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The best places to visit in Montpellier

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Here is a brief list of things to do and go to, we would suggest to our students who are here to learn french in Montpellier. They are activities locals like to do, and which should help speak french and get an insight of a typical Montpellier Lifestyle.

The best places to visit in Montpellier

Montpellier for French Language Students

Being a key destination in France for language training to learn French in Montpellier, and being one of the biggest student’s cities of France, it is vibrant by its multicultural, welcoming and warm atmosphere.

So if you are here to learn French in Montpellier, you will also get all the free time you need to appreciate Montpellier at its best.

Take a walk in the Center after your French course

To start off, just step out into any of the numerous little pebbled pedestrian streets of what they call the “Ecusson”.

The Ecusson all together is the pedestrian city center of Montpellier. You can wonder around, allow yourself to get lost, speak french to find your way and appreciate the numerous little independent shops, coffee homes, ice cream bars, in a cool, picturesque shady and lively environment.

Enjoy some market fresh food and wonderful wine in little restaurants such as Thym et Romarin, Le Bistrot d’Alco, Le Bonheur des tartes, or Le Pré vert. Use the language with the French service, speak french with them, practice!

Take a stroll again through the narrow streets, full of surprises, hidden cathedrals, beautiful tree hosted squares, street musicians and much more.

A few beautiful squares you must see include Place Saint Anne, Place Saint Roch, and Place de la Canourgue.

Enjoy Montpellier’s nice parks

Other must see places in Montpellier France, would be some of its beautiful parks.

You could rent a self-service bike for just 50 cents an hour in the center and cycle out to Park du Domaine Meric, known for its flowery fields, along the river bank. Or walk up Peyrou park by foot, or the beautiful Jardin des Plantes.

Park du Peyrou overviews the whole town, and will stay this way since it is forbidden to build anything higher. It is one of Montpellier inhabitants favorite places to hang out on weekends or in the evening after work, some play guitar, some juggle or do yoga, others play “pétanque” while drinking typically French pastis. You should go to watch the stunning sunset! Or on Sunday mornings for the weekly “Broquante” organized there, you can walk around the antiques and end finish off at the little set up café for some oysters and white wine or a nice warm coffee.

Enjoy the exciting nightlife in Montpellier

In the evening, you could speak French by participating in one of the French language exchange evenings.

If you are here to learn french in Montpellier this is a great opportunity for you, a must do. You will use your own language, and a french person in front of you will speak french, and switch ‘partners regularly”, around a drink. More info at

Or, enjoy a cocktail from one of the famous cocktail bars, where work some of the best cocktails masters of France such as Papa Doble or Le Parfum

It is very common to have drinks at the end of the day and enjoy some tapas, cheese or ham plates rather than a proper meal, outside on one of the numerous terraces, and this any day of the week.

In Montpellier, every evening seems like weekends!

Then for those who want to dance, a trip to one of the outdoor clubs is definitely worth the detour. Take a night bus “L’Amigo” or a taxi (cheap if there are 4 of you sharing) to one of the outdoor nightclubs. It is quite something to be clubbing in an outdoor patio, with the sky above you and the starts, dancing away till dawn. There can be parades or bubble bath parties, so make sure you know the theme to wear the appropriate clothes! Famous clubs include La Villa Rouge and the Milk.

Amazing new architecture

Back to day life, you should take a trip to the Port Marianne neighborhood. You could take the tram there, are walk through the center, passing though the impressive architecture of Antigone to get to the river banks of the Lez.

Port Marianne is a very modern, green neighborhood. Buildings are designed all differently, and very uncommon, from architects from France and all over the world.

Visit a typically French market during your French immersion

In France, markets are part of the day to day habits. So how about taking part in this classic habit?

One would recommend the Marché des Arceaux, that takes place under the water aqueducts behind Parc Peyrou. You can go there buy your organic fruit and vegetables, enjoy a coffee or a local fruit juice, and buy food to prepare a whole meal with its numerous cheese and dairy producers, meat and roast chickens ready to go, or finger food such as Accra’s and samosas. All this also helps speak French, and participates in your language immersion!

Do some sport activities to stay in shape

As for the sportiest of you, the free sports animations held every Saturday morning in Park Montcalm should make your day.

You can ride your bike there or take the bus. It is a huge park in which rom April to September most of the time, every Saturday morning there are free initiations to all sorts of sports.

Exhibitions – Concerts – Culture

Ultimately, we will finish off by giving you the link to a great association called MAMASOUND. It is a Montpellier based association who organizes outdoor concerts in all of Montpellier parks over the weekend or sometimes in the early evening during the week.

You will mainly see locals at these events which is great to speak french!

MAMASOUND websites relates all the great exhibitions, and events going on in the city, and even offer promotions for drinks and activities.

You can check it all out here:

We could go on forever citing all the things there are to do. In general, Montpellier in France is a place you would never have too much time to visit.

If you are here to learn french in Montpellier with us, or simply as a tourist, you will with no doubt enjoy every bit of it. We hope some of the advice given here will help you meet locals, and use the french language you will have learnt! This is why Montpellier is one of the best cities to study French in France