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French pronunciation workshops

French Pronunciation Workshops

Learn French pronunciation during your French language immersion program. Enjoy this free workshop offered by our French school in Montpellier.

When you study French in France, you are plunged into total language immersion within the country. So, it is important that you know how to communicate with other people in French. Learning French is not just about learning all the rules of the language (grammar, syntax, vocabulary…) but also learning how various French sounds are pronounced. So, do not miss the chance to take part in our French pronunciation workshop!

Our French school in Montpellier offers you small workshops for French pronunciation to help you learn French and pronounce different French sounds better. During this one week course: you will be able to choose which sound you wish to work on: [u] and [y], [v] and [b], [r] and [l], [ʃ] and [j] or nasal vowels.

Thanks to the French pronunciation workshops on offer at our French school in Montpellier, pronouncing French will be a piece of cake for you!

For one hour, you will get advice from French Teachers and take part in various activities like:

  • Exercises for Auditory discrimination skills: during which you will learn to recognise different sounds and practice training your ear to differentiate between 2 similar sounds in French that you would most probably confuse.
  • Pronunciation exercises: during which the French Teacher will get you to describe the sounds in question with the help of certain gestures. The next step will be getting you to pronounce the sounds as clearly as possible.
  • Reading exercises: during which, you will read short words or sentences in French outload together or individually so that you realise the progress made.
  • Dictations: to help you compare written French with spoken French.
  • Games: such as tongue twisters, improvisation, staging real life situations…, you will have a great deal of fun using these games to learn French!

These workshops for French pronunciation will help you feel a lot more comfortable when you communicate in French throughout the rest of your language stay in Montpellier.

Think of how happy you will feel making yourself understood when you ask your way in the street, or when you order a coffee, or even when you go into a shop to buy clothes!

Taking part in these pronunciation workshops at our French school will help you gain in confidence for when you communicate in French with whatever person and in whatever type of situation.

Then, you will be so proud of your beautiful French accent when you go home after your language stay with us!

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