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Learning French

What Makes A French Language Student A Happy Student

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Here we are ! You have arrived for your immersion stay in France. Happiness spreads all over your face at the thought of studying in the school you found on internet. You checked the photo gallery on the website of the school you chose, and saw the joyful faces of the students during their french lessons or during their excursions. You only have one wish now, to make the most out of your trip and learn a lot of French and progress, but also spend some good time in France!

What Makes A French Language Student A Happy Student

Becoming Fluent In French Fast

1. You are making your dream come true – learning French throught this French immersion in France

You have always dreamt of learning the language of Molière, and discover France’s charms, and taste its wonderful and so glorified gastronomy! Here you are… You found a french language school in the city center, surrounded by numerous café terraces… you can therefore practice what you learnt during the lessons while enjoying a coffee with the new friends you made in class.

2. Would you like to eat a croissant every morning, like the « Frenchies »?

There will always be a bakery somewhere on your way to your french language school, maybe even just next door! How lucky are you! So you can eat a croissant every morning for breakfast if you want to. However beware! The joy of this croissant every morning could very well be intercepted by your scales… On the contrary of what is thought, French people do not eat croissants every morning, or they wouldn’t be too healthy! So to appreciate them fully, keep the croissants for the weekend, or any privileged moment! Go have breakfast outdoors on a terrace over the weekend, while you revise all you learnt during your french course week.

How joyful it is to feel french! Not only can you now speak french fluently but you can also adopt their lifestyle… a true art of life you can experience through French immersion.

3. Notice your progress with French courses in France

But this immersion in France alone does not allow to learn French and so you are very glad to be enrolled in a language school, and to follow French lessons with a teacher who brings you what you need according to your level and who encourage you daily. You can measure your progress through small tests and check-ups; you can ask a question when something is not clear. What a great balance between immersion in France and the language school! You are progressing in French much faster than if you had stayed at home, all the learning make sense and can be applicable instantly.

4. Find ways to learn french in self-study

Now you now know how to work alone to deepen your French learning. Your teacher uses online resources that he knows the benefits of, and will recommend them to you. No more wasted hours searching for a site online to learn French alone, and eventually giving up because you can’t find one!!!

What could be better than a computer room available for you in your language school to test these self-learning websites. You optimize your French immersion stay in France by acquiring good techniques to learn French once back home.

5. Know about France and visit the monuments that you discovered through books

Who says immersion in France says trips and visits! You chose your language school because you know it offers excursions in addition to the French course. You feel more at ease to go on a visit with teachers from your language school because this way it is easier to ask questions if you do not understand everything that is being said. And you are with students you met in your French class, so it is easier to create social links on a day’s visit. And a day of sightseeing could then turns in to a night out for some drinks, or for a meal with your fellow french learners.

Your travel diary is filled with beautiful photos and comments in French, as you are in France, better to write in French!

6. Meeting students from all over the world

You will go on many trips through exchanging with the other students in your French class. Students come from all over, which creates the impression you travel just staying in the classroom. They may be the beginning of a world tour for you!

Nevertheless, we must communicate in French with other students because you have all come for the immersion in France to learn French. Why else would you have enrolled in a language school to take French courses?

Take the students contact details with whom you shared good times, to continue writing in French to each other once back home. It will be for you a great opportunity to continue to practice what you have learned in your French class.

7. How lucky are you to go to the beach before or after your French class!

You have chosen a town near the sea and with this great blue and sunny sky, you are very happy you made this choice! With your French lessons in your bag, you can hop on the tram to wiz of to the beach… what joy to learn French while sunbathing!!! And if you do not feel like working, you can practice your French with your fellow students at the beach with you or even if you dare, by chatting with other French people on the beach.

You are now on the sand for sunbathing … Why not share a word with your towel neighbour? Like you, many people are waiting for a smile or a simple hello or a deeper exchange or a few sentences as courtesy. Your French course workbook may well break the ice and give a topic of discussion. If contact goes well, you can share a moment on the terrace of a cafe for an ice cream or take a drink. Any topic is a good excuse for conversation time, your origins, France and the French people, the holidays … The beach is undoubtedly a great place to meet new people!

8. Share the daily life of a French family

You are lucky to be staying with a French “mother” who loves to cook and cooks well. Then you should take advantage of this. You will understand why the French cuisine has such good reputation. Be careful that this immersion in France does not make you change your waistline!!!

The French really appreciate moments spent around the table. This is often the opportunity to exchange and discuss after a day separated from each other. As it is nice to talk spontaneously and realize that what we learned during the French lessons came in handy. And it’s great to continue learning French without being in class anymore. Everyday talk and regular chatting is also what you cannot get if you stay at home rather than come to the country to learn.

In conclusion, your immersion in France has enabled you to realize that you have learned more in a month by following a French course in France than in a language school near home. Not only have you learnt French but in addition you’ve discovered a culture and shared this experience with other students.