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Excursion to Larzac Region: Viaduc de Millau and village of Roquefort cheese

Excursion to Larzac Region: Viaduc de Millau and Village of Roquefort Cheese

Admire this amazing Viaduc and taste our famous Roquefort cheese whilst studying French in Montpellier. Enjoy your French language stay in Montpellier!

Learning French is intimately linked to knowing about the French culture and France. This is the reason why our French language immersion school offers cultural activities in the regions surrounding Montpellier as part of your French language stay in the South France. The excursion to Larzac will take you to places where you will be lost in breath-taking scenery. You will be able to see the wonderful “Viaduc de Millau” as well as the hometown that Roquefort cheese comes from.

This colourful excursion will begin with the magnificent village of Roquefort sur Soulzon, perched 550 metres above the ground. This area has always been able to make the most of its rich geography, you will be able to see this when you visit the Roquefort cellars where the famous French cheese, named after the town it comes from, is left to ripe. The “Cave Roquefort Société” will welcome you and take you on a visit to the cellars that have been converted so that they are on different floors; you will be able to go off and explore them all with the chance to taste and learn the secret of how to produce the “roi des fromages”! (the king of cheese).

Discover the Larzac during a French language immersion stay in Montpellier – a magnificent natural backdrop. Admire the world’s longest cable-stayed bridge and visit the caves of the famous Roquefort cheese!

You will get to admire the beauty of the landscape during your lunch break and also get to taste all the typical dishes from this part of the South of France.

What you will see next is a real architectural masterpiece, The Viaduc de Millau. In fact, the “Viaduc de Millau is to the “Aveyron” region what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris… is just a bit higher up! Just as other curious people from the all over the world, you can stand at the bottom of this mighty modern bridge to admire its work of art, which is classified as a “great sight from the midi Pyrénées region”.

From the bottom, you will also be able to go to the little exhibition that retraces the history of the construction of this exceptional site, a real technological achievement right in the heart of Larzac. You will learn more about its construction, the latest techniques used and the international awards that it has obtained for its remarkable architectural design, and the surrounding preserved environment.

Finally, to end this day of cultural tourism, you will get to visit the medieval village of “Couvertoirade”, one of the best conserved medieval sites in France. This village is classed as one of the most beautiful villages to be found in France. Its unique charm comes from its surrounding ramparts.

On the guided tour, you will get the chance to learn about the village’s history through centuries, whether it be at the time of the order of the Knights Templar or even during the religious battles. You will see the different monuments that are a part of its history when you walk down all the little roads; you will see the ramparts as well as the “Couvertoirade” houses, which all make up quite an exceptional piece of architecture!

During your immersion in both the French language and French culture on our residential French courses in Montpellier, you will get the chance to discover all the secrets that the Larzac region has to offer, whether it be on an natural and environmental level, or on a more cultural side of things. This is all very typical of the South of France, so make sure you take the chance to join us for this exceptional excursion!

Enjoy a wonderful day out during your French language immersion program and see the fabulous sites of our wonderful region. Meet people and make friends from many different countries while you learn French in Montpellier.

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