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Excursion to Nîmes

Excursion to Nîmes

Discover the romain city Nimes during your French language stay in Montpellier. Learn French in France and see amazing UNESCO heritage sites!

Roman civilisation has had an enormous impact on architecture in the South of France and Nîmes is a perfect example of this! During your French language stay you will get the chance to go off on a half-day excursion to this magnificent town, discovering a bit more of the local French culture.

During your French language stay with at our French language school in Montpellier, you can do some cultural tourism by taking part in our fabulous activity and excursion program. A private coach will take you on your trip to Nîmes, (a city that we nickname “French Rome”). You will start with a visit of the impressive arena, one of the best conserved Roman monuments. You will find out about all the details of construction, its history and how it was used during Roman times.

Learning French in Montpellier under the Mediterranean sun is a great experience; discover the beautiful Roman city of Nimes with its exceptional monuments during your French language immersion in France.

Nîmes is a town with a very strong identity; a blend of Roman culture, hispanic culture, Camargue culture, Cévenole culture and culture from the Languedoc region. It has a rich historical cultural heritage which has meant that it was awarded with the accreditation “ville d’art et d’histoire” (Town of art and history).

During a guided tour of the city, you will get to see some amazing things as you walk down the little streets around the Arena to see the famous market square and pretty “Notre Dame” and “Saint Castor” churches. The excursion will follow on with a visit of the famous and impressive “Maison carré”, the only temple from the world of antiquity to have been completely conserved; it really is in exceptional condition. It is found on a square which is opposite the “carré d’Art”, a council library and classified building because of its surprising architectural style.

To round off your visit to Nîmes, you will be able to visit the “Jardins de la Fontaine”, one of the first public gardens to have been created in Europe and a favourite walk for local Nîmes people and tourists visiting the South of France. “Le Temple de Diane”, the most romantic and enigmatic monument in Nîmes is found at the back of the park.

If you are not too tired you can make your way to the top of the hill to see the “Tour Magne”, the highest and most prestigious Tower in Roman history. It is worth climbing up to the top during your free time because you will get an impressive view all over Nîmes and if the weather is nice, you’ll even get to see right across to the sea.

Nîmes is also a town that is full of regional products typical of the South of France that you shouldn’t miss during your French language immersion; take a walk along the famous “halles” and ask to try the mysterious little Nîmes Pâté or even the delicious “brandade de morue” (stewed cod and garlic) an important local , and famous, product in Nîmes!

When you study French in France, don’t miss the chance to discover all the charms of the South of France and the French culture by taking part in all the different cultural activities and excursions that our French language immersion school organises during your French language stay. Learn French and learn about French culture, enjoy seeing wonderful UNESCO sites during your French language immersion program in Montpellier.

Make friends from all over the world during French courses and activities and enjoy a great time together at our French language school in Montpellier.

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