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Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Enjoy a fantastic fancy dress party during your French language immersion stay in Montpellier. Study French in France at our French language school in Montpellier!

Montpellier is a unique place for French language immersion stays, offering plenty for cultural activities in the crazy atmosphere of the sunny South of France! During your language stay at our French school, you will get to learn French in total immersion. So, do not miss the chance to enjoy Southern France by going off on excursions for a bit of cultural tourism or by coming to our theme parties like the Boat Party, a unique evening party that is organised by our French language school every Summer!

If you come for a French language stay in Montpellier to learn French, you will see that even if Halloween was not originally a French party, it is now really starting to become a part of French culture and everybody is ready to play the game on the 31st October! So, to get you in the mood, our French immersion school in Montpellier spends an entire week decorating the school to get ready for our mythical evening party with all sorts of ghosts, spider webs or pumpkin heads that you will not be able to miss!

The Halloween party is incredible, all students of our French immersion school in Montpellier dress up in fantastic costumes for the evening and all have fun together until the early hours of the morning!

We invite you to join us for this lively evening, make sure you dress up in the most monstrous costumes with really scary make-up and embark on a crazy evening with all your friends!

This is the chance for you to have fun and meet students from all over the world who are not just here in Montpellier to learn French but also to enjoy Southern French life and everything the region has to offer! You can dress up in the costume you want, ghost, vampire, witch, zombie, be original and be sure not to fix yourself any limits, this is an evening party where you can be what you want to be and have fun like never before!

The location for this evening party will also have outstanding decoration, the DJ will heat up the dancefloor so that you will be able to dance to your favourite music right until the early hours of the morning!

Even if your main aim is to study French in France, this does not mean you cannot go out with your friends to see all the trendy places in Montpellier for our famous and unique Halloween party, something you will remember for a very long time!

It is beneficial in more ways than one because you get the chance to live in total French language immersion in the lively, dynamic city of Montpellier. It would be a shame not to make the very most of this opportunity, so, come and join us for a memorable evening during your French language stay in Montpellier.

Learn French, have fun and meet new people from around the world – our French language school offers all of this!

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