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Excursion to Sète

Excursion to Sète

Discover during French language immersions in France our "Venice" - enjoy this excursion organized by our French language school in Montpellier!

Your residential French course would not be complete without having the chance to discover French culture and the region of Montpellier. Thanks to cultural activities and excursions organised by our French language school, you will be able to visit Sète, a town that opens out onto the Mediterranean sea and which is often also referred to as “la petite Venise” (little Venice) in the South of France thanks to its colourful houses and the omnipresence of water.

During this excursion organised by our French language school, you will discover the town of Sète, a town built around Mont St Clair, a 175 m high mountain located between the sea and the “etang de Thau” (enormous lagoon) which gives the impression of Sète being an island! Sète is particularly famous because many famous people were born here; many artists like Paul Valery, famous Writer, Poet and Philosopher or even the singer Georges Brassens.

The South of France is a magical region where you can not only learn French, but also discover a lot of wonderful places such as the characteristic and sun-drenched city of Sète!

To start off your excursion, you will discover “le Môle Saint Louis” (lighthouse) one of the first constructions in the town and which protects the port from silting. Just next to the “Môle” you will be able to admire the open-air theatre called the “Théâtre de la Mer” (Sea Theatre), also referred to as the “Théâtre Jean Vilar” after the man who created the Avignon Festival in 1947.

In the afternoon, you will be able to watch the fishing boats coming back to port: Their merchandise is put on sale immediately at the Sète market also referred to as the “marché de la Criée” (auction market), a typical town market that is reserved for professional people who come buy the fresh fish, but which can be watched by outside visitors.

As you stroll across the Maximin Licardi dock, it soon becomes obvious that this town lives from fishing; trawlers can be seen all the way down the Royal Canal with metres and metres of fishing net from the Tuner seiners that are put into different coloured little piles.

In your free time after the guided tour, you should go and taste the numerous culinary specialities from Sète such as the delicious “tielle” (a little pasty filled with spicy octopus), sardines or seafood and oysters from the town of “Bouzigues” that are cultivated in the oyster beds of the “Etang de Thau” just next to Sète. Enjoy this delicious food during your French language immersion program in Montpellier!

You will learn that Sète is also the capital of the “joutes” (jousting on boats), game consisting of battles on water where 2 adversaries, each standing at the back of a boat, try to knock the other off into the water as the boats cross. Tournaments are organised every Summer and are the perfect chance to watch a great show in all its flying colours!

Studying French in Montpellier is a real chance because you get to immerse yourself into French culture and discover the many treasures that the South of France has to offer! Enjoy the fantastic sites of our region and join during your French language stay in Montpellier cultural activities organised by our French language school in France.

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