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Interview with Meret (Switzerland)

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Interview with Meret (Switzerland)

Summary of my French language immersion at ILA in Montpellier

I stayed for 3 months at the French Language Immersion School ILA in Montpellier. My language stay was very positive and efficient – thanks to ILA. The French language courses at ILA are entertaining, humorous, efficient and well organized. Teachers are professional and very understanding. My host family, located in the city center of Montpellier, welcomed me with open arms and I always felt very much cared for. For me, this was the best way to learn about French culture and to learn French outside the school. Montpellier is an ingenious city for a language stay in France and I would always opt for a language study trip to France for the university metropolis of Montpellier. I have made great contacts with many French language students from various countries which I will continue to cultivate in the future. My French language skills are really good now. I could learn a lot of French during my language immersion program.

What do you think about your French language immersion program ILA?

Thanks to ILA and its wonderful teachers the three months French Immersion spent in France was a great experience. The teachers looked very well after us students and have always adapted the course to the current level of French. We had a lot of fun while learning French; the lessons were always exciting, varied and instructive. During the intensive course in the afternoon, we concentrated mainly on oral communication and speaking – the courses are really well structured. In my ILA classes during my language course in France, I met like-minded people from different countries and made interesting contacts.

How was your accommodation during your French language stay at ILA in Montpellier?

For my French language stay in Montpellier I decided to stay with a local host family in order to learn about French culture and civilization – it was excellent. From the first moment I felt comfortable with the host family chosen by the French language school ILA, we got on well straight away. The family organized many local visits and I could really participate in their life – we ate together, played games together or chatted about different topics. Even with the 8 year old daughter I had a lot of fun, I miss the family already now. But one thing is clear; we remain in touch and I will come back to visit the family again.

Do you recommend Montpellier for a language immersion stay?

I would definitely recommend Montpellier as a destination for a language stay in France. The city is absolutely lively, entertaining and dynamic – on the other hand also quiet, compact, lovely and charming. The mixture is perfect. For me, Montpellier is a typical French city with many students – the range of leisure activities is immense and I miss already my favorite restaurants and bars. I have enrolled in a fitness course and so have made great friendships with locals who are really exceptionally open, interested and helpful. Moreover, the south of France around Montpellier offers countless places to visit – you will surely never get bored.

Why do you learn French and what are your future plans?

Since I work in catering foreign languages are always an advantage. In Switzerland a large part of the country speaks French and you simply reach a lot more people when you have different language skills. In addition, French is for me an incredibly beautiful language with a lot of character. I am now able to serve the customers in French language. I would also like to improve my language skills for traveling – to explore the world and make new friends. I will start a language course in Australia early next year – I am already looking forward to this experience. Thanks to ILA and Montpellier, I have improved my French language skills during my immersion stay in France. I also made great friends from different continents, which I will definitely visit.