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Visit to the Montpellier Planetarium

Visit to the Montpellier Planetarium

Enjoy during your French language immersion stay in France a breath-taking animation. Enjoy your French language course and learn about the planets!

When you take part in our residential language course in Montpellier, you get the chance to become familiar with French culture, meet new people and totally immerse yourself in this beautiful Southern French region; there are so many wonderful things hidden there just waiting for you to discover! You will go off with the other students who are also studying at our French school to visit the famous Galilée Planatarium that is located not too far from Montpellier’s town centre! This is one of three leisure centres built in the Odysseum complex.

During your French language stay at our French school, you will be able to choose between lots of different cultural activities but the one that you really mustn’t miss is the planetarium visit. There are wonderful things to see here and you are guaranteed an incredible time! In fact, once you are comfortably seated in your 15 metre wide hemispherical couch, you will get to see an impressive starry night show, with not a cloud in sight and far from the “light pollution” of towns around you!

The lovely climate and dynamic town-centre that is so full of charm makes Montpellier a perfect city for learning French during residentialFrench language immersion programs in France! There are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy such as visiting the planetarium!

Thanks to the astronomical simulator, it is possible to see the sky from any point on Earth and at any time of the year, either in the past or in the future.

But that is not all, the planetarium in Montpellier can also take you on a breath-taking trip into the vast Cosmos: Leave the Earth for an overall view of the solar system or even get to see our galaxy as well as the Milky way from the outside; only then will you finally be able to understand the mysteries of the night sky vault of Heaven. Child’s play for each and every one of you!

After the planetarium visit, you can then see a show divided up into two parts: a film on the theme of planets, galaxies or space, according to the showing you choose, and then a live explanation of astronomical phenomenon given by a speaker.

The Galilée Planetarium in Montpellier is equipped with very modern numerical equipment capable of projecting its voyagers into a high-quality image. Under a 360-degree dome, the digital system for projection can be used to project animated videos right into the vault with high resolution simulating the 3D effect which gives a spectacular and fun dimension to the show.

If you study French in France, you should take the opportunity of practicing your French in total language immersion as much as you can, by actively taking part in class of course, but also by making the most of the chance to meet other students from all over the world and see all the riches Southern France has to offer!

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