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Boat Party

Boat Party

Enjoy a wonderful sunset cruise during your French language stay in France. Learn French in France, make new friends and have a lot of fun in Montpellier!

Montpellier is a unique place for French language immersion stays, offering plenty for cultural activities in the crazy atmosphere of the sunny South of France! During your language stay at our French school, you will get to learn French in total immersion. So, do not miss the chance to enjoy Southern France by going off on excursions for a bit of cultural tourism or by coming to our theme parties like the Boat Party, a unique evening party that is organised by our French language school every Summer!

The Boat party of our French school in Montpellier is organised each Summer; you will come on board for a magnificent evening in Palavas. The boat is prepared for you to party on the Mediterranean Sea until the early hours of the morning! A theme is always given to the party, Hawaiian necklaces, hats/glasses, private evening party, white and blue dress code. Have a bit of fun, let yourself go and make sure you follow the theme so that you get incredible souvenir photos to keep!

The Boat Party is an incredible evening party during your French language immersion stay in South of France. You will be able to have fun on the Mediterranean Sea and get to meet other students from our French language school in Montpellier!

You will set out for the famous Mediterranean seaside resort, Palavas-les-Flots with the team of our French language school on a private coach. You will have time to make the most of the sun and enjoy an ice-cream or just go for a stroll along the beach before boarding the boat for an unforgettable party! You will dance, have lots of fun with friends from the world over and be amazed by everything you get to see!

You will have everything you need to have fun with friends on this boat party: A Sea sunset, giant and delicious paella, local drinks. Everyone will be delighted when The DJ starts heating up the party with his/her music mixes giving you the chance to dance to all the greatest hits of the year as you enjoy the magnificent view this sea party has to offer you!

Studying French in the South of France is great, but your language stay will be made even better if you choose to make the most of every opportunity you get to meet other students from all over the world; the Boat Party is great a way for you to do this!

On the way back, you will be able to admire the Port of Palavas by night with its dazzling docks. You really will have wonderful memories to take home with you from your French language immersion stay in our French school, having met people that will make a difference to your life, and you will have had the chance to party just like Southern French people do.

Come and study French in France by enrolling onto our summer French courses offered by our French school in Montpellier and make loads of friends from all over the world. You will have fun and this is the advantage of our French immersion programs!

Accommodation in Montpellier with ILA

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