Banner - Standard Course + Cooking Course A great combination for your French Immersion in Montpellier - Study French and learn about French Gastronomy

Learn French and enjoy cooking courses with a Star Chef!

Standard Course + Cooking Course
(20 + 8 Lessons per week)

Standard Course (20 lessons per week)
+ 2 afternoons cooking course (15:30 – 19:00 hours)

Minimum stay: 1 Weeks, max. 36 weeks

Minimum level: A1

Our French + Cooking Course contains 28 lessons per week. You participate in the Standard French Course with 20 lessons and additionally you will participate in 8 cooking course lessons over 2 afternoons. This is an excellent combination of French immersion and high quality cooking lessons with a star chef.

Armand Layachi – a well-known star chef

Our French immersion school has selected for this special course Armand Layachi as his partner. This well-known star chef has been awarded with one star in each of the restaurant guides “Bottin Gourmand” and “Toque Rouge”. In 1986 Armand Layachi was even counted among the “100 best chefs in the world”. More than 500 students have already participated in his cooking classes in over 10 years.

He will add to your language immersion education in Montpellier the secret of successful French dinners. He will share his experience with you and will provide you with many tips for French gastronomy cooking.

The sequence of your gastronomic cooking class

You will cook together with the star cook a main course with all the sauces and side dishes and a dessert. The international atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed. Of course, one speaks French during the cooking class, so you can learn French and also practice your French during your cooking course. The course is very visual, so that even participants with little knowledge of French can fully benefit.

You will meet at 3:30 pm at the cooking school situated only a few minutes’ walk from our French language school. During the first 30 minutes you will be welcomed by the star chef. You will get your cooking apron and you will be informed of the exact course schedule. You will receive the detailed recipe and all the kitchen appliances and products will be explained to you. A great way to learn some extra French during your French immersion stay in France!

Your cooking class will start. You cook together in small groups or you will prepare some parts of the recipe on your own, all under the supervision of the star chef. Again and again he will give you support and will provide you with insider tips! He will also tell you how you can change such a recipe, by replacing one or two ingredients. For example, when it comes to another season you can use different vegetables. After the main course, a delicious dessert is prepared. Then the star chef shows how the food can be best presented on the plate.

Taste the meal and discuss with the star chef

The last hour is dedicated to enjoy the meal onsite at the restaurant of cooking school. The star chef will eat with you and is at your disposal for any question or for general discussions about cooking. Of course, he likes to share many cooking tips with you and will tell you some stories from his long cooking career. At the end you will receive a folder with the recipes and also your cooking diploma!

This is a perfect combination for your French immersion in Montpellier: Learn how to cook a French gastronomy meal, meet a star chef, have fun and learn French!