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Learning French

The Most Effective Method To Learn French Fast

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How To Learn French Fast

So you want to learn French fast for business or pleasure? Have you already started researching French language schools in France, but find yourself a bit lost? We’d like to offer some helpful advice.

How To Learn French Fast?

1) Enroll in a French Language Immersion Course

In order to learn French fast, an extended visit to the beautiful country of France is essential. Indeed what could be better than having unlimited access to a French language immersion course and French culture in order to make significant progress in a short period of time? By being in daily contact with native speakers and French culture you’ll be even more motivated to learning the language. What you are learning will make sense because you can use what you learn immediately in your daily life.

2) Take a daily French language course

Additionally, to obtain satisfactory results, it is strongly recommended that you combine your informal discovery of the French language through immersion with a daily French language course at a language school. This will allow you to progress in the four language skills (oral comprehension, oral expression, written comprehension and writing skills) necessary to acquire a good command of the French language. In order to make significant and sustainable progress, it is essential to combine these four skills.

Let us add that in France there are different approaches to teaching, but in order to learn French fast, it is preferable to choose a school that encourages a communicative approach to language because it is in using a language that one acquires a certain ease in a foreign language and one can make significant progress in a short period of time.

Also in the structure and discipline of a daily French class, experienced teachers will offer advice tailored to your needs and goals and correct your mistakes, so you do not pick up bad language habits.

While taking daily French classes; you will become comfortable with your teacher and class. Take this opportunity to speak as often as possible during class without fear of making errors. In fact, it is by taking risks and making mistakes that you will progress. Even if you are shy, speaking French will build your self confidence and you will find yourself more willing to discuss a variety of topics in a foreign language.

3) Seek learning opportunities beyond the French language courses

Taking daily French language courses also allows you to be exposed to a wider variety of topics and to enrich your linguistic background. You can then choose to dive deeper into vocabulary that is particularly interesting to you or to your career goals by taking French private lessons or by watching movies and reading books or newspapers that you find on every corner thanks to your language immersion in France.

It is worth noting that at language schools, you may even be able to borrow books or movies and have access to a learning center, which is a great resource for enriching your vocabulary and solidifying your understanding of grammar.

4) The side benefits of a French Immersion education in France

Your French teacher will quickly come to understand your language skills and is a valuable resource. You can ask your teacher to suggest movies or books suitable to your level of French, your age and your tastes. Films that feature a lot of action or that are made for a young audience enable you to understand the overall meaning of the story without difficult dialogue that could discourage you. You can go to the movies in the late afternoon after your French lessons. Language institutes are usually located in city centers, you will easily find a cinema near your school. Moreover, some cities in France have one or more media libraries where membership costs just a few euros and gives you access to a rich array of films and books.

5) Being in France enables you to meet French people

To learn French fast, make every attempt to come into contact with native French speakers every day even if it is just for brief exchanges. For example, buy your bus ticket in a tobacco shop instead of an automatic terminal. While you wait for the bus, exchange a few words with the people who are next to you. If your budget allows, go shopping in small shops and boutiques where the shop keepers and clerks tend to be more approachable. Make it part of your daily routine to go every day to the same bakeries or shops to get to know the merchants and be able to chat with them. For example you can buy a croissant every morning in the same bakery and get to know your neighborhood baker.

6) Board with a French family for a complete language immersion experience

Finally, in order to gain the most from a French language immersion program, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of boarding with a French family – one of the types of accommodation offered by language institutes. Taking the evening meal with your French host family will give you a rare opportunity to develop a close relationship with a family, speak French in a casual and relaxed atmosphere, to discuss your day and to learn more about French culture. Be curious, ask questions about the city you are staying, on the French habits and culture, sport, politics etc.

In conclusion, as you can see, learning a language with a French language immersion education program is the best way to learn French fast. By layering and increasing your daily use of French – whether formally through your French language courses or informally in your daily life all the while using the four language skills – you will get visible and satisfactory results.

Hope these tips help! Best of luck in learning the language of Molière!