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French cheese tasting and history class

French Cheese Tasting and History Class

Taste delicious cheeses during your French language immersion in Montpellier. Enjoy French language courses in France and participate in our tastings!

During your French language stay at ILA, you will have the opportunity to participate in a gastronomic activity that is very popular here in our French language school in Montpellier: the French Cheese history and tasting class. Studying in France is also immersing into the French day to day life, and gastronomy is part of this, as you know the French love their food! French are the European winners in cheese consumption, with 24 kilos per person per year!

France is full of cheeses from all different regions. There are nearly 400 types throughout the country! Cheese definitely is one of the most important aspects of the French culture, so this French cheese tasting workshop is also considered as a cultural activity. Do not miss this wonderful activity during your French language immersion stay at our French language school in Montpellier.

Learn French in Montpellier and taste delicious cheeses. Enjoy a wonderful ‘cheesy’ afternoon during French language stays at our French immersion school in France.

During your French immersion in France you will have more than choices of cheese! To find your way through all the varieties, our cheese tasting class will allow you to discover 10 famous French cheeses. Not only those from the South of France such as the Pélardon (to be tasted with a touch of honey from the Garrigues) and Roquefort (you can discover further during one of our excursions to the Larzac) but also the dairy farm Brie, Beaufort, Etorki, Camembert, Munster and Reblochon as well as the mysterious Selles-sur-cher and others.

Some famous fresh French bread and a glass of French red wine will be served to accompany the tasting of these excellent cheeses, red wine being the French’s favourite wine to eat cheese! Finally, you will learn to cut the cheese appropriately, whatever its shape, a detailed manor that counts a lot for the French.

The cheese tasting classes, which lasts an hour and a half, will also allow you to discover the regions of France through the cheeses that characterize them: the teacher who will animate the workshop will show you on the map of France, the provenance of each cheese.

Can you guess where the tasty reblochon comes from? It comes from the Alps of course! With their famous “tartiflette” dish bakes with Reblochon. To immerse yourself completely in the French language while enjoying this cultural activity, we will give you a lexicon with the vocabulary related to all these different cheeses, whether it is to describe the cheeses themselves, or the vocabulary related to their manufacture.

Your French language stay abroad in Montpellier will become not only a linguistic experience but also a gastronomic adventure! Learning French in France will become so easy from the moment you take pleasure in it. Immersing into French language by appreciating French culture and gastronomy is the best way to achieve it!

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