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The fantastic ILA White Dress Party!

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The fantastic ILA White Dress Party!

You can learn French quickly and efficiently at our French language immersion school in Montpellier. However, the fun factor is not forgotten! That is why we regularly organize parties, such as our famous Catamaran Cruise parties, Spring Break parties and also our White Dress parties!

More than 100 ILA French students from approximately 30 – 40 different countries take part in any of those parties. This of course is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet other French language students from around the world outside your French immersion course. Our motto for your French language stay with us is: Study French efficiently, have a lot of fun, enjoy yourself and make a lot of new friends from all over the world.

White Dress Party during your language trip to Montpellier

White Dress parties are held in many cities in the world. All participants dress in white clothes and celebrate together. ILA is the only organizer of such a great event in Montpellier.

We all met in front of the ILA French language immersion school in the historic center of Montpellier. The weather was just great, blue sky and around 30° Celsius – as always in summer in Montpellier. This was a perfect setting to shoot great photos with the other students. You can see a selection of them on our Instagram page.

The party took place at the Australian Bar, the most popular bar in Montpellier and meeting point for all French language immersion students. Of course once arrived the bar was stormed, at the ILA parties each student always gets a free drink and all food is included in the price. There was a big paella, simply delicious with an ice cold beer or a glass of rose wine.

Our students chatted a lot, we heard so many different languages and of course French was spoken a lot amongst our students. Many of our French language students have spent already several months with us in Montpellier and now they have reached an advanced level, making communication in French easy for them.

The decoration with many white balloons was great to watch. These balloons were distributed after eating and flew through the air everywhere. The dance floor was, of course, traditionally opened with a table dance by the dynamic ILA French teachers and the ILA team. Thanks to the great music, the dance floor filled very quickly and it was dancing and celebrating all night long! Everybody enjoyed this great atmosphere and the international context. Where else than at ILA’s famous parties can you celebrate with your peers from over 35 countries? There was a great mix of nationalities, nearly all European countries were represented, also Colombians, Koreans, Brazilians, Americans, Japanese, Australians, Mexicans and so on!

Make friends during your French language immersion in Montpellier

During their French language immersion in Montpellier, our students make so many friends from around the world, this is just great! All our students have common interest; they want to learn French quickly and efficiently at a renowned French language immersion school while having fun together. We at ILA language school in Montpellier are very much aware of this; your French immersion stay with us should be a great, memorable experience.

In addition to the parties, we also offer all year round a fantastic leisure program. Many trips to UNESCO attractions like Avignon, the Pont du Gard, Carcassonne, etc. are on the program. We also offer wine and cheese tasting, walking tours, language exchange evenings with local French students, canoeing and much more. There is always something going on, we have almost every day during your French language stay an activity. It is also well known that the prices for the activities are very low, so that anybody can join in. You can make a lot of friends not only in class, but also during the activities!

We already just organized the next big party – our famous Catamaran Cruise Party. Last year 100 ILA students participated from over 30 countries, partying on a boat, something very special! We rent a large catamaran for our French language immersion students. There is great food and drinks on board and we party. Dancing on the catamaran at sunset with a great view of the beautiful beaches of Montpellier, just so cool.

Watch all our party videos, you will see with whom you can best party in Montpellier. Come to us to learn French in Montpellier. Book a French language course at ILA in Montpellier and join us for some great parties! We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Your ILA team