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French Wine Tasting and Discovery Class

French Wine Tasting and Discovery Class

Learn French in France, learn about wines. Make friends and enjoy your French language stay at our French immersion school in Montpellier, South of France!

When you come to study French in France, if you live with a host family, you may have the chance to discover the culture of French wine with your hosts in an authentic and family style way. You will also have the opportunity to participate in our very appreciated “discovery and tasting of French wines Atelier” during your French language immersion at our French language school ILA.

Learning French will be even easier if you do it through having fun! Our wine tasting workshop will allow you to study French, to meet other students of the our French language school and immerse yourself into French culture during your time in Montpellier.

After participating in this tasting; French wines will no longer be a secret to you, a great experience during your French language stay that will burn itself into your memory!

France is the country where the annual wine consumption per person and per year is the most important in the world, because we love our local product and we treat them well! Languedoc in the South of France is the ideal place to discover wine because you are in the heart of one of the largest wine regions of France. A few steps from Montpellier you will find for example the exceptional areas of the Pic St Loup, whose reputation is well set. We regularly visit several of these areas during our “wine tour” excursions, regular events proposed by our French language school in Montpellier that should not be missed!

During our French wine classes that lasts an hour and a half, you will have the opportunity to taste several red, rosé, and white wines. Each wine will be served with an appetiser that will bring out the best of what the wine has to offer: green olives to accompany a fantastic Picpoul de Pinet wine or a Minervois, charcuterie and cheese with a Pic St Loup, and dark chocolate for The well-known Banyuls.

This cultural activity will allow you to know more about the local products “terroir” (AOC) present in France and more particularly in the South of France, but also to learn more about the grape varieties, aromas and flavours of each type of wine we will present to you during this Atelier. The tasting techniques will be presented to you, and you will be able to follow each of its steps through a lexicon that gathers all the vocabulary used to describe the wines, whether visual, olfactory or gustatory. What a wonderful way to learn French and to profit most from your French Language Immersion stay in France.

During your French language holidays in the south of France you will quickly realize that our region, Languedoc, offers a ton of excellent French wines still at moderate price level, and you will be pleased to discover them through our workshops, or through the Vineyards visits our French language school organizes regularly.

They are definitely part of the cultural activities you should take part in to experience the highlights of French culture. What can be better to learn French in France in a social way and taste at the same time excellent wines during your French Language Immersion?

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