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To Prepare For The DALF C1 Exam: Proven Techniques

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You have a confirmed level in French, and you want to have it valorised? Have you thought of passing the DALF C1 exam? This is surely the time to take a plunge. This Advanced French Language Diploma is valid worldwide, and for your whole life. It will allow you to accurately justify your level of French to universities and future employers for example. It consists of four tests (oral and written comprehension, oral and written production) which will be evaluated. So go ahead, pass your DALF exam! Here are some tips to successfully pass your exam.

To Prepare For The DALF C1 Exam: Proven Techniques

DALF C1 Exam

French courses

A DALF C1 student has a good level in French and French general culture. To improve your level and knowledge, consider taking a French language course that will allow you to progress and enrich your knowledge. By Studying French you learn new essential points of grammar, and you will practice your language skills daily and embellish your vocabulary. Your teacher will work the four skills indirectly, all of the lessons taught in French courses are adapted to your level, plus, it will use authentic documents to facilitate your learning.

DALF C1 preparation course

During your stay in France, in addition to your French courses opt for a DALF C1 preparation course. It’s a good idea to understand what will be expected and thus be ready to deal with the exam. During the preparation course, you will work with your teacher on the four points you will be tested on. You will see specific techniques to achieve your written skills, as well as oral and listening skills. During the exam preparation course, you will learn reinforcement techniques for your written skills, as you do exercises to develop your argumentation and you taking positon in a presentation.

This preparation course is ideal for learning to manage your time and the situations you will encounter during the test. You’ll be ready for the exam, and you will sit it calmly and succeed for sure!

Succeeding in the oral exam

To pass your oral comprehension test and manage to answer the questionnaire, learn to listen without trying to understand everything, without getting distracted, because you will have to listen to a long document. Learn to take notes which will help you answer questions. You must recognize the interlocutors and their points of view to get to a global state of comprehension.

To help you, don’t hesitate to listen to different topics on the radio regularly. Opt before all on long broadcasts and debates. Watch movies or television programs in French. You must be able to understand a long speech.

To succeed in the oral production

From the given documents, you will prepare a presentation on the specified theme and you will present it to the jury. You must develop personal reflection by integrating elements from documents and personal references. You must learn to organize your thinking logically, and in a relevant way. Learn to speak continuously, and for that nothing better than an exam preparation course which will help you progress. Practice speaking for a long time with your host family. Discuss with your French friends, all opportunities are good to practice your French language.

To perfect your written comprehension

During your French course, you will learn to read long texts and get to understand the whole idea of the text. You will also work on understanding the questions, which will allow you to respond more easily. You can opt for a DALF C1 preparation course in which you will get sample questions and texts form real exams. This is a great exercise!

Each day, you can read French newspapers or magazines, vary the themes and set priority on long texts and news. Note the vocabulary you do not know, create a small personal dictionary that will help you remember and enrich your vocabulary. Also, read novels in French, take in on love stories, betrayal stories, this should really speak to your heart!

For the perfect your written production

During your stay in France, sign up for a DALF C1 preparation course. You will get to learn how to write an argued summary and essay in French, with your teacher. You will learn how to structure logically and in a reasoned way. You will have exercises to do to encourage you to learn French at home.

You can also practice your writing on forums and blogs. Share your experiences; imagine stories that could be commented. The more you will write, the more you will be able to express yourself fluently in French. You could also participate in writing contests, where you get to express yourself in different subjects. Finally you can sign up for a writing workshop in your hometown. Ideal for writing and sharing ideas!

The DALF C1 exam is almost in your pocket, register in a French language course as well as a DALF C1 exam preparation course during your stay in France. You will learn the oral and written techniques. Learn to read, listen, speak French every day and you’ll improve your French level. Don’t stress, get your DALF in peace with our advice and diploma!