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Spring Break Party

Spring Break Party

Enjoy a fantastic party, great food and have a lot of fun during your French language immersion stay at our French school in France. Learning French is fun!

Studying French in France means taking part in numerous cultural activities but it is also the chance to mix work with fun, making the most of our hot summer evenings in the South of France to go out and enjoy yourself. So, do not hesitate to come and celebrate the end of the DELF/DALF exams together at our Spring Break evening party!

Based on the famous American evening parties at the end of exam period, our French school in Montpellier gives you the opportunity to come and celebrate the end of your exams and relax after all the long hard work during the difficult exam period. Dress yourself up and make sure you put on your most beautiful smile for the souvenir photos, because of course, an evening party would not be the same without photos to take away with you as souvenirs! For sure, all students not taking the DELF and DALF exam party as well with us!

Our French school organises several memorable evening parties during your language stay with us in Montpellier. Make lots of new friends and enjoy yourself all night long at our Spring break party!

Meet us outside our French language school in Montpellier before heading off to the ‘Place de l’Europe’. Located on the edge of the ‘quartier Antigone’, it is easily recognised thanks to its arched circle architecture.

Not far from the the ‘Berges du Lez’, this is an ideal place for relaxing far away from the turmoil of the town. You are strongly advised to make the most of the sunny lawns or restaurant terraces that are just next-door. If you are looking for a bit more excitement, this square is very often lively, especially during the music festivals or sports days known as FISE (international festival for extreme sport) that takes place in Montpellier every year.

Right in front of you, the Australian bar, legendary pub and headquarters for all the French language students in Montpellier. Once you have arrived, you will soon realise that Montpellier students know just how to have fun! Thanks to the bracelet given to you at the door, you can get a free drink and a giant paella will be waiting for you inside! Everyone really does a have a fantastic time here, you will enjoy your free drink and the evening party will slowly start to warm up as you drink it. This really is a great opportunity to make new friends outside our French language school premises.

Let yourself be carried away by the music. The DJ is there to liven things up and get you dancing on the dance floor! The bar is not just reserved to students from our French language school, so you will get the chance to plunge yourself into total French language immersion and meet young people from all over Montpellier and even the whole world!

You will be able to party all together; what could be better for really making the most of your residential French language course in the South of France.

So, come and have fun, laughing, raise your glasses, dance and have fun right into the early hours of the morning. You will leave your French language stay in France, your head full of wonderful and unforgettable memories of this Spring break party in Montpellier.

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