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Safety and Cancellation Policy


Students agree to follow all hygiene rules and safety regulations as defined by the French Government and the local Health authorities.

Health & safety rules apply to all, whether or not they are vaccinated.

Rules are subject to change as the pandemic evolves. Students should comply with the staff instructions.

Current regulation available here.


In order to avoid photocopies circulating in class, numeric resources will be favoured.
Please bring your laptop or tablet to access the material needed for your course.

During the sanitary crisis, especially in case our school would be forced to close further to an epidemiologic peak or a cluster, remaining courses will be given online without any possible request for refund.

The school reserves the right to offer online courses instead of or alternately with face-to-face courses.

Any face-to-face course may become a hybrid course with some students joining online.

Please note that the library and computer rooms will remain shut during the sanitary crisis. Online resources will be at your disposal.

Each classroom is equipped with air conditioning with an air renewal system.


Although all our host families will have to follow a sanitary protocole to ensure students safety, students booking accommodation in a host family must be aware that social distancing will be difficult. Corridors are generally approx. 80 cm wide. Bathroom, kitchen and meals are shared with the whole family, which imply close contacts.

Sanitizers will be put at student’s disposal to disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, microwaves, fridges, cupboard handles etc.

Hotels and residences must follow a protocol given by the French government different from the one we have implemented at school. ILA is in no way responsible for the correct application of these protocols.

Neither ILA nor the students host family or accommodation options will be held responsible in case of any illness.


We remind students that according to the article 11 of our general T&C, FULL INSURANCE IS MANDATORY

« Students must subscribe full insurance in order to cover all risks (theft, accident, any kind of illness etc) during their stay, during transportation between ILA and their accommodation, in their accommodation, during courses, excursions, social activities and events organized by ILA.
ILA is not responsible for any incidences that occur during students’ stay. ILA has taken all necessary safeguards with AXA insurance company to cover all risks associated with operating its commercial activities. »

As mentioned above, quarantine might be demanded by Heath authorities to a student who has Covid-19 or to a contact case. Students will have to self-isolate at their own expense. You are strongly advised to check this point with your insurance or social security company.

We have taken all the necessary measures in terms of health safety in accordance with the French Health Ministry recommendations. However, students must be aware that a risk of contamination during their stay cannot be excluded. Neither ILA, their staff, nor their host family or accommodation options will be held responsible, in any jurisdiction, in case of contamination.

Updated on March 30, 2023