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Excursion to the Château de Flaugergues in Montpellier

Excursion to the Château de Flaugergues in Montpellier

Discover this wonderful Chateau during French language stays in France. Learn French in Montpellier, enjoy activities organized by our French school in France!

Learning French in the South of France is a superb challenge because you will be placed in total French language immersion within a new environment and a completely new culture. Do not miss the chance to go around the region of Montpellier during French immersion programs to see all the wonders that are hidden there. Our French language school has many different cultural excursions to offer you and some are only just next door to Montpellier as for example the “Château de Flaugergues”.

We will take the tram to the “Château de Flaugergues”, a magical place just next door to Montpellier. Brigitte and Henri de Colbert will be only too happy to welcome you to the castle and share their family history with you, their passion for everything that is beautiful and tasty, from vineyards to fine arts. They have received several national awards for the restoration work they have had done and the excellent way they welcome visitors. They have also been awarded the label “JARDIN REMARQUABLE” (remarkable garden) by the Minister of Culture.

Learn French in our French school in Montpellier and discover the fantastic Chateau de Flaugergues and its beautiful castle gardens during your French language immersion in France.

As soon as you arrive, Madeleine will welcome you in French, of course, and will take you off to explore the Château, where Henri, Brigitte de Colbert and their children still live. During the guided tour of the Château you will discover the magnificent furniture of the 18th Century, its tapestries from Brussels, sensational paintings, precious porcelain, libraries, and very old archives that are well worth having a look at! This is a great way to learn French during our French language immersion school’s activity program.

After the guided tour in the heart of the castle and all its secrets, you will go through the doors of the fantastic French-style gardens, after which you will see the English-style park; the rows of olive trees that are so typical of the region of the South of France and by far the most famous and renowned castle vineyards. Moreover, in the gardens you will get the chance to see a great variety of plants all from many different countries, a real feast for your eyes during your French  language stay.

For the last part of the visit, you will visit the wine cellar to taste the French wines from the Château, white, red and rosé. You are bound to find something you love and so will your taste buds! Then you will be able to see all the different regional products that are on sale, all typical of the South of France which makes good souvenirs to take back with you from your French language stay in Montpellier!

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