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Tasting Regional Products from the South of France

Tasting Regional Products from the South of France

Taste during French language courses in France all the fabulous products our region has to offer. Our French school in Montpellier recommends this tasting!

Montpellier is a city that is full of charm, with magnificent monuments and famous for its very rich French gastronomy. You will realise this when you enrol on our French language stay in France because you get to taste all the local food and wine. You will not be disappointed by the wine and food both savoury and sweet that you will be able to try! So come and enjoy all these wonderful treats which will be a pure delight for your taste buds!

During your language stay at our French school in Montpellier, you will get the chance to try all the sweet and savoury food products from the ‘Panier d’Aimé’, a quaint little grocery selling food and products that have been grown in the region. The little grocery will be only too pleased to welcome you so that you can taste all the specialities that exist in the South of France.

The South of France is an ideal place both for learning French and for immersing yourself in the French culture during your residential French language stay with us. Visit Montpellier and try all the fabulous and authentic products that are on offer here!

James, the shop Manager will let you try out all the rich products from all the different Southern regions in France, from its 2,200 companies and producers who produce over 7,800 different products. His aim is for you to pick out all the products that you particularly like because of their taste or for their originality!
Today, The shop works with approximately 84 producers, Farmers and wine Merchants, with more than 1,100 references. You get to try all delicious Southern French products that are not to be found in supermarkets!

Just next-door to the very beautiful square ‘place de la Canourgue’, in the historical centre of Montpellier, James will get you to taste all of these specialities that he has chosen; you will get to discover and taste various types of wine, tapenade (olive paste), grisette (ale) , rousquilles (round aniseed and vanilla flavoured biscuits) and other produce typical of the South of France.

You will get to taste during your French language immersion course in Montpellier sweet food such as regional honey, succulent jam such as the Montpellier ‘raisiné’ (summer fruit jam with peaches, figues, melons, apricots…and even tomatoes!) not forgetting the wonderful variety of delicious biscuits from the South of France, as for example the famous ‘zézettes’ from the town of Sète (vanilla flavoured biscuits with a touch of white wine!).

You also get to taste some savoury food and you will particularly enjoy trying the various olive oils and flavoured vinegars as well as the well-known tapenade (olive paste) that is always on the table when the French have their ‘apéritif’ in the South of France, it really is absolutely delicious on a bit of French baguette!

During your language stay with our French language school in Montpellier, do not forget that learning French in class is good, but it is even better if you can practice what you learn by taking part in the cultural activities we organise.

Here at our French language immersion school in France, these actives will really give you the opportunity to immerse yourself during French language stays in the French culture and you will leave with unforgettable memories of your time with us!

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