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Workshop for Telephone Communication

Workshop for Telephone Communication

Learn French in France at our French language school in Montpellier. Profit during French immersion stays from this free workshop for telephone communication!

Studying French in Montpellier is a great way to enjoy all the town’s cultural activities. Having to get by in total French immersion means you will most probably have to use the telephone at some stage: When you want to book a hotel room, do you know what to say? When you arrange to meet up with all your French friends, do you have trouble understanding them? Come and take part in our workshop for telephone communication and we promise talking on the phone will be made a piece of cake!

« Allô? euh… Bonjour… » Do you get stressed every time you have to speak on the phone? Don’t panic! We are here to help you! Our French school in Montpellier organises a workshop that is designed to help you familiarise yourself with all the French vocabulary and expressions for helping you communicate effectively over the phone. A French teacher will be there to help you with all the little exercises that are designed to help make life easier for you!

Booking a table in a restaurant, ordering pizza…..thanks to the workshop of our French language school for communicating over the phone in French, you will gain in confidence for coping in a variety of situations in France!

First of all, you will learn French vocabulary of course; this is to help you get to grips with all words relating to telephoning: ‘décrocher’ (answer the phone), ‘raccrocher’ (put the phone down), ’les coordonnées’ (contact details)… you will learn all the French expressions that you need to know for a phone call to run smoothly: how to introduce yourself, how to leave a message, make an appointment… not forgetting a little bit of revision for numbers and letters because it would be a real shame to miss an appointment just because you made a mistake when jotting down the number!

So, now it’s your turn to practice speaking French! And what could be better than staging a few real-life telephone conversations to help you with this. You will have fun with your friends making up a few funny sketches using what you have just learnt in French.

Don’t forget that it doesn’t matter if you speak slowly, take your time, all you need is to use the right words to make yourself understood. So, make sure you speak in French with your host family or with your friends to get a bit of extra practice and then, off you go!

You will have all the skills you need to get by on the telephone without feeling any stress or apprehension; you will be guaranteed a French language immersion stay in the South of France without having a care in the world!

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