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Why Montpellier is One of the Best French Cities to Study French in France

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You are searching the net for French immersion education? Looking for an excellent French language school in France to study French? You have not yet been able to decide on a place? Why don’t you come to Montpellier - one of the best places in France to study French and to enjoy real French immersion.

Montpellier: One of the Best Cities to Study French

French immersion course in Montpellier

Montpellier is an ideal place to study French. You only have one week time and are looking for a very intensive French immersion course at a French language school in France? You are planning to study French for several months; you want to have a real French immersion education? Looking for a general French course or more subject-oriented, such as Business French or a preparation for the official French exams DELF and DALF? You like to add some cookery classes during your French immersion education in Montpellier?

You like to stay with a carefully selected French host family in order to practice your French during your French immersion education? Or maybe you prefer to live more independent in a student residence? No problem. French language schools in Montpellier offering all of this, and even much more!

French language schools in Montpellier also offer exciting activity programs during your French immersion education. Discover Montpellier – a fascinating Mediterranean city. This is the perfect place for French immersion education in France. A great city to study French!

Montpellier – a fascinating city and perfect for French immersion education

Montpellier is situated on the Mediterranean in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, an area which is not yet overcrowded by tourism. Here you will find the authentic France, the ease of life in the South. The old town, in which most French language schools are located, is a complete pedestrian area with fantastic patrician houses from the 18th century, many narrow streets and small squares with tree shaded cafés. It is a pleasure to spend time here during your immersion in the French culture. You get easily in touch with locals and you study French at the same time.

The imposing Place de la Comédie with its many restaurants is the center of Montpellier. The participants of French immersion education at French language schools in Montpellier often meet here to enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine. The atmosphere is fantastic, so vivid, fascinating!

Montpellier opens like an amphitheater towards the Mediterranean. On your way to the long sandy beaches you come across the salt lagoons with pink flamingos. You can see these elegant animals throughout the year in the wild – unique in Europe! A highlight during your French immersion education in Montpellier! The sandy beaches of Montpellier are endless long, very clean and since they are in a nature reserve, there is no industry or port, only sand dunes and beach. Visit the fishing village of Palavas, where you can enjoy freshly caught fish and seafood at very reasonable prices. Enjoy a glass of Pic Poul, a delicious local white wine, very affordable! Enjoy southern French life style! Study French in such an environment is very enjoyable!

Montpellier – a student town, the ideal place to study French

Montpellier is home to one of the largest universities in France; more than 80,000 students are enrolled at the university. These students contribute to the lively lifestyle of Montpellier. There are countless student bars, pubs, clubs, many concerts, cinemas etc. You get to know quickly local students and you can practice your French language skills with them.

The price level, both for accommodation and for the daily cost of living is lower in Montpellier than in other cities in France. The French immersion education school Institut Linguistique Adenet ( additionally offers language exchange programs with local students. French students, who study English at Montpellier University, are invited to meet the English speaking immersion students in a bar to socialize over a glass of wine or beer. You quickly build friendships and you can then form tandems to exchange conversation – maybe you make friends for life?

The surrounding area of Montpellier

Montpellier is ideal destination for French immersion education in France. There are many cultural and scenic highlights in the vicinity. Six UNESCO World Heritage sites are located close by. Visit the impressive Pont du Gard, the largest ever built viaduct by the Romans, more than 2000 years old; the old papal city of Avignon with its beautiful palace and its wonderful old town; the Arena of Nimes; the medieval city of Carcassonne, etc.

Visit during your French immersion education in Montpellier the beautiful lavender fields in the Provence region, a spectacle of colors and scents! The wineries of the Montpellier region offer excellent wines at reasonable prices. Apart from your French immersion education, there so much to explore in and around Montpellier! The weather for your language trip to Montpellier is great, 320 days of sunshine per year.

Come to Montpellier, one of the best places for language immersion programs in France – not only to learn French but also to visit many UNESCO sights, to discover a fascinating city and to have a lot of fun!