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Great Tips on Using the Telephone on Your French Immersion Course in Montpellier

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Great Tips on Using the Telephone on Your French Immersion Course in Montpellier

So this evening I partook in one of the most useful extra activities I have tried since I have been here learning French in France. This helpful course was designed to help students with using the telephone in France and took place right at the ILA French Immersion School where we all have been doing our language studies. It was an hour and a half long so it went into a decent amount of detail and I really felt like the French language tips we covered were extremely practical and applicable straight away. We were lead by Claire one of the lovely French teachers here at our language school in Montpellier. It was for students of a minimum of B1 level so I just scraped in and it was certainly moving at a fast pace and was a good challenge.

Common Vocabulary French Students Often Miss

So we started the session with Claire running through with us some of the basic vocabulary that is frequently used on French telephone conversations both formally and casually. This included some stuff like the commonly used phrases for calling people or what is normally said at the start and end of a conversation which seems self-explanatory but the French have slightly different customs and the direct translations just do not work. So I put away my google translate and listened to the French teacher. This really paved the way for the rest of this intensive French lesson as some of the dialogues were pretty rapid so practicing the common vocabulary and getting used to the sound really made things easier. I always love it when I learn some new vocabulary and then get to hear it used in a listening exercise and I got to feel that loads in this special French language class.

Telephone Number Regions in France

We had been assigned the ‘Ecusson’ room at the ILA French Immersion School which is a gorgeous big room with plenty of space for a big group of interested students. It also has a nice huge white board which Claire drew a big rough shape of France on and split it into 5 segments. Basically quarters with a little enclave around Paris. She labelled the Paris bit ‘01’ and then starting in the north east and moving clockwise round the quarters labelled the rest 02-05. She explained to the French class that these were the area codes for the whole country.

Useful Expressions and Phrases for Learning French Telephone Skills

This was a fun little bit of the class as we heard a few unique expressions that you are likely to hear. For example the French say someone ‘posed a rabbit’ for when somebody leaves someone waiting for them. Also we learnt a few phrases for ‘slept through my alarm’ or ‘overslept’ which was particularly useful for the French students who had jobs.

Great French Number and Spelling Practice to Help Your Immersion Course

Here we did some number exercises which I have been trying to find on the internet for ages but couldn’t and here we were. The French teacher read out numbers at normal speed and then we had to copy them down. She did the same with the spelling of some surnames and some unusual sound contractions that happen when the French say a few vowels one after another. One interesting thing to learn is that the French are quite consistent and say their telephone numbers in groups of two whereas in Britain where you get variable groupings. A little tip I hadn’t realised during my whole time learning French in Montpellier at my immersion school.

A Whirlwind Of French Students’ Messages

Now we can to put the French skills we had just learnt at the language school to good use. We had to both discern pre-recorded messages and leave messages of our own. This was where the common French vocabulary we learnt earlier in the lesson was invaluable and gave me such a jump of excitement when I was able to pluck it out of what seemed like completely indiscernible rapid French at first. I sincerely recommend this to all students at the ILA French Language School especially if you are taking the DELF or DALF exam preparation courses in Montpellier or maybe one of the Business French modules. It is challenging, hugely useful and as always at our French immersion school; fun.