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French Self-study workshop

French Self-study Workshop

Learn during French language stays in France how to self-study. Enjoy this free workshop offered by our French language school in Montpellier!

Studying French at our French school in Montpellier really is a good experience because you get to learn French whilst totally immersing yourself into French culture. But sometimes, this is not enough, so if you wish to practice your French by yourself, no worries! Our French self-study workshop is for you!

Come to our French language school’s library, equipped with an internet connexion and which has approximately 10 computers available for students to use. A French Teacher will be waiting to show you all the different websites where you can study French by yourself and he/she will make sure you know how to use them properly.

If you take part in the French self-study workshop, you will give yourself every chance of improving your French fast and really make the most of your French language stay in France!

If you need to work on your French grammar, there is a site called « le point du fle », practicing French vocabulary or spelling can be done on the « plaisir d’apprendre »site, and you can even have extra time practicing your French pronunciation at « ». « TV5 monde » is good to know how to use because it is one of the best websites for learning all aspects of the French language. Our workshop has something to suit everyone! Moreover, if you like having fun when learning French, then you will really enjoy using the site “”.

Whatever your French level (from A1 beginner to C2 advanced learner), this self-study workshop is tailored to suit everyone’s needs!

The French Teacher is there to answer any questions you may have with regarding specific and personal needs and can help you with any problems with how to use the sites.

These sites are really useful because you get to take part in extra out-of-class activities during your language immersion stay in France. You can practice comprehension skills for example by watching videos or concentrate on a specific grammar point that you didn’t quite grasp in class; you can even continue using these websites once the course is over and you are back home in your country.

If you are not a fan of multimedia or new technology, don’t panic! Our French language school in Montpellier has other resources available for you to borrow (manuals, DVDs, books…) and the French Teacher will only be too happy to explain how to use them.

So, feel free to attend this little French self-study workshop, which will help you improve your French and help you feel more confident during your residential French course in France!

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