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Pétanque (French bowling)

Pétanque (French bowling)

Learn French in France and enjoy French a traditional French game. Meet locals and have fun during French language immersion stays in Montpellier!

Studying French in Montpellier is not just the opportunity to learn French in France, but also a way for you to totally immerse yourself in French culture by discovering all its particular features. In this way, you will get the chance to learn about the typical French tradition of the ‘pétanque’ (French bowling) game when you take part in the residential French course in the South of France.

Our French school in Montpellier offers a trip not too far away to the pretty ‘Place Royale du Peyrou’ square, a favourite place for Montpellier people who wish to relax or take part in leisure activities. The aim is to find a piece of land that is flat enough for playing ‘pétanque’ (French bowling).
Every player will be given 2 or 3 metal balls, supplied by the teacher together with a unique ‘cochonnet’ (little wooden ball – known in English as a jack).

Throw! Hit! Come and play during French language immersion programs this game together, a friendly sport that is very typical of Southern France!

The rules of the game ‘Pétanque’ are very simple, 2 teams play against one another. Each player has to throw the metal ball, keeping his/her feet firmly together, from a circle that has been drawn out onto the ground. This is why the game is often referred to as ‘pèd tanco’ which means ‘feet together’ in Occitan.

The aim of the game is to score points by getting the team’s balls as close as possible to the ‘cochonnet’ (the jack) as well as to the other teams balls. Make sure you bring a piece of paper with you to note down the points scored, a bit of competitive spirit never did anyone any harm! It is actually very stimulating!

Even if it is true that this game used to be played by older people, it has now become a game that is appreciated by everyone and played by many fervent fans!

During the Summer, it is nice to meet up during French language immersion stays with other people for a game of ‘pétanque’ and why not have a glass of ‘Pastis’ as you enjoy the game. You will certainly need a drink…..because the sun is exceptionally strong here in the South of France!

Studying French at our French school will give you the chance to practice the French language in total immersion whilst also having fun thanks to a typically French game that is played in the South.
Have fun with this cultural and fun activity, perfect for making your residential French language stay in France even more worthwhile!

Whether you are 7 or 77 years old, amateur enthusiast or professional players, make sure you bring your baseball hat, your sunglasses and come enjoy the outdoors and summer heat of Montpellier in a really nice setting. And who knows, you might even end up making some really good friends! ‘Pétanque’  is all of the above!

Learning French in the South of France while having fun is our French immersion school’s motto! Our French language school in Montpellier organises a wide range of activities so that you can enjoy time together with your classmates outside school hours.

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