersion. She will guide you or help you with any question regarding your student residence stay in France.

End of stay in student residence

At the end of your stay in a student residence you receive a quality questionnaire which evaluates all aspects of your French French immersion at ILA, including your student residence accommodation. This evaluation form enables us to monitor the performance of the student residences in France we work with.

Emelie S. (Sweden)

"My stay in the student residence was great. I wanted to have an independent accommodation for my French immersion - in walking distance from school and I needed internet in my room. I also wanted to meet many people from all over the world. The student residence catered for all. I had a very comfortable, clean room with private bathroom and I could cook my own meals. There was free internet in the room so I could use my computer to keep in touch with my family and friends. There are students from so many different countries at the residence and you make friends very quickly. The residence is very central ; I could walk to school and all places of interest in Montpellier. Bars, cafés, restaurants, cinemas and shops are just a few minutes' walk. I stayed 6 weeks; my French course was excellent, great teachers. Montpellier is a brilliant place for a language study. People at ILA are so friendly; I will never forget my French language course at ILA Montpellier. Thanks to everybody at ILA."

Emelie S. (Sweden)