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Wine Tour excursion around Montpellier

Wine Tour Excursion around Montpellier

Enjoy wonderful French wines during your French language stay in France. Join this exciting wine tour organized by our French language school in Montpellier!

Wine is sacred in France and it is an integral part of French culture, particularly in the South of France where there many vines! During your French language stay, you will get the chance to discover the region thanks to the excursions that are organised by our French language immersion school. So, during your French immersion program do not hesitate to try out our wine tour which will reveal all the many secrets of French wine from the region!

Cultural tourism is an excellent way to get to know other students in our French language school and discover the South of France with all it has to offer. The wine tour will carry you away into the marvellous universe of French wine and its culture. You will be shown how it is manufactured and you will get to taste it. You will know everything there is to know about wine!

The best way to learn French and improve your language skills is to immerse you deeply into French culture during language stays in Montpellier, especially through our extremely popular vineyard visits. Enjoy wonderful wines during your French language immersion program in Montpellier.

In the first part of this cultural excursion, you will be delighted to visit the “Domaine de la Salade” located in St-Mathieu-de-Tréviers, at the foot of the St Loup peak. This estate covers a surface area of 45 hectares and is made up of 5 “terroirs” with different origins that ensure the great quality of the land. The property only has vines planted between 1980 and 2000: Syrah, Grenach, Mourcèdre and Cinsault.

The owner will take you on a walk through the vines so that you can totally immerse yourself in the thrilling universe of wine culture before getting to try several types of French wine in the Estate’s main room. You will be taught the right technique to use for tasting wine properly, by observing, smelling and tasting it.

The owner will tell you all about the story and legends of the “Domaine de la Salade”. This gives you during your French language immersion program in Montpellier a wonderful insight into wine making and French wine philosophy. You learn French in France by enjoying this cultural visit.

The next part of the excursion will take place at the “Domaine du Haut Lirou”, a wine estate covering 17 hectares located in a small village typical of the region, to the north of Montpellier at Saint-Jean-de-Cuculles.

You will find yourself totally immersed in the vines with the owner telling you all about how the French wine is made, the history of the estate and the different stages involved in wine tasting. Vines on this estate really are of incredibly good quality! Young and older vines are cultivated side by side, which means you can have traditional grape varieties such as Grenach or Syrah and more recent ones like Chardonnay and Merlot.

Of course you will get the chance to try the French wine from the estate during the wine tasting which will take place at the end of the visit. A list of vocabulary will be given to you beforehand so that you can understand each stage and continue learning French in France.

Feel free to buy a few bottles of wine to take away with you as a souvenir of your French language stay in the South of France! Meet other students from our French language immersion school in Montpellier, make friends from all over the world and enjoy a great time when studying French in France.

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