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Restaurant evenings out

Restaurant Evenings Out

Try excellent French food and great wines during your French language immersion stay in Montpellier. Our French school organises wonderful evenings!

If you come to France to take part in a French language stay, especially in the South of France, you should make sure you do not miss out on experiencing the wonders of French Gastronomy! Here in Montpellier, we give you the opportunity to try some typically French dishes in some of the many restaurants the town has to offer! Whilst on your French language immersion course at our French school, make sure you sign up for our ‘restaurant evenings out’ so that you get to see different aspects of French Gastronomy!

There are various types of typical French dishes, especially in Montpellier because it is a very cosmopolitan town filled with the most surprising little restaurants; something that adds to the richness of cultural tourism in Montpellier!

When you learn French during your French language immersion course in Montpellier, you will also get to see all the charm of Southern France, you will be able to soak up French culture, taste good wine and try gourmet cuisine from all over France!

Among the various evenings out to restaurants that we organise, you will get the chance to taste dishes that are typical of certain regions in France, like for example the famous and delicious pancakes form Brittany and as you enjoy them you will be able to practice your French with other students from our French school in France!

The aim is to give your taste buds a little treat while you make friends with students from all over the world; and who are in Montpellier for the same reason as you – to learn French in France!

During the Winter, you will also have the chance to try some French specialities at our ‘mountain evening’, dishes such as ‘Raclette’ (the raclette dairy cheese is heated up in an electric table-top grill with small pans and accompanied by boiled potatoes and a selection of ham), ‘Tartiflette’ (a dish from Savoy in the French Alps made with potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons and onions), or ‘Croziflette’ (a cheesy dish – French-style pasta bake). These dishes will warm you up as you enjoy each mouthful!

Once the Summer months are back in Montpellier, you will be able to take part in our ‘mussels and chips’ evening organised on the banks of the Lez. A glass or two of white wine to go with your meal and your evening will be just perfect!

During our ‘French specialities’ evening, our French Language school gives you nothing but typical French gourmet food that you will just love: foie gras, mushrooms, meat, local fish and cheese, there will be something for everyone to enjoy!

If exotic dishes are what you are after, why not take part in out oriental evening or even our tapas party? The Lebanese dishes are rich in flavour and the tapas will definitely get you into a Spanish mood!

Last but not least, France would not be the same without its wine and Champagne, so let yourself go at our Champagne or wine-tasting evenings! You will get to try some delicious French wine accompanied by gourmet dishes; French ‘terroir’ (locally produced food and drink) in all its splendour! You will not be able to resist the hot sunny flavours of Southern French wine!

Your French language stay in Montpellier is a real chance to improve your French whilst also getting to explore the town and taking part in various cultural activities. In particular, the evening parties are a good way for you to make new friends from all over the world!

Come and taste French gourmet meals and Southern French wine so that you really make the most of your immersion into the French culture!

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